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Name: Brendan Abad

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PHED 239: High School Module
Worksheet - Chapter 3

Be prepared to discuss in class:

As a physical educator, what are the implications of grouping high school students by
chronological age rather than by developmental level? Give examples.
In my opinion, it would be better to group students by developmental level to create a more positive
learning environment. When students are matched up by developmental level, they feel more
comfortable with their skills in front of students that have similar skills instead of feeling embarrassed
next to the superstar athlete. Grouping by chronological age simply pairs students with other students
their age. It would be much better to pair students by their ability so they feel comfortable participating in
PE. It creates a much safer learning environment. Teachers should pre-assess in the beginning of the
year and once the teacher is comfortable with their assessment, match the students up by their ability.
Share examples (at least one each) of characteristics (physical, social, emotional, and
intellectual) of high school students, and the implications for each trait.
Physical- Some examples of physical characteristics of high school students are increased motor ability
and coordination. Most students have finished their growth spurt and are coming into physical maturity
such as facial hair and more critical thinking. PE class for high school students are an important time to
develop motor skills and learn new skills. Instructional progressions move at a much faster rate.
Social- In high school, many social events happen such as school dances, parties, athletic events, and

school clubs have the majority of the social events. Having peer groups in PE are very important for the
social aspect of high school. This provides students with a choice of activities, dress code requirements,
and being able to express their own ideas and thinking.
Emotional- In high school PE, there are much less mood swings because for the most part, students are
done with puberty. Students are more emotionally stable in high school. Problems with fighting start to
go away. PE teachers need to model appropriate behaviors and emotional control to set the examples
for the students.
Intellectual- When in high school students memories, ability to reason, concentration, and imagination
develop. Teachers need to focus on the why of physical education and the objectives of the program.
Teachers should also develop longer units to ensure in-depth instruction to the realities of the world.