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of PATENTS 2016

Weve chosen some of our favorite patents from our holdings for you to color.
Wed love to see how you color them inshare them with us on Twitter by
using the hashtag #ColorOurCollections and tagging @usnatarchives.
These patents came from the Records of the Patent and Trademark Office
(Record Group 241). And you can find even more of our fascinating patents
online by searching our digital catalog

Patent for candle holder and dish for birthday cakes, 1901.

Patent for a robot amusement ride, 1958.

Patent for a toy circus, 1881.

Patent for a toy horse, 1867.

Patent for a one-wheeled vehicle, 1885.

Patent for eye protectors for chickens, 1903.

Patent for saluting device, 1869.

Patent for bicycle, 1899.

Patent for a hammock, 1889.

Patent for submarine vessel, 1884.

Patent for sandwiched bread, 1881.

Patent for a mechanical toy, 1901.

Patent for a lighter for mechanized equipment, 1944. (Recognize it? This became the troop lander used at D-day landings.)

Patent for a base ball catcher, 1901.

Patent for a combined lounge robe and jacket, 1934.

Patent for a space capsule, 1963.