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Names: Jamie


Period: 4th Date: 2/15/2016

Book Lesson Plan (39 Points)

1. Title (1 pt): If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
2. Author (1 pt): Laura Joffe Numeroff

Illustrator (1 pt): Felicia Bond

3. Theme/Moral (1 pt):If you do good in life you would get something in return.
4. Story Stretchers: (Meaningful questions to ask when reading the story) (5
a. What did the mouse do that was good?
b. What did the mouse get for a reward?
c. What do you think this book was trying to tell us?

5. Choose and circle one of the following to design large group learning
activities for, then, on the back, describe the activities, in detail. (30 points)
Language Art*

Creative Art


Large Motor/Physical


Social Studies

Name of Activity: (Ex.Creative

arts How a Seed Grows) (1 pt)
Length of Activity: (How long
will the children work on this
activity?) (1 pt)
Activity Objective: (What do
you want them to learn/practice?
Why? (2 pts)

Cleaning up time
15-3o minutes

I want the kids to learn that if they do something good they will receive
something good.
I want the kids to learn this because if you do well in life something later on in

Directions for
Caregiver/Teacher: Give at
least five detailed instructions
for the caregiver to prepare for
this activity. (5 pts)
Directions to Tell Preschooler:
Give at least five instructions
that the caregiver will have to
share with the preschooler, use
preschool-friendly language. (5

their lifes something good will happen to them.

1. Find a small area the kids can clean.
2. Give the kids a broom, rag, paper towel they can use to clean the
area with.
3. After the kids have cleaned the area give them a reward like a gold
star or a treat for doing something good.
1. Find an area you think needs to be cleaned or organized and stand

by it.
2. Tell me what you think you will need to clean your area with.
3. Than the kids will clean their areas.
4. Let the teacher know (me) when you are done and I will look to see i

you did it right.

5. When everyone gets done cleaning or organizing their areas you will
get a gold star.

Objects Needed: (Identify at

least five objects/items that will
be in this activity, then explain
how children will use them. Ex.
Crayons, to draw and color
familiar faces.) (10 pts)
Concepts and Skills
Addressed: (Well designed
activities should address each
area of development, explain
how your activity will do this.)
(6 pts)
Physical: (2 pts)
Social-Emotional: (2


Rag to clean dust.

Paper towel to clean up a spill.
Broom to sweep up paper or dirt off the ground.
Dust pain to sweep the dirt in.
Gold star stickers to give to the kids as the award.

The kids will use motor skills because they will use their hands
to hold stuff in to clean.

The kids will use social emotional development because they

might hate the fact that their cleaning but be really happy at

the end of the activity because they get a gold star

Intellectual: (2 pts)

The kids will learn intellectual because they will learn on how to
clean, how to organize, and be neat.