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Apostrophe Worksheet
Circle Put in the appropriate apostrophes.
1. The bird ruffled its feathers while perched on the tree.
2. I have 6 months work to do before my holidays.
3. Texass weather has been strange as of late.
4. Mrs. Joness daughter will be coming over.
5. The three princesses crowns are shiny.
6. Janes and Joes yo-yos are fun to play with.
7. The kangaroo carried its baby in its pouch.
8. Somebodys child will be upset that swimming is cancelled.
9. The childrens toys need to be put away.
10. The next house is Karens house.
11. The monkey licked its lips after eating the banana.

My mark out of 11 is _______.

Apostrophe Worksheet

The birds chirping in the morning wakes me up. Todds taking his sons helmet to the game for him. Jades been swimming since she was 6 months old! 8. 1. She has her three daughters health to think about. 6. 9.Name: Date: Put in the appropriate apostrophes. My mark out of 9 is _______. 7. 2. My 2 cousins I-pods are so awesome! 5.My cats been so sick lately and Im wondering if hes ever going to get better. Its time to wash the players uniforms. It was somebody elses idea to change the plans. Whys the dog eating from the cats dish? 3. not mine. 4. .