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Zoey Weber

Spanish 4A
October 28, 2015
Michigan Curriculum Framework Content Standards and Benchmarks:
1.2 Interpretive Communication- Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a
variety of topics.
3.1 Knowledge- Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the world
5.1 Use of Language- Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.
Unit Outcome:
The learner will be able to describe a family tree in detail using family vocabulary.
The learner will be able to recognize mistakes and how to correct those mistakes.
Lesson Outcome:
The learner will be able to recognize their own mistakes and will be able to correct their own mistakes.
The learner will be able to communicate with one another using their new vocabulary to compelte a
family tree assignment.
Rationale/ Purpose of Lesson:
This lesson will serve as a way for my students to learn and grow. They will take the mistakes that they
made on their first draft of their letter and grow from them by correcting their own mistakes. Giving
students this opportunity will help students see where they are struggling, which will make them more
aware of where their weaknesses are. This will help students learn where they need to place their focus
when studying.
Before students are handed back their letters, we will once again go through common mistakes that
were made in these letters. It will be formatted the same that their letters are formatted. We took
mistake sentences directly from student letters and circled the mistakes. As a class, we will put these
examples on the SmartBoard. Students will be given a few minutes to look these over, figure out why
things are circled, and then fix these mistakes. As a class, we will talk through each mistake and how
to fix them. After students understand these examples and have been given more time to work on their
letters, their final assessment for this material will be their final draft letter.
Resources/ Materials Required:
Family Tree Jigsaw information sheets
Blank family tree for each student
Device for each student
Family Letters for each student with mistakes circled
Upon entering class, students will fill out their Para Empezar, a routine that was established at the
beginning of the school year. This warm up helps students practice common questions as well as gets
students thinking and speaking in Spanish.

Para Empezar- Students will fill out their daily warm up box in the appropriate space in their
5 minutes
Correct Homework- Students will switch homework papers and we will correct the homework
as a class.
10 minutes
Family Tree Sentence Maker- I will put an example of a family tree on the SmartBoard. Then I
will cold call students and give them two names. Students will then be asked to make a
complete sentence, using vocabulary that relates the two people I gave them.
10 minutes
Jigsaw Family Tree Activity- Students will be broken into four different groups. With their
groups, students will use the information they are given to create a family tree. The first group
to get it correct will be the winning group.
20 minutes
Family Letter Mistakes- As a class, we will discuss and correct common mistakes as described
15 minutes
Work Time- With the remaining class time, students will need to work through their corrected
family letters and determine what their mistakes are as well as correct those mistakes.
10 minutes
Students will be required to work through the rest of their family letters and correct their mistakes. The
following day students will be asked to turn in their final draft as well as their original draft to show me
what corrections they made.
At the end of class, I will answer any last minute questions that students have about their letters. I will
also remind students about the different examples that we discussed in class and that if they need help,
they can use those examples as a reference.