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“A Lost of Life.

“Ah… no, alright. Okay, I’ve got everything I need.” Said Grant, he had gathered
every samples and put it in a metal box.“All in a hard day’s work!”
Gustavo then stepped out of the vehicle and helped the professor put the container
in the trunk of the car.
“Is this the last sector?” asked Gustavo.
“Yes, in fact I feel sad about it.” Affirmed Grant, “I’m going to miss this world.”
“I don’t ever recall you being emotional professor.” Piped Gustavo, heading inside
the car. “No offence professor, this world is in such a crappy mess.”
“But it looks beautiful… in a tragic sense.” Replied Grant, as he sat beside
Gustavo in the vehicle. “Such a waste of life.”
Gustavo gripped the automobile’s controls and drove east of their location, silence
lingers between the two inside. The soldier focused his eyes on the road whilst the
professor looks away outside the window looking at the passing by cactuses.
“What do you think of this world, Mr. Gustavo?” Asked Grant, as he turns to face
“Well… I think, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Answered Gustavo, “Except us,
“I see, and your reason is?”
“Everything we touch, rots.” Asserted Gustavo. “I don’t want us to ever return
here, they’re happy enough without us.
“You’re quite the cynical, officer.” Smirked Grant.
Gustavo didn’t reply, and the professor didn’t ask anymore questions. The
automobile went in the ship’s garage, they went outside the vehicle and carried the
container to the laboratory.
“Hey professor.” Called Gustavo.
“What is it?”
“I’ve got one more last question.” Said Gustavo, “At this rate, is Earth habitable
“For real?”
“You got that right, officer.” Assured Grant.
“I see… see you soon, professor…”
“Goodbye Gustavo.”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I must save Earth from them… they shall not touch her again…
On May 1, 3109, ship Victoria was never to be seen again, the people living on
Mars was displeased with the failure of the mission. The Project Dove has cost the
government a lot, wherein the only ship available for travelling through space and
planets was lost. The human race learned to take care of their planet or else repeat
the same mistake.