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Effective Listening .


Definition Art of hearing and understanding Making sense out of what we hear .

Objectives     To learn To enhance understanding To advise or counsel To relax ( delight) .

Comprehending (knowledge. Responding ( verbal/nonverbal) . Hearing (concentration) 2. experience. Paraphrasing & Checking accuracy 5.Process / Stages 1. cognitive power) 4. Filtering (judgement) 3. perception. Remembering (storing) 6.

Advantages Leads to better knowledge Enables better decisions Mollifies complainants Encourages others to air their views Strengthen relationships Increases accuracy Enables innovative solutions .

Poor listening Interrupting Being selective Feeling defensive Listening for a point of disagreement Criticize delivery/appearance of the speaker Fake attention Tolerate or create distractions Evade the difficult .

Types Discriminative Listening Informative Listening Attentive Listening/ Intensive/Academic Appreciative Listening Critical Listening/ Analytical Empathetic Listening / Therapeutic Listening .

too little. hasty . think time Feedback : inappropriate. misinterpretation Listening Speed: rate.Barriers Content : too much. selective Speaker : delivery. attitude Medium : distance and environment Distractions: extraneous Mind Set: attitudes Language: ambiguity.

recap. use body language .Strategies Decide your goals Be aware of your options Decide when to speak and when to listen Plan what to say when you speak – focusing and clarifying Be Attentive : stop multi-tasking.

(i) How clear do you think the presentation is in terms of content and delivery (ii)Complete the given data sheet .Listening exercise ( CUP-Speaking Effectively) Track 2 1.3    Listen to a short presentation about a holiday tour company.1. It’s being delivered to a small group of people who work for an advertising agency.

1.Listening exercise ( CUP-Speaking Effectively) Track 18 7.2     Dealing with Visitors Balazzo : CEO of Flexipak ( a Packaging Plant / Factory ) in Vicenza Williams– Visitor Listen to their conversation and complete the description of the company. . Listen again and pick out the expressions used in the contexts mentioned in the answer sheet.

01 How to write a business plan .youtube.13 W&H company presentation IVQRZQ4rkY N1wgKosS8A 4.   