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Devon K, Sam A, Ben R

Lit/Comp 10
Mr. Ausman
Group Notes
I believe that my creative writing/personal narrative piece deserves credit for the project
because it is both related to the project topic and it follows the rules/structure required for credit.
It is expressive and relates to the subject of trauma in a personal way. The story that was written
about shows awareness of the topic and also a close personal connection and importance for
the topic that was chosen by our group.
I chose to write about this portion of my life because it mirrored, in a way, the grief that
many people such as Ishmael Beah have experienced. I related very close to our topic because
of the previous experiences in my own life.


I believe that my expositionary writing/research paper deserves credit for the project
because it clearly demonstrates a relation to the chosen topic, it follows the guidelines for
structure, and it is factual and cited in text and in the bibliography. It contains information that
was reasearched after the project was assigned and not only does the paper portray this
information, but it caused me to learn things that I didnt previously know about our topic.
I chose the topic of my paper, Abnormal Responses to Trauma, because it related to our
groups theme, and the subject of abnormal psychology catches great interest in me.


I believe that my graphic component/interprative video deserves credit for the project
because it is tied closely with our groups topic of responses to trauma. It is displayed in a
graphic format, and agrees with the guideines set for the graphic portion of the project. The
video is expressive, factual, and is presented in a relatively professional manner. It can be
viewed and understood clearly, and it teaches an audience about the topic.
I wanted to make a video because I worked better on computer formatted graphics than I
do with hands on pieces. I chose the topic of the video because it closely tied with the theme of
my pieces and it also fit into our main topic.
These memoirs of a boy soldier should be read by many people. It describes compelling,
realistic lessons that show incredible remorse. After reading this story, people grasp the
emotions that the children on the Sierra Leone Civil War went through and can imagine the
vivacious trauma sprea. I believe this book should be better known throughout the world.

This writing shows the many differences between American and Sierra Leonean culture.
The contrast in education, work, and business was incredible. They survive on what they need
and work hard for less than they deserve. Between our two very different cultures, we both still
have important values and are very grateful for what we are given.


My photo collage is based on the Civil War outbreak in Sierra Leone. There were many
tragedies that took place during this time, but my primary focus for this project was the effect is
had on children. The war caused torture and death for many children, but also portrays beauty
and kindness in a time of desperation. I incorporated notes about how children coped with the
loss of loved ones and continued there life through bereavement.

This story that I wrote relays to our topic of grief and responses to trauma because it
shows how vitally important all of the drugs were to his life. It shows how dehumanized they had
become, and how they didnt care. In the second paragraph he is still dreaming, and it has little
hints from the book about how they treated life. They thought they were invincible, and its not
until his family confronts him in his dream that he realizes whats happening to him. However at
the end he just takes more drugs to get rid of the memories he has. This just further shows ho
important drugs are to these soldiers.


In my problem solution research paper I state many different ways that trauma and grief
are related to each other and how they are different. I talk about how trauma will often lead to
grief. Starting with trauma and how it is negative. Then I go through different ways to help deal
with a traumatic experience. Then I talk about the five stages of grief. Greatly summarized from
my original resource I then went onto those stages and
how each of them is a necessary stage of grief. This relates to the book because of all the grief
and trauma that Ishmael had to go through.

The Facebook profile that I made for Ishmael Beah relates to our theme because it shows how
he is reaching out after he has managed to reach acceptance of his actions and how he is
trying to help make the world a better place. It also shows that he doesnt feel responsible for
his actions in the war. He instead states that he was taken advantage of and hyped-up on