MMI 3G Plus and RNS

Special Activation – By KG, Q3 2014
Issue: After you install Maps, you get an error message advising “Navigation data are not enabled” on Audi MMI
3G Plus or “Navigation data not activated. Please contact your dealer” on RNS.

Update MMI 3G Plus Firmware to:
o 8R0 906 961 DG K770  For A6, A7, A8 and Q3 (variant 9406, 9407, 9408, 9409, 9410 and 9411)
o 8R0 906 961 DH K767  For A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 (variant 9498 only)
o 8R0 906 961 CB K612  For A1 (variant 9436)
o 8R0 906 961 VW 6077 For RNS850 (variant 9478)
Never ever mix or match between firmware or variant versions.
Never ever mix or match activation patch between variant versions.

After firmware update is completed, start MMI and wait for about 2 minutes until it’s full loaded.

Insert the appropriate MMI \RNS Activation SD card into slot 1, and the following screen will appear

NOTE: If the above screen doesn’t appear, just eject and re-insert the SD card.

To continue just press any key, you can do just one turn with big round knob.

Now you will get Stage 2 screen, again just one turn with big round knob:

Now you should get Stage 3, again just one turn with big round knob:

NOT: Every time you turn round knob, the white screen will go away and the normal MMI \ RNS screen will be
back on display, this is expected… just wait few minutes and the next stage will make its way.

After waiting for about 1-2 minutes on Stage 3 now you should get the final screen:

Press any key to go back to the normal MMI \ RNS standard view.

Now please reboot the MMI \ RNS unit by pressing the combination of 3 restart buttons together.

After reboot your navigation is working:

OPTIONAL: On the SD card there are now 4 new files:
A. log.txt  this has all the activities related to activation, useful for troubleshooting.
B. Backup\FSC  this is a backup copy of the all FSC that were applied on 5F before.
C. Backup\startDumper.bak  this is the original start-up script.
D. Backup\MMI3GApplication  this is the original Application script.

NOTE: To roll back from this patch you just need to re-install the firmware.