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Application Example

Large Disturbance
1 Description
The study case is used to simulate the response of the small power system after being
subjected to a large disturbance. For this study a metal-oxide varistor is added in parallel to
the capacitor, by means of the variation “MOV”. The characteristics of the MOV can be seen
on the EMT-Simulation page of the capacitor’s dialogue window.
The results are obtained after executing the time-domain simulation (EMT). The plots on the
page “§ Cap_MOV” show that, following the disturbance, current flows through the MOV to
limit the capacitor voltage. The voltage-current characteristic of the MOV is also shown,
along with the energy dissipated in the MOV.

2 PowerFactory Project Information
Name of Project: SSR IEEE-First Benchmark
Name of Study Case: 3_Large_Disturbance

SSR - Large Disturbance


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