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When was MTV

John Sykes, Tom
founded MTV on
States. The first words
Music Television was
aired for the first time
were “Ladies and
gentlemen, rock and
roll” and was spoken
by John Lack, one of
MTV’s creators. The
first ever music video
to be aired on MTV
was The Buggles’
“Video Killed the
Radio Star”.


Freston, Robert Pittman, and Les Garland
August 1st 1981 in New York City, United
that were spoken when MTV:

MTV has had to adapt
what it now airs since
the launch of YouTube
and now broadcasts
reality show such as
Geordie shore. - MTV History video

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What is the most “famous” music video?
These links show that Michael Jacksons Thriller is the most famous video
however this video is a lot older than the current most viewed music vide o
YouTube which is gangnam style. I need to conduct more research into what
made thriller so popular and what elements can still be found in popular music
videos of today.

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YouTube announced that "Gangnam
Style" had exceeded the number of
views that are possible to store
using a 32-bit signed integer, that
being 2,147,483,647 (231−1, or
two billion). As a result, YouTube
was forced to upgrade to using
64-bit integers to store view
numbers, with a maximum value
of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (26
−1, or nine quintillion). "We never


thought a video would be
watched in numbers greater than
a 32-bit integer, but that was before we met Psy,"
stated a YouTube spokesman.

What is a major record label, independent record label and a self
promoted artist - what do they do for artists?

Major Record Label-

A brand or trademark associated with the music video that market music videos.
This is the company who pays to produce and promote the artist music as well as
the video. Some of the major labels include Syco who signed One Direction, Little
Mix and Olly Murs. Also another major label is Warner Bros who signed major
celebs such a s Nelly Furtardo, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Kylie Minogue.

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Independent Music-

Indie music that is produced by a band themselves with no help from outside
sources. This means nobody else helps write, produce or fund a project. An
example of this is Macklemore who writes and produces all his own hits including
his number 1 hit ‘Thrift Shop’

Self Promoted Artist
An indie artist that works independently of a manager or company and creates
their own sources to advertise themselves and promote their band/ music
How many people watch MTV compared to YouTube for music videos

According to BARB 363,000 people watch music videos on MTV in the last week.
This indicates the platform size of the channel and indicates the ability to reach
lots of people. Also the MTV channel is one of 9 channels owned by the network.
It is interesting to note that the MTV Music channel has 158,000 views.

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Also the network
a website in which music
videos can be viewed
allowing them to reach a
larger audience.

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According to vidstatx the most
viewed music channel is
Emimusic and in the last 7 days the videos
been viewed 79,601,731 times. This
figure is ridiculously higher than MTV.
Also with more popular artists such as
Adele can get up to a billion views on their
newest video. Adele has recently
beaten the record for fastest time to reach
1 billion views on a music video (for Hello),
beating Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Jan 2010

Jan 2016


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What is “synergy” and what does it do for an artist?

A collaboration of two or more elements that when combined together, create an
effect which is greater than the total impact of the individual elements. Relating
to music videos, it’s when two or more companies or artists combine to make a
video, and use the video as a platform to get publicity and success. For example,
a music video may be used for one company’s benefit, but they hire a
respectable and famous celebrity to gain a larger audience from their fan base.
This can be seen in Massad’s music video to ‘girl next door’. In one scene there is
some product placement showing a Pepsi can. This will have been arranged by
Pepsi and Massad’s label.
An Example of synergy in this form is the music video ‘you may know my name’
the official video for the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006).

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How have viewing attitudes changed over the decades?


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Viewing attitudes towards
music videos have
changed over the years
and this is due to the
introduction to new
websites such as YouTube.
This means that it is easy to access any video whether this is to do with music or
not. With the suggested videos section next to a YouTube video its means music
videos can be more easily discovered. Also videos can be accessed at anytime of
the day, which allows more views of the video. YouTube was created on the 14 th
February 2005 and since then there was been billions of views on popular music
videos. Music videos are easily accessible therefore more people are excited to
watch them and always interested in what their favourite singer/bands music
videos are like. Before the creation of YouTube music videos were not as popular
because not a lot of people could watch them easily. This leads on to producers
spending more and more money on music videos in order to impress and attract
the audience. Whereas now, it is a lot more easy to access your favourite
artist/bands latest video at anytime. With the use of social medias such as
Facebook and Twitter links to YouTube videos can be shared rapidly amongst

What is the purpose of a music video?

The purpose of a music video is to attract the audience to the song that they are
listening to. When listening to a song then people like to watch the video so it
keeps them interested. Music videos should be fun and relevant to the song so
that people can interact with the story. This is cleverly displayed in Marcus

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Butler’s rap Featuring Connor Maynard. The song is called I’m famous and is a
comedy song creating a self-obsessed person who brags about fame. The video
shows lots of fancy cars big mansions and other connotations of fame and
wealth. This all combines together to display the whole parody theme and sell
the song.
In the late 1920-1950s music was visualized through short animations done by
Walt Disney or other animators, along with musical short films. Many pieces of
music were also seen in live performances on stages in theatres. The music
video is now commonly used to aid in selling the song as well as telling the story
of the lyrics. Therefore when I create my music I must convey a message or my
artistic spirit within the video. Artists such as Lady Gaga are known for letting
lose and creating a video that represents them artistically. Miley Cyrus’ wrecking
ball video received a lot of controversy due to the lack of clothes however it was
all a metaphor to show how emotionally naked she was when writing the song.

This section from the ‘Making Music Videos’ book by Lara M. Schwartz,
describes what makes a great music video outlining that it all starts with a
catchy song and enables you to use your imagination.

How much do artists earn from a single YouTube view?

When calculating how much someone makes off a YouTube view is vague due to it
depending what deal you have with your network, you have to be partnered with a network to
gain the monetization feature in order to get revenuer of your content. Artists will commonly
take up sponsorship deals with a major company, which enables them to a higher profit. Also

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at the start of the video an advert will pop up, depending how many people click on this ad ,
depends how much revenue is generated.

What are fake YouTube views, what is the impact of this?

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Fake YouTube views are paid for. It is when
a robot instead of a person views
something. The fake views mean that the
video becomes more popular which goes
against one of YouTube’s most important
qualities. The more popular a video
becomes the more likely it is to appear on
somebody’s suggested videos. Also
YouTube has a feature on the home
page, which has the most popular
videos at the minute. If a music video is
getting a lot of traffic it will often end up
in this section of the home page enabling
to reach more and more people.

What is the most expensive music video ever made?

The most expensive music video ever made is called “Good Life” and it was sung
by Kim Dotcom and directed by NikkyyHD. The reason for its high cost is that it

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shows lots of expensive cars and contains lots of actors and multiple locations. It
aired on the 20th January 2016 and cost $24,000,000 that equates to around
£16,798,728, this is almost 4x more expensive than the previous leader, which
were Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson singing, “Scream” which cost
$7,000,000, this aired in 1995 and stayed the most expensive music video of all
time until this year.

What was the generational impact of MTV?
MTV launched in 1981 and through the 80s defined a generation. It has gone on
to now have 9 cannels in the network with a channel dedicated to music entirely.
However the views for this music channel are significantly lower than the main
MTV channel.

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What was the first music video ever made?

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody 1975 was the first music video to ever
be made however Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles was the first
video to be aired on MTV.

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How much do artists earn from a sale on iTunes / CD / Spotify stream.

On average, an unsigned artist earns $12 per self-distributed CD, $5.99
per album download via a distributor on iTunes, and $0.69 per single-track
download. A signed artist earns $2.30 per album download on iTunes,
$2.76 per retail album CD and $0.23 per single-track download on itunes.
On spotify, a signed artist earns $0.0011 per play and an unsigned artist
earns $0.007 per play. This shows a clear difference between the profit
margin for the artist when signed to a label or not.

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