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I can feel the gusting wind in every inch of my body as I lay in the dark

feeling the coldness of the icy grass that I laid upon. I watched as the snow drop
into the ground when suddenly I heard footsteps coming towards me. I trembled
upon the sight of what I see. I could not believe my eyes and the thing in front of
me. A dream, it was not, nightmare doesn’t even come close. I never felt terror
as I do now. My feet started to numb and I could do nothing but stand as he rush
to where I halt unable to move or make even a single noise. It happened all so
fast, he is now right beside me, circling and examining me. He rushed towards
my neck. I felt him run his hand on it but I could do nothing. I let him do what he
wants as I close my eyes and pray. What monster, a vicious night crawler. A
monster in human form. Helpless as I am, I mustered all strength I can gather
and speak “Please, don’t kill me”. I heard him chuckle and say “Oh, honey, you
got to try harder than that”. I slowly opened my eyes and see a dazzling person
directly looking at me. He laughed at the sight of me terrorized and confused.
“Tell me, what I will get of not killing you, because you see, I’m really hungry
love, and I’m perfectly sure you’d be a great dinner”, he said.
“I’ll do everything you ask of me, just… just please spare me”, I said. He
chuckled and turned his back on me and say, “You owe me one then, I’ll come
collect it, soon”, and in the blink of an eye he vanished.
Ringgg!!!!!!!!!! My bed... My bed? What am I doing on my bed? Last night,
what was I doing last night??? I was... Was it just a dream? Still confused but I
got up and prepared to go to school. As I walk down from my room to our humble
dining hall I saw my mom with her Eye brows on peak like a time bomb ready to
explode any minute. I turned my head back preparing to go back to my room
when suddenly I heard a swift breeze behind me. “And where do you think you’re
going your Excellency” she angrily uttered. “Mom, it’s so early in the morning
and you’re a little riled, loosen up” I told her with my puppy eyes hoping to
extinguish the aura of a volcano about to burst. “I am not riled, I am infuriated!
You deliberately disobeyed me.” She shouted angrily. “Mom, I’m sorry I‘ll bring
that always from now on “I conceded. “ You should! That talisman is meant to
protect you and cloak your powers so that you won’t be an open book easy to
read by supernatural, the next time you leave it I’ll shove it down your neck”.
Threatened as I may be, I kinda understand her anger, after all, I am precious
heir of the Witheridge Family, a bloodline of powerful witches, but no matter how
power my parents are, it seem like I haven’t inherited a single drop of ability
from them and it kinda worries them a lot. Last time I check I burned our storage
room at the backyard when I was training to make a decent fire, maybe my
incantations are off and don’t forget the moment where I embarrassed them for
trying show off and summoned a dead puppy instead of summoning my familiar.
I was in Trans when suddenly my mom hugged me and said” Honey, you know
how much Daddy and I love you, we just don’t want anything bad happen to
you”. “I know that mom, I’m sorry”.
After eating I went outside and waited for the school bus when a very
noisy came and hugged me tightly saying “How was the party? Huh?! Huh?!
Found a handsome boy made out and kissed?? I can’t wait for you to tell me!
“She hurriedly said. “I didn’t go to the party, my parents are kinda overprotective
and you know that” I told her. “Melea Witheridge you are beautiful but you will
die alone”. She said while hugging me and then laughed so hard that I almost

” Cam asked. the beating of my heart gets faster then he suddenly talked. I wanted you to know that someone just transferred to the school from Pennsylvania and He’s gonna be attending class here so be nice” Mrs. please have mercy on me. why are you such in rush? Are you running from someone? Seems like you’ve seen a ghost. She said with big shining puppy eyes. gross. Barnes announced. of course not” I interrupted. I turned my gaze to her and tell her “Yes. I’m gonna turn this conceited brat into cinders. “Oh come on. I mean who would even try to eat human flesh? While on our way to school I saw something that got shivers run down my spine. I was so startled. “What are you doing here? All these innocent people. that’s… that’s him! It’s the vampire.wanted to smack her. He walked towards me and as he gets closer. “You’ve got no idea Camille” I replied. when I looked back he was gone. “Hey. Is this the day he’s gonna ask my bargain? Seven gates of hell. “Hey. are you okey?” She worriedly ask. What’s happening? Who is Athan and why is h telling me to wake up? I don’t get it . are you going to hurt them?” I asked with these burning intent my heart like any minute now. “Camilla Stroemberry as weird as your name. If you don’t wake up soon you’ll die” He said and then suddenly vanish out f thin air while everyone continued to walk out from the classroom like nothing happened. Witheridge. Athan Crowe” I know that voice. you don’t get to keep secrets from me”. he entered the room earlier?” I asked Camilla when she suddenly laughed so hard. don’t sweat I ‘m not here to collect your owe yet but I must say. “You can sit there beside Ms. your reaction is priceless” he said and chuckled. he was already at the school gate. have you’ve seen this guy. I’m your best friend. “Before I dismiss you. make them fat and eat them. Please… “Okay introduce yourself to the class”. What did she just said “He”? Oh bloody great please tell me it’s not him. “What are you 3ven talkin’ about. it’s just… UNIQUE. you see we cannot let other people see us nor let them know that the evil witches of every fairy tale is true. staring and I can see the smirk painted in his face. he’s name is Athan. I kinda hate it actually. who’s Athan? Don’t tell me. I looked outside through the bus window when I got a glimpse of him. what are you doing here teasing me so early in the morning?” “ I am after all as your beautiful best friend who happened to care so much that you might end up rocking your own chair and watching TV series alone when you grow old and by the way my surname is not weird. like the night I met that vampire. the way stories about my kind is exaggerated. ‘ Easy there love. You don’t want these people finding about us so if I were you. I didn’t notice Camilla was already shouting my name “Melea! Melea! Hey. I rethink my action and I’m here to hurt them. got it? Now let’s go” Started the usual day as an ordinary human.“what? No! No. We’re not some medieval ugly. I would want to throw her in a cliff. “Hi love. I’m fine”. “I’m Athan. wretched old woman luring children in a candy house. I’m here for you.