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Sat TEM UTTAR PRADESH BE 009644 a | __ This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefits of both parties hereto and their respective successors and lawful assignees. This service agreement signed on 12/02/2016 f Party A: Company Name: Cyfuture India Pvt. Ltd. Company Address: SDF Block G-13/14, Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) Noida Phase II, Noida Dadri Road, Noida -201 305 Legal Representative: Munish Mahajan, Sr. Manager £ partys: ‘Company Name: Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. § Company Address: 8-44, Sector 63, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India 1 Legal Representative: Vivek Pratap Singh {| In Terms of Considerations: (1) Party Bisa company selling mobile phones in India and intends to outsource t requirement of inbound services to Party B. RINGING BELLS PVT. LTO. ke A 8-44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA (2) Party Ahas rich experience in the field of the customer service BPO business. Party ‘Ais a leading provider of data center, cloud and outsourced support services to clients In e-commerce, retail, information technology, software services, education, banking and finance sector and government bodies, (3) Party B intends to appoint Party A as the service provider for its call center outsourcing business, while Party A consents to provide inbound outsource service to Party B based on the representations and warranties of Party A, After mutual discussions and negotiations, the parties are entering into this agreement to record the terms and conditions upon which Party B has agreed to avail and Party @ has agreed to provide services to Party B. 1. Service Scope Both parties confirm and agree to the following in terms of the mobile phone inbound service to be provided by Party A to Party B: 1. Party B recognizes that Party A shall dedicate 100 agents for inbound support uring this agreement and thus, commit significant fixed cost as mutually agreed and decided between Party A and Party B, with respect to wages and infrastructure to handle the Agreement efficiently. 2. The inbouncy calls will be received/ dialed 24/7. Party B will provide Telephone Number to the Party A to accept inbound calls from across India. 3. Party A shall provide all necessary recruitment, training, and agent management inaccordance with the business scope and specific requirements of Party B. ‘Any downsizing would be done on one-month notice while any ram up can be done ina week's notice. 2, Rights and Obligations of Party B 1. Party B shall provide all necessary professional training about products to Party A before starting the project. 2. Party B shall accordingly upgrade the related business scope with Party A. 3, Rights and Regulations of Party B Party A shall strictly execute the project requirement, with reasonable operatign and time arrangement. Party A shall take effective measures to ensui Agreement is fully completed, cn RINGING BELLS PVT. LTD. 8 -44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA 2 Party A hall timely provide dally/weekly/ monthly operational report to Party B. 3. Party A shall provide infrastructure and dialer setup for the Project, including but not limited to: 3) The transferred wire and equipment which needs for inbound ‘Support; ®) The inbound calls details which are legal and approval from local operator; ©) The installation and maintenance of the inbound system; * Party A shall warrant that they will have sufficient resources to handle inbound Service and take fully responsibilty of the complete, accurate, and timely data and materials. 5. Party A shall not undertake, or allow to be undertaken by its affiliates, directors andemployees, any activity, on behalf of Party , whichis not part ofthe scope of this agreement. © Party A shall provide related inbound recordings to Party B, in terms of e-mail or other methods as required by Party B. a). Party A guarantees that all personnels and/or technicians which have been assigned to carry out and perform services for Party B shall be legally engaged employees of Party A. Further, Party A shall be exclusively responsible for all statutory compliances in relation to employment of such personnels and/or technicians in accordance with the applicable labor laws of India. 5). Party A has not rights to retain any user data or derived data which in the Process of the project in any form. 4 Agreement Validity Period This agreement will be valid from 12/02/2016 to 11/02/2017, This agreement Shall be effect in the lock period of minimum 1 year and will remain in force on a ‘month basis thereafter until terminated by either party upon 30 days notice in advance. Either party may terminate the services by written notice of cancellation at least 30 days in advance the regular correspondence address of other party marked for the appropriate contact. in case of termination by party 8 30 days Costs equivalent for 100 agents would be paid to party A. However, no party can terminate the agreement before the lock in period of 1 year. In the event of termination, by Party A due to default or breach on part of Party B, fees and Sxbenses incurred to the date of termination are payable by the Party 8. In the event of termination by Party B due to default or breach on part of Pa 8 - would clear all the dues, eg RINGING BELLS PVT. LTD. 8-44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA 5, Service Charges Party 8 shall pay to Party Aas per details in Annexure A, named “Charge List” 2. If there are outbound fees generated by business requirement, Party B shall bear all the actual cost. Meanwhile, Party A shall timely provide the monthly cost of Outbound fees details and proof of the generating cost. Note. 2) The above fee is inclusive of expenses in the nature of infrastructure and Human Resource Charges. 5) The above fee is not inclusive of inbound connectivity. ¢)_ Telecom charges for the calls will be charged as per actual. 3) Service tax and Govt. levies to charged over and above the price, ©] Both Party A and Party B fully recognize the fact that any substantial modification in the said terms would warrant renegotiation of the terms and condition for undertaking the Assignment, ‘) All payments will be made to Party A and at par cheque would be made in favor of Cyfuture India Pvt, Ltd. or a Wire Transfer/ RTGS can be done 8) Any TDS if any would be charged at rate of 2% 4h) The payment wil be done as 2556 weekly advance by each Monday of the total amount agreed, resulting to a 100% payout at the end of each month by Party B to Party A. ') Party A has warranted that they would make all possible effects and try to achieve the Agreement defined. 6, Service Level Agreement SLA shall be mutually decided within one week of operations and the said parties may Fe-negotiate the terms of agreement depending upon the SLA’s. 7. Confidentiality Go4customer confirm that where you give us confidential information Godcustomer shall keep it confidential and Godcustomer shall take such steps as Godcustomer in 800d faith think fit to preserve confidential information from misuse both during and after termination of this engagement. 8, Reporting Fach day Godcustomer will email to the Client the applicable Administrative Repos Report will detail each call made and the result, beg RINGING BELLS PVT. LTD. B -44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA 9, Team and Co-ordination From our side, Mr. Ravish Sharma, Assistant Vice President - Operations will be the contact point for all stages, 10, Binding This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefits of the parties hereto and their respective successors and lawful assignees 11, Agreement of Terms No waiver, amendment or other modification of this engagement letter shall be fective unless in writing and signed by each party to be boune thereby. Godcustomer would be grateful if you would confirm your agreement to the terms of our GnBagement by countersigning the enclosed copy of this letter and returning it to us. I there is anything with which you do not agree or wish to amend, please do not hesitate to contact us and Godcustomer shall be pleased to discuss the matter with you 12, Agreement Composition a). This agreement includes Annexure A 5). Each party shall keep one copy of this agreement with equal legal force. Once signed or sealed by both parties, the contract will automatically come to effect. Party A: CSORy deacon) o Ss 3) Cyfuture India ret nore J eye Signed: (/ a cow Le feof ig Name: _J7TUNMI SY MAUATAN Designations SR MAnAgeke te RINGING BELLS PVT. LTD. B-44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA Party B. Ringing Bells Pvt. Utd. ewycug BELLS PVT. LTO. aglB -44, SECTOR -63, NOIDA at Date:__|G Joa name: Viverx Pansap Siew Designation: Both parties hereby confirm the above ay the enclosed terms of business. NCH agreement to the terms of the above letter and Annexure A Charge List [Telecom Charges Working Hours | Ne. oF Agents Requir I Languages ed AS per Actual - Each shift will be working of Hours & 6 days a week 100(Each agent working & hours a da English & Hindi 26 days in a month) Working Days ‘Agent Cost Telecom Cost er agent per month At Actuals: tf ____| bear additional cost of Rs.10000/- per agents 8 Hours Any work on National Holidays and major festivals would