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My name is Jordan Federer. Tracy and Brent Federer are my parents. Tracy is the
daughter of Brenda and Mark Rose. Brenda is the daughter of Dale Conklin. Dale is
the son of Martin and Marguerite Conklin. Martin is the son of Chase and Mary
Conklin. Chase is the son of Edward and Lucinda Conklin. Edward is the son of
David and Jemima Conklin. David is the son of Benjamin and Mary Conklin. Benjamin
is the son of Joshua and Mary Conklin. I chose to research my mom’s, mom’s, dad’s
side. I researched it pretty far back, and learned a lot!


My name is Jordan Federer, I am the daughter of Tracy
and Brent Federer. I was born in Midland Michigan on
February 11, 1998. I am sixteen, being the oldest, with
two younger brothers; Cole Federer and Luke Federer. I
am the Granddaughter of Brenda and Mark Rose and
Carolyn and Richard Federer. I am a sophomore at Meridian Early College High School. I have two little brothers. I
have been attending Meridian since kindergarden. I enjoy playing softball. I have been playing it since I was
five. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. I love tanning, and go to Florida. I used to work at a daycare. Now
I am currently working at a restaurant.


Brent Federer is my 41 year old father. He has two brothers, one lives in Midland Mi, the
other moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Brent’s parents are Carolyn and Richard Federer
live in Sanford, Michigan during the summer and Travares, Florida during the winter. My
dad, Brent Federer, had three kids with Tracy Federer, my mother. Me Jordan Federer
age-16. Cole Federer age-14, and Luke Federer age-9. Brent is not just a dad, brother,
and son. Brent is also a coach, he coaches Luke’s Major boys baseball team, and Cole’s
Junior boys baseball team. He also works for Boettcher Masonry. In 2009 my parents
Brent Federer and Tracy Federer, got a divorce. He has not re-married or had any kids
since then.



Tracy Sampson is my mother. She is 42 years old. Tracy has one sister Bethany Thompson, who is married to James Thompson, they have two kids. Tracy’s parents are Brenda
and Mark Rose. All of Tracy’s family lives in Sanford Michigan. She got divorced in 2009
to my father Brent Federer. She is now re-married to Michael Sampson. Tracy and Michael Sampson, also live in Sanford Michigan. Tracy has not had any children since Cole,
Luke and I. Tracy is employed at John Carter DDS, being a hygienist. Tracy has coached
softball since I was five years old. She still attends my games, and plays on her own coed team.


My brothers are Cole Federer, and Luke Federer. Cole is in eight grade, and Luke is in
third. All three of us have the same parents; Tracy and Brent Federer. Cole plays
baseball, football and wrestling. Luke plays baseball, football, wrestling, and
basketball. They both enjoy fishing, hunting, being outside, riding dirt bikes, getting
dirty, and being loud and annoying.


Carolyn and Richard Federer have lived in Midland, Michigan their whole life. They are both retired. Richard worked for Boettcher Masonry.
Carolyn cleaned houses and worked at the Midland Hospital. They have been married for 48
years. Richard enjoys doing wood-work. He
makes all different kinds of bird houses and goes
to craft shows and sells them. Carolyn and Richard both enjoy going to my softball games, and
my brothers baseball games. They have a house
in Florida, so when winter comes they live there
for a while, and we visit them down there.



Brenda and Mark Rose have been married
for 42 years. Brenda never worked, but she
did clean houses on the side. Mark has
worked for multiple truck moving companies. Brenda teaches bible study, and Mark
is still employed.



Dale Conklin is my grandma
Brenda’s father. He is in his
eighties. He is married to Gloria Conklin. Gloria is my
grandma, Brenda’s, Step mom.
She is also in her eighties. My
grandmas real mom lives in
Tennessee. Her name is Reis
West. She is now remarried to
Solomon West. Dale and Gloria
live in Midland Michigan.


Martin and Marguerite Conklin lived
in Merrill, Michigan. Martin and Marguerite are my great great grandparents. Martin and Marguerite are my
great grandpa Dales parents, and
his daughter, also my grandma
Brenda’s, great grandparents. Martin E. Conklin was born on February
3rd 1902, and died on June 1st
1983. He was 81 years old when he
died. Marguerite Conklin was born
September 3rd 1997. She died at
the age of 91. They were buried at
Lakefield Township Cemetery.


Chase was born in Boonton, New Jersey. His name was Chas E. Cauklin, he
changed it to Charles E. Conklin, and then finally changed it to Chase E. Conklin. In
1910 he came to Wheeler, Gratiot Michigan. There in Michigan he was a farmer and
met Mary E. Conklin. Mary was from Illinois, her father was from Austria. Together
Chase and Mary Conklin had four kids; Rose, Walter, Martin, and Edith. Chase and
Mary Conklin were Martins parents. Chase was born in 1868, and died in 1943. Mary
was born in 1874 and died in 1965. Chase and Mary Conklin are my Great Great
Great Grandparents. They are buried in Saginaw, Michigan.



Edward Conklin was born in 1838 and died in 1909. Edward married
Lucinda Conklin. He died at the age of 71. One of their many children was Chase Conklin. They had four kids; Wilson, Ellsworth, Mortimer, and Chase. Edward was a farmer, and Lucinda was a house
keeper. Edwards Parents were David and Jemima.



David was born in 1804 and died in
1892. David married Jemima Conklin.
In the picture to the right I found an old
picture of David and Jemima Conklin.

Benjamin Conklin lived a short 60
years, he was born in 1777 and
died in 1837. Benjamin married
Mary Conklin.



In New Jersey Joseph Conklin was born in 1727 and died in
1814. Joseph Conklin was killed by a fallen tree. He married
Mary Conklin lived at Williams Farm, near Elizabethtown. Together Joseph and Mary had nine kids. Joshua was in the Marine Corps.


The German Immigration to Pensilvania was huge. The Germans that came over were known as “Pensilvania Germans”.
These Germans settled in Maryland, Virginia, and New York.
These Germans came in three waves; 1683-1710. This was a
German Ship called the “Concord”. From then on the Germans
moved through the United States and settled. Dorothy Conklin,
and Huff Conklin were the ones who came over in 1648. They
settled in New York, and then migrated to New Jersey.



My great-grandpas last name is Conklin. The
last name Conklin is Dutch. Conklin was first
found in early documents where it was spelt
“Konkelen” which means “conspirator.” It was
also spelt Conkling, and also how my greatgrandpa spells it Conklin. The Conklin’s first
migrated to America from Germany in the
17th Century. They arrived in Massachusetts,
and then traveled all around The United
States. My Great-Grandpa ended up in Michigan, and that is where my family has grown
up since then.



The Conklin family crest is this picture above. A family
crest is the image that appears on a helmet of a family’s coat of arms. This is a symbol that dates back to a
the mediaeval time period. This symbol keeps getting
passed down through the decades, and becomes the
family sign. The family wears the crest during the battle
to show pride. The family crest comes in gold, silver,
black, red, blue, green, and purple. The color represents the family’s role in society. The Conklin’s is red,
that represents warrior; military strength and magnanimity. The dogs represent courage, vigilance, and loyalty.


In 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Shortly after in
1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia.
The Neutrality act took place in
1937. The Neutrality act
banned travel, and forbid the
arming of American merchant
ships trading with Belligerents.
Also in 1937 Japan defeated
the Chinese and took control of
Northern China. Japanese warplanes dive-bombed the American gunboat Panay in China,
the Japanese apologized, and
payed for the lives lost in 1937.
In 1938 the United States
fought agains Japan. In August
1938 the United states granted
recognition to the new Austrian government. Also in 1938 the United States government passed the
Naval Expansion act giving the president one billion dollars to expand the United States Navy. In
1939 President Roosevelt wrote letters to Hitler and Mussolini, and promised not to attack a list of nations for at least ten years. In 1940 President Roosevelt moved the base from San Diego to Pearl Harbor. In september 1940 the United States Aids Britain, and extends Japan’s embargo. In 1941 the
United States Coast Guards seize German ships from coming into the American Ports. In December
of 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Also in 1941 we fought Russia in Alaska, and that is
where my great grandpa Dale Conklin fought. Finally in 1945 World War II ended.




My Great grandpa Dale Conklin was in World War II. He was stationed in
Alaska in 1944- 1945. The United States bought Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars, or two cents per acre. For decades the federal government ignored Alaska, that is until they discovered gold. Gold was discovered in 1898.
Alaska was granted territorial status in 1912. In 1941 America declared war on
Japan. This war was known as the “One Thousand Mile War”. This war was
the first war fought on American soil since The Civil War. During World War II
the government built a highway that was 1,523 miles long. This highway runs
though Canada to Fairbanks.


All through my life we always have went on
family vacations. My first vacation was when
flew to Florida with my mother and father. My
mom tells me stories about how it was our first
family vacation, but I don’t remember it because
I was so young. Also when I was super young,
we would go to Cadillac to my great grandparents house. She lived on the lake, in a subdivision, so we would ride our bikes, go on the boat,
fish and swim. I will never forget going to Cadillac, and the cool thing about it is that we still go
up there in the summer, even though they
passed away.
My grandma Brenda love seeing her dad
and step mom; Gloria and Dale, her two daughters; Beth and Tracy, their husbands; James and
Mike, and their kids; Ben, Connor, Jordan, Cole
and Luke. So for everyones birthday we celebrate it with everyone at my grandpa Mark and
grandma Brenda’s house on Sunday afternoons.
We have lunch and cake with ice cream. Besides having birthday lunches with my grandparents, we also have a large Christmas Eve party
at her house. We have been going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve ever since I was
a baby. We always play secret santa, ride snowmobiles, open gifts from each other, eat amazing
food and desert, play cards, and visit with everyone. I will never forget Christmas Eve at my
Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Marks house.
Ever since my mom has been with my step
dad, Mike, we have went to his mother, Susan’s

house on Sunday nights for dinner and to watch
the Amazing Race. I will never forget these small
get togethers, because my grandma Susan always makes the best food. Speaking of all the
good food she makes, she makes the worsts
best sticky buns. She only makes these on special occasions such as; Christmas day, and
In the summer time we always have family
get togethers at the pond, in Susan’s big back
yard. In the hot July we have Pond of Paluza. We
all set up tents, campers, chairs and all of the
yard games. Not only does all of the family come
on out, so do our friends. We have been doing
this since my mom has been with my step dad
Mike. We roast hamburgers, hot dogs, and
marshmallows. Swimming in the pond, playing
on the paddle boat, canoeing, and being rough
with my cousins is something I will never forget.
She owns over 100 acres. We don’t only play out
on the property during the summer. During the
winter we all ride our snowmobiles and quads
out in the trails. Whats cool about the trails is
they all connect. The trails connect Jeremy’s
house which is my step dad Mike’s brother, and
Melissa’s house which is Mikes aunt. My brothers
and I, Melissa’s kids and our friends all going riding back there. I will never forget winters in the
trails because they are so much fun, and its an
all day event with occasional movie, and hot
coco breaks.


My family is all about hosting get togethers,
and being big parts of each others lives. We
have a big red barn, which we call a party barn.
Half of it is an actual barn, the other half is a
party place. There is a pool table, a tv, a card table, a bar, and dart boards. Every New Years
Eve we have hosted parties. The family from
both my moms side, and Mikes side, along with
all of our friends come out. We all have fun playing games and watching the ball drop. We don’t
just have this party at night, during the day we all
play in the snow and have a great time. This is
something that we have been doing for a while
and I wont ever forget it!
Also in the summer my family camps in Beaverton. Yes Beaverton is only twenty minutes
away, but however I will never forget going once
every summer. While we camp in Beaverton
there is an Allstars ball tournament. I used to
play in this tournament in the past, but now I am
too old. But my brothers Cole, and Luke still play
in it. This is the funnest ball tournament because
all of our families friends camp together, and we
tube and swim down the river, and just have a
good time with great friends and family. Before
we all go back to the campground we always go
to Lydia’s grandparents house one night for fireworks, swimming in the pool, and fishing in the
pond. This has turned into an annual even in
June. I cannot wait until this year because we are
doing it again but this time we hired a Dj and a
Photo Booth for Lydia’s 16th birthday and her
dad Jake’s 40th!

months. During Spring Break we always go down
and visit them. They live in a 55 or older subdivision. This is nice because when we go down to
visit, all of their neighbors are really friendly, and
the pool is always open! Not only is there a pool
that we always go to there, there is shuffle board.
Every night we would always compete, and see
who is the best. The subdivision is on the lake.
So my grandparents have a boat. I remember going for boat rides ever since I was a little girl. Seeing the alligators and big fish was so cool to me
and my brothers. Since the subdivision is considered state roads you have to be sixteen to drive
the golf cart on them. This year I was finally old
enough to drive on them! It was so much fun because all of the years in the past either my dad,
or grandparents had to drive us around. Having
my grandparents live in florida is so nice, and is
one of my favorite memories as a kid.

Every year before my dads parents leave
for Florida, we always have Thanksgiving together. We have been doing this forever. I love
having Thanksgiving with them because it is a
nice way to say goodbye to them for a few