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Cagayan Lending Center
2nd Floor, LBP Bldg. Bagay Road, San Gabriel, Tuguegarao City

1. Certification from OWWA that the borrower is a bonafide overseas
2. Certification from OWWA that the OFW-borrower has completed
capacity-building training
3. Barangay Clearance
4. Sketch of Residence of Borrower
5. For start-up project – Business Plan or Feasibility Study
6. DTI Registration
7. Mayor’s Permit
8. Marketing Agreement
9. Other permits (if applicable)
a. FPA License
b. NFA License
c. BFAD Permit
10. Audited Financial Statements for the last 3-years (BIR Filed)
11. Interim Financial Statement for the immediately preceding calendar
quarter (for loan applications filed after March 30
12. Income Tax Return (last 3 Years)
13. Pictures of Business Site
14. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or Certificate of NonCoverage (CNC) whichever is applicable.
15. Discharge Permit/Permit to operate from DENR-EMB, if applicable
16. Standard documentary requirements such as evidences of
ownership of offered security
a) Certified True Copy of Title/s from Registry of Deeds (ROD)
b) Tax declaration of Lot and Improvements (updated)
c) Real estate tax clearance and tax receipt for the current year
d) Subdivision plan approved by the Lands Management BureauDENR
e) Sketch plan with lot vicinity map
f) Latest 4R photo of real estate improvements
g) Affidavit of Non-Tenancy for agricultural lot/s offered as collateral/s
17. For projects involving construction:
a) Cost Estimates/Bill of Materials
b) Project plans and specifications
18. For Acquisition of Chattels
a) Description and specifications of units ( Pro forma invoice)