600m Each DECK CRANES 2 x NOV KBC Cranes.750m / 35. w/ 16” Flowlines DIVERTER Regan– KFDS – CSO – 49 ½” 5 MAST NOV. 15 KSI.780m3 BULK CMT/BARITE/BENTONITE 8 x 79m3(net) Tanks BASE OIL 855m3 BRINE 820m3 SACK MATERIAL 5. LK 3. ICET(1A).5 inch Rotary Table.4MW Each EMERGENCY POWER Included above DP SYSTEM Kongsberg DP3 THRUSTERS 6 x Rolls Royce UUC445. 2x 7. POSMOOR-ATA.270ft HELIDECK Rated for S-92 & EH101 ACCOMMODATION 150 Persons 2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION GENERAL INFORMATION DIMENSIONS / LOADING LENGTH (DECK) 87. TECHNICAL PLAN STENA MIDMAX IS A DYNAMICALLY POSITIONED (IMO CLASS 3). 2. 500 psi. 15K CONTROL SYSTEM MUX RISER Cameron 21”.1m VDL (OPERATING) 7.5.5mlbs / 1134Mt capacity HOIST/DRAWWORKS NOV Dual Active Heave. 2 x 280KIP Each CHOKE & KILL MANIFOLD Cameron 3 1/16” 15 KSI DIVERTER 21 1/4" inch. COMPLETION AND WORKOVER VESSEL FOR WORLDWIDE OPERATIONS. for 60.000psi WP Cameron “TL” BOP and Cameron 21” riser. 1.04m BREADTH (DECK) 77. MOTION COMPENSATOR Dual Active Heave Compensating Drawworks TOP DRIVE NOV TDX-1250 PIPE HANDLING 2 Off HR-IV Hydra Rackers CAPACITIES LIQUID MUD 960m3 on deck.5t 1 x NOV KBC CRANE.76m MOONPOOL 27. HARSH ENVIRONMENT SEMISUBMERSIBLE DRILLING. Cameron TL BOP ANNULARS 10 KSI Dual DL Assembly WELLHEAD CONNECTOR Cameron 27” EVO. 2.600 Sacks 6 DRILLING EQUIPMENT WELL CONTROL EQUIPMENT MACHINERY/HOISTING/ STATION KEEPING EQUIPMENT MAIN POWER 6 x Wärtsilä Diesels. CRANE(N). 7. 2 x 27. E0.1 Stena MidMAX has a capability for a water depth from 80m to 2000m using a 18 3⁄4” 15.562ft MAX DRILLING DEPTH 10. 100t SWL RISER CRANE 1 x NOV Gantry Crane. HELDK-SH. INCLUDING UK AND NORWAY. 1710m3 Pontoon DRILL WATER 1. DYNPOS AUTRO. RECYCLABLE. 18 ¾”.5m TRANSIT DRAFT 11.980m3 POTABLE WATER 1240m3 FUEL OIL 4. 80 feet RISER TENSIONERS 4 Off Dual Tensioners. DRILL(N).5t MUD PUMPS 3 x National 12-P-160 SHALE SHAKERS 4 x Brandt – VSM 300 . 4 RIG TYPE Column Stabilized Drilling Unit DESIGN Moss Maritime CS60E CONSTRUCTION YARD Samsung Heavy Industries YEAR DELIVERED March 2016 CLASSIFICATION DNV+1A1 Column Stabilized Drilling Unit(N). F-AM.400sT lift capacity each. 18 ¾“. 5. 2 x 275t 810t BOP/XT Trolley SHALE SHAKERS 6 x NOV Triple Deck PIPE HANDLING 1 x NOV Pipe Gantry Crane. BIS FLAG Bermuda STATION KEEPING IMO DP Class 3 + POSMOOR-ATA MAX WATER DEPTH 2000m / 6. 30t OFFLINE STAND BUILD Fitted MUD PUMPS 4 x NOV FC2200 BOP HANDLING 1 x NOV Gantry Crane.000mt 3 BOP 5 Ram.6m x 9m OPERATING DRAFT 23. CLEAN.5MW Each MOORING SYSTEM 4 x Double Windlass w/ 8 x R5 Chains.

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