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Brendan Abad

PHED 239 Module 4: High School
Site Observation/Teaching Assisting Assignment
Background information:


Name of high school:

Agawam High School
Name of cooperating teacher:
Ms. Mary Murray
9th-12th Graders
Number of students in class observed
18 (two sat out due to injuries)
Description of facilities & equipment available at schoolGood size equipment room with six table tennis tables that we will be using
during the first unit. I would say the facilities are great for a high school. Agawam has
three gyms which is very helpful so that the teachers can get the most out of their
lessons with the space provided.

1. Describe how students interacted with each other, teachers, and/or administrators.
The students were very respectful today to each other, their teachers, and the
equipment. The teachers had the respect of the students and 100% of the students
listened to the directions and participated. The last two modules I was teaching
Elementary School in Springfield and the students were young but the majority of them
didnt follow directions and didnt listen to the teachers so it was good to be in an
environment that the students showed respect the whole time which makes it that much
easier to teach. The students were very open to talk to them and I was able to get a
much better understanding of them as students. I had the opportunity to ask some of
them for their names which will make it easier and be able to develop relationships with
them. Most of the students got along with each other and there werent many cliques.
All of the students socialized. It was a great environment to see.
2. What characteristics of a high school student did you witness? Give examples.
I saw that high school students are just as bad with waiting time as the Elementary kids
are. The high school kids want to be active and get moving. So it is important that we
be effective with our directions and what we want to say. Demonstrating and explaining
the key points can be very effective because it minimizes waiting time and the students
can move. I saw four to five students during the informing part of the lesson move
around in space waiting to start an activity because theyve most likely have been sitting
in desks all day during class periods and the students want to be moving.
3. What rules, routines, and management techniques are used by your cooperating

When my cooperating teacher took attendance she brought everyone in and called their
name out. I wasnt there for her lesson last Monday so I was not able to see her lesson
but I did watch my classmate Brandon do his and he made sure before the students
even got to class that all the equipment was set up and ready for use. He had his music
ready to go and was very good with the management aspect of the lesson. He did a lot
of checking for understanding. When I spoke with Mrs.Murray, she gave me her student
list so I was able to make teams for my lesson this Friday which was very helpful.
Ms.Murray seems to be very organized with her classes.
4. What units are the students participating in during this time of year? How do the
teachers determine what units the students will be involved in? How long are the
The students are participating in what they sign up for. This week, table tennis just
begun and that unit will last up to 2-4 weeks. I think its pretty cool how the students get
to chose what they do. It gives the students different choices instead of the teacher
telling the students what they are doing.
5. Any discipline issues? If so, how were they handled? What is the teachers
discipline policy?
There were no discipline issues today at the lesson. The students respected the
teacher. If there was side talking, Brandon would just say excuse me and that was the
end. The students were very respectful.
6. What are the average class sizes? How are classes divided (i.e. by grade level,
skill level, etc)?
The average class size for my block is 18-20 students. Classes are divided by what the
students sign up for. Classes range from grades 9-12.
7. What is/are your biggest concern(s) about teaching at the high school level?
My biggest concern about teaching at the High School level is not having the respect of
the students and them just thinking Im a college kid who doesnt know what he is doing.
I will gain their respect from preparing at the best of my ability for every lesson. I also
think that having a good relationship with the student is very important. You cant be too
hard but you cant act like their friend either because once you do they wont listen and
will not respect anything you say. It is a tough balance and I think being close to their
age and not having the instant respect like a teacher who is older will be the most
difficult part.
8. What are you most looking forward to in regards to teaching at the high school
I am looking forward to developing a relationship with my students and being able to do
more game play as well as coaching. In the Elementary module, you couldnt have a
relationship with the kids because they were so young and wouldnt remember you.
One of the most powerful things in life is saying someones name when you are greeting
them. This makes them feel like you care and want to actually know how their day is
going or what not. I am very excited to be working with high school students and

developing relationships. Also, being able to teach a skill, then play a modified game
will be a great experience as well. I can treat the students as I would treat one of my
athletes I coach. I am very excited!