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Student's Book Liz and John Soars Headway Beginner Student's Book Liz and John Soars OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS CONTENTS Ci » 1 Hello! .. CO amiarelis ‘myyour Tin Sandra, My nares Hiro, What's your name? p6 Thisis This i John Mason. p7 How are you? p8 » 2 Your world ,:: ‘anvareiis hejsheithey — hisher What's his mame? Where's she from? pl3 They are in New York. p16 Questions where, what p13 » 3 Personal information ;. Tar SE > 4 Family and friends ,.. SE Negatives, questions, and short answers ‘She fn’ nurse. p18 Tm not from England. p20 We aren't married. p22 Are you from the United States? p20 Yes. she i6/No, she ist. pS Possessive adjectives ‘our, their p24 Possessive ‘all's sand Kirst's school p24 hhashhave Tam has a very good jb. Thave a small farm. p27 Questions and answers how old, who p28 » 5 Its my life! .. Present Simple Uyou'they Thke tennis. p33 I dn’ speak Spanish p34 Where do you five? p33 and an fan actor p34 » 6 Every day pw re) ‘Stop and check 2 > 7 Places I like The time Is mine oclock es two thirty: pao Present Simple heishefit He ges up at ix. pa She lives the country. pA Questions and negat What rime does he get up? pa3 She doesnt work in an office, p44 ‘Object pronouns tty them pas Tlove them! p49 thivthat What’ thar? p50 this jacket p33 Questions and answers how; what, who, where, why, how much, when, how ‘many: because p51 (Oe What's this in English? ie bok vervdav things bhsok, computer car p10 OTS Boa Numbers 1-10 Plural nouns «cats, books, houses pl Countries Reading and listening Numbers 11-30 pl7 Australia, France pl2 ‘Where are they from? pl6 Cities Milan, Tokyo pls Jobs Reading and speaking Social expressions police officer, doctor p18 Personal information adress age, married p19 ‘A pop group p22 ‘Good afternoon. Goodbye. Paxton? Thank you. p23 The family daughter paren Adjective + noun ‘small farms g00d job p27 Describing a friend best friend really fury his favourite music p28 Reading and writing ‘My bestfriend p28 “The alphabet Hove do you spell... ? p30 On the phone (Good morning The Grand Hotel ‘Thank you for telephoning. pL Sports food, drinks tennis, hamburgers, tea p32 Verbs come, live, work, ea, speak p34 Languages and nationalities Japanese, French p35 istening and speaking ‘Ava party p38 ‘Numbers and prices ‘one pound sixty 0p How much ..? p38 Verbs et up, go t0 work, have lunch pl Adverbs of frequency usually sometimes, never p42 Words that go together watch TV iste t0 music ps6 Vocabulary and speaking Words that go together get up early Ihave a shower pas Lifestyle questionnaire p46 Days of the week ‘Monday, Tuesday pa? Prepositions of time ‘at mine o'clock on Monday inthe morning p§7 Opposite adjectives new ~ old expensive cheap p32 Adjective + noun Trash music old buildings p53 Adjectives nice, old comfortable p53 Reading and writing ‘A postcard from Dublin p33 Can... ‘Can Ihave a sandwich? Can Try on this jumper, please? pa Ch EU > 8 Where I live There isiare, any ‘There's a CD player. There are to lamps. Are there any photographs? p' Prepositions fn, on, under, next 19 p38 > 9 Happy birthday! ... Saying years 841 2008 p64 waswere born When were you born? Twas born in 1986. pos ast Simple ~ irregular verbs went, bought 00k pos > 1 We had a good time! .. > W We can doit!,. Past Simple — regular and irregular ‘She cooked a meal. got up late. pP2 ‘Questions and negatives Whar did you dor didn’t do rauch, p73 Short answers Yes, he did, No, I didn’t p73 He can use a computer p80 can't speak Spanish. p81 Requests and offers ‘Cant you tll me the time? Gan I help you? p83 > 12 Thank you very much! , > 1 Here and now .». ‘want, ike, and would Tike “He wants a stamp. p88 Ti like a cup of cofee. Ta ike to buy a dictionary. p89 like coffee. p91 Present Simple and Present Continuous He has lunch at 1.00. Ho's wearing a Tshirt, p97 Questions and negatives Whar’ she doing? He tr working. p98 > 14 It’s time to go! .», SEED Question words revision’ Present Continuous for future We're going om holiday Where are you staying? p10 Revision of tenses ~ present, past, and future Tapescripts pirz Grammar Reference pit Word list pi2s Rooms in a house Dedroon living room p56 Furniture in a house cooker, sofa p56 é harbour, park p60 Ea Reading and speaking How to have a good time in Sydney p60 Listening and writing My home town pod GEOL Places in towns ‘bank, chemist, church p63 Directions Tura lft. Go straight on. p63 People and jobs writer, princess, painter pO6 Irregular verbs ‘went, Bought, saw pO8 Vocabulary and reading, ‘We're millionaires! pos. ‘When's your birthday? p70 ‘Months of the year January, February p70 Saying dates| ‘the seventh of March p71 Weekend activities {10 the cinema See my frends p74 Sports and leisure play baseball 0 ice-skating p76 Listening and speaking Holidays p77 Writing My last holiday p78 Filling in forms p79 Verbs and adverbs ry well ra fat p80 \erbrand nouns that go together ‘book a hotel ” fy ches hat fend pA Reading and listening The things you can do on the Internet! p83 Whats the problem? I doesn't work. Pin lest. ps6 Food fish, vegetables p92 In a restaurant meat, sandwiches, side onders p93 Reading ‘She only eats junk food po Going shopping Can Thelp you? Tra sorry. That's all we have, p95 Colours red, lack p96 Clothes ‘jumper shorts plO2 Describing a person ‘She has long fait hair and blue eyes. p103 Reading and speaking “Todays different 100 ‘What's the matter? Tin hungry. Why don't you have a sandwich? p03 “Transport and travel byele the Underground pack your bags 110 Reading ‘An amazing journey 108 Going sightseeing Ta tke a map of the town, please Where does the bus go from? pI Phonetic symbols ps1 Irregular verbs pia by ' Hello! Ee ete ua ein ed STARTER » Say your name. Halla Tm Marek ‘ WHAT'S YOUR NAME? am/are/is, my/ your 1 Read and listen. Sandra Hello. I'm Sandra, What's your name? Hiro My name's Hiro. Sandra Hello, Hiro. Listen and repeat. rer V'm=1am name's = name is What's = What is 2 Stand up and practise. 6 Unit + Hello! This is 3 Read and lister Sandra. John, this is Hiro Shiga. Hiro, this is John Mason Hiro Hello, John John Hello, Hiro. Listen and repeat 4 Practise in groups of three. » this is + this is Unit 1 + Hello! 7 How are you? 5 HED Read and listen EAED Listen and repeat P 8 Unit] + Hello! 6 Read and listen. Listen and repeat. 7 Answer your teacher 8 Stand up and practise (Fine, thanks. ) C= eam) ue icos Write am, is, or are. ' Sandra. How you? This D>P> Grammar Reference 11 and 1.2 p121 PRACTIC 1 Comple! e the conversations. 2 Complete the conversations. 1 A Hello. My name's Anna. | 1B +Anna, are yout What's your name? A Fine, thanks, Ben. 7 B Ben. B well, thanks. 2 C Hello. My Carla 2 D Hi, Carla. you? What's name? c «thanks. 2 D name's David. DOK, Listen and check. Practise the conversations. Listen and check. Practise the conversations. 3 Listen and number the lines in the conversation ] Fine, thanks. I'm OK, thanks. And you? Hello. My name's Rita. What’s your name? Hello, Tina. Hello, Mary P'm Tina, and this is Mary. Hello, Rita. How are you? Listen, check, and practise D> D> Grammar Reference 13 p12) Unit 1 + Hello! 9 VOCABULARY What's this in English? 1 Write the words. ‘a Book ‘a camera acar %, computer abag ahamburger’ a television sandwich ahowe t/ ‘a photograph 2 Listen and repeat the words. 3 GERD Listen and repeat. GRAMMAR SPOT ‘Work with a partner. Point to a picture. Ask and answer questions. 4 Goto things in the room. Ask your teacher. 10 Unit + Hello! EVERYDAY ENGLISH Numbers 1-10 and plurals 1 GHD Read and listen. Practise the numbers. 8 eight one 2 four 5 five 7 seven _ 10 ten two 3 three six Say the numbers round the class. 2 Write the numbers. [photographs ] Listen and check. Cc 3 EHBD Listen and repeat. Singular Plural [isa et cared torent photoaphs computers i re eee students hamburgers teevsos bags fe Unit 1 « Hello! 1 STARTER 1 Find the countries on the map on pl3. Find your country on the map. . ee ° ° ee ‘Australia Brazil England France Italy Japan Spain the United States 2 GEE Listen and repeat. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? he/she, his/her 1 Read and listen. 2 Where are you from? Stand up and practise. Hiro Where are you from, Sandra? 3 Read, listen, and repeat. Sandra I’m from Spain. Where are you from? Hiro I'm from Japan. From T EBBD Listen and repeat. His name's Hiro. He’s from Japan. Her name's Sandra. She's from Spain. Ue cos eis she's = she is Grammar Reference 2.1 and 2.2 pI21 12 Unit 2 + Your world 4 Complete the sentences, His _ names Rick He's _ from the United States. | | ches ‘name's Sonia names kim, She's Listen and check, Repeat the sentences, Questions 5 GBD Listen and repeat the questions What's his name? Where's he from? yy What's her name? Where's she from? Where's = Where is 6 Ask and answer questions about the people in the photographs. aya iacpetenwaiiiions Where she from? Where he from? Where _ you from? She's frm Spain D> ciamar neterence 13 pin Unit 2 + Your world 13 PRACTICE Cities and countries 1 Where are the cities? Ask and answer. Tokyo Paris Barcelona Milan Oxford Rio deJaneiro Boston Sydney j EBRD Listen and check, 2 Work with a partner Student A Look at the photos on this page. Student B Look at the photos on p138. Her name's Mayumi She's from Tokyo. Ask questions and write the answers. ‘ Talking about you 3 Ask about the students in the class. i Her name’s Chantal. Where's she from? | ‘She's from France. From Paris. i : 14 Unit? » Your world His name's Pierre, He's from Paris. His name's Adam, He's from Sydney. Questions and answers Listen and complete the conversation, Practise it S Hello, I'm Sandra. What's your __ name? L name’ Luis $ Hello, Luis. Where are you 2 L from Spain. Where are you from? S Ob,I'm ‘om Spain, too. from Madrid § GBD Listen and write the countries. i France 1 Gera Akemi: \d Jason: 6 Match the questions and answers. is name’ Luis. He's from Madrid Its in Canada, {fm from Brazil. Fine, thanks. Her name's Irena Its computer. Where are you from? What's her name? Whats his name? Where's he from? Whats this in English? How are you? Where's Toronto? 2 3 4 5 ‘ 7 x) Listen and check. 4 C1 He’ from Spain. CO His from Spain. What's he’s name? 5 LJ Where she from? O What’ his name? C Where’s she from? 3 Cl ‘What's his name?” ‘Luis! 6 CO What's her name? C1 ‘What's her name?’ ‘Luis. What's she name? Unit 2 + Yourworld 15 READING AND LISTENING Where are they from? 1 GERD Read and listen: This is a photograph of Miguel and Glenna da Costa from Rio de Janeiro. They are in New York. Miguel is from Brazil, and Glenna is from Toronto in Canada. They are married. Glenna is a doctor. Her hospital is in the | centre of Rio. Miguel is a teacher. His school is in the centre of Rio, too. Complete the sentences. 1 Miguel is from 2 Hesa 3 His school is in the of Rio. 4 Glenna is from n Canada, 5 She'sa 6 Her 7 They 8 They are Write questions with what and where about Miguel and Glenna. Ask a partner. What/name? Where/from? Where/school? Where/hospital? is in the centre of Rio. in New York. 16 Unit? Your world EVERYDAY ENGLISH Numbers 11-30 1 Say the numbers 1-10 round the class. 2 GERD Listen, read, and repeat. . . . ° Televen twelve —TS thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen ° ° . . . V6 sixteen 7 seventeen 1B eighteen 19 nineteen 20 twenty the numbers 1-20 round the class. 3 Write the numbers your teacher says. Say the numbers your teacher writes, 4 Match the numbers. 2 5 aN wventycoen 23 ~~ twenty-one 24 twenty-eight twenty-two 2 5 twenty-four 26 twenty-nine 27 5 28 twenty three 29 thirty 30 twenty-six Listen and repeat. Say the numbers 1-30 round the class. 5 Listen and tick (7) the numbers you hear. 122 12v 10 20 ull 15 16 14 220 29 19 9 411 io 17 27 5 23 3 13 30 6 Work with a partner. Student A Write five numbers. Say them to your partner. Student B Write the numbers you hear, 4 24 ... Unit 2 + Your world 17 ty y Personal information STARTER » 11 Match the jobs and the pictures. ‘apolce officer a nurse astudent eteacher a shop assistant a taxi driver _abusinessman a doctor Listen and repeat. 2 What's your job? Ask and answer. [Wht yori) (Trea state) —r WHAT'S HER JOB? Negatives ~ isn’t 1 Listen and repeat. yeu What’ his job? He's a teacher. Whats her job? She’ a doctor She isn't anurse. isr't= isnot This is negative. He'sateacher. 's=is This is positive. Look at the pictures. Ask and answer questions with a partner. 2 Listen and repeat. He isn't a student. He's a teacher. Make more negative and positive sentences. 18 Unit 3» Personal information Questions and short answers 3. Read the information. cc cvciyday extras agency online filo BIOEIE :5 rvs everydayextias co uconine Ne/robertsamy'9742907) name Amy Roberts Country England ‘Address 18, Market Street, Manchester Phone number 0161 929 5837 ‘Age 20 Job Student Married? No 4 Complete the questions and answers, 1 What's her name Amy Roberts. 2 Where's she 2 England. What's her 2 18, Market Street, Manchester. 4 What's her 2 0161 929 5837. How old is she? She's 6 What's 2? 7 Isshe 2 No, she ism in and check. Practise the questions and answers. 5 Read and listen. Then 1 Is she from London? Liverpool? Manchester? 2 Is she 16? 18? 207 3 Isshe a teacher? a nurse? a student? 4 Is she married? en and repeat 6 Complete the sentences. 1 Amy isn't from the United States. Sh from England. 2 Her phone number 0171 929 5837. It's O161 929 5837. 3 She 18, She 20. 4 She married. Is she from England? Cec Is she from England? Yes, she is Is she married? No, she isn't. These are short answers. Yes, she is (from England) ‘No, she isn't (married) Unit 3 - Personal information 19 WHAT'S YOUR JOB? Negatives and short answers 1 Listen and complete the conversation. Visitor Record ‘Als your name. Jeff? J Yes, itis - Name Jeff Barnes A from England, Jeff? From Houston, Texas J No, I'm not from England. I'm from Houston, Texas. Job Police officer: A a police officer? hg 25 J Yes, Lam. Married? A 23 J No, I'm 25. ENTER CLEAR EXIT A married? J Yes, Listen again and check, Geico 3 Stand up. Ask and answer questions. 1. mot from England. 'm not =| am not This is negative 2 Yes,am. No,I'mnot. Yes. it is. No, it isn't Seeeetoeirs 2 Answer your teacher. 20 Unit3 + Personal information Giovanni Listen again and check. Ask and answer the questions with a partner, Use she 1s Giovanni from Milan? Js Diana from the United Ishe a nurse? Is she a teacher? Isis phone number 06 944 81397 Is she twenty-nine? Complete the questions. What's your name? 2 you from? one number? 4 How old ? 5 job? 6 married? In groups, ask and answer the same questions, Write about one student. Her name's Marie-Ange. She's trom France. Her phone number is 212-463 45 Tick (V) the correct sentence. 1 She's name's Janelle. (1 Her name's Janelle Her job is teacher. She's a teacher. 3] Are you from Spain? Is you from Spain? 4 (J He's phone number is 796542, His phone number is 7965 5 C] How old is she? How old she is? 6 © She is no married. She isn’t married 7 © Are you married? Yes, I'm. Tam. © Are you married? Yes, Unit’3 + Personal information 21 READING AND SPEAKING ‘A pop group 1 Read about the pop group 4 x 4. VAY) BUM CM eee Clty 4x SSA TCS CUR Celi) Australia. Yves Lacoste is ee Corum M elec (om Weed Pm UU CUCM ACE AOR ts ec “We're in New York. We're at the Radio City Music Hall. It’s great!’ Who is married in 4x4? Yves: ‘I'm not married.’ George and Cath: ‘We aren’t married!’ Melanie: ‘I am!’ 2 Complete the sentences. ues 1 The of the group WeteinNew York, weéres weare 2 from Australia. Wearen't married. we aren't = we are not This is negative. D> Grammar Reference 3.2 p22 3 Cath and George Walters England, 4 France. 5 ‘We ‘on tour in the United States. 4 Work in groups of four. You are a pop group. 3 Listen and answer the questions + What are your names? 1 How old is Melanie’ + What’ the name ofthe group? 2. How old are Cath and George? + How old are you? 3. How old is Yes? + Where are you now? 4 Who's married? Who isn't marti + Where are you from? Ask and answer questions with another group. 22 Unit 3 + Personal information EVERYDAY ENGLISH Social expressions 1 Complete the conversations. Use these words. Good afternoon Good night Good evening Good morning Goodbye A Good morning A A A A B . | The Grand Hotel madam. B Bo Have Mr Brown. B B Peter. Sleep well a good journey! Listen and check. Practise the conversations. 2 Listen and complete the conversations. Use these words pardon dont understand dont know sorry thank you 1 A. What's this in English? 2 © Hogy hivnak? 3 A The homework is on page BE. MI_ ‘of the Workbook. A It’sa dictionary © What's your name? B 2 | M My name’s Manuel, I’'m from A The homework is on page thirty Spain. of the Workbook. | B 3. Practise the conversations. Unit 3 + Personal information 23, STARTER » 1 Complete the table. ‘Subject pronoun I a Possessive adjective | my Listen and check. 2 Talk about things inthe classroom. SALLY'S FAMILY Possessives ~ family relations 1 Read and listen. This is Sally Milt She's married, and this is her family. Their house is in London. She's a teacher. Her school is in the centre of town. Tom is Sally’s husband. He's a bank manager. His bank is in the centre of town, too. “Our children are Kirsty and Nick. Theyre students at Camden College. We're happy in London.’ 24 Unit 4 + Family and friends 1 She's married. She's teacher. ‘s= is 2 This is her family This is Sally's family. = the family of Sally 3 his | bank ber | school Toms Kirsty’s D> Grammar Reference 41-43 pI23 4 Look at the family tree. Listen and complete 2 Answer the questions. Is Sally married? Yes, sheis. Where's their house? What is Sally’s job? Where's her school? What is Tom's job? Where is his bank? Are their children doctors? Listen and check 3 Listen and repeat the sentences, Sally = Tom Kardty hick 1 Sally is Tom's wit Tom is Sally's Kirsty is Sally and Tom's 4 Nick is their 5 Sally is Nick's 6 Tom is Kirsty’s 7 Kirsty is Nick's 8 Nickis Kirsty’s 9. Sally and Tom are Kirsty and Nick's 10 Kirsty and Nick are Tom and Sally's Listen again and check. 5 Ask and answer questions. Unit 4 + Family and friends 25 PRACTICE The family 1 Listen to Rachel Chang. Complete the information about her family. Rachel's brother Rachel's mother Rachel's father 2 Complete the sentences. 1 Steve is Rachel's brother. 2 Her name is Grace. aaareiin 3 Grace is Bob's. 4 ‘What's job?’ ‘He's a businessman? 4 ‘Comme the snes with pone 5 ‘Where's house?’ ‘It's in San Diego? adjective Ve 1 ‘What's your name? Write the names of your family. Ask and answer questions with a partner. penis 2 ‘What are names? Stefan Danita ‘Our names are Kirsty and Nick? 3 Jean-Paul and André are students. Who's Stefan/Danuta? — school is in Paris oe een ‘What's husband’s name?’ How old is he/she? 5 ‘My brother's office is in New York. “whats 6 Weare in English class. fum and Dad are in Rome? What's his/her job? 711 “What's phone number? 26 Unit 4 + Family and friends SALLY’S BROTHER has/have 1 Read and listen to David. This is David Arnot and his family. We're from Wales. | have a small farm. My wife’s name is Moan 4 she has a job in town. She’s a shop assistant. We have one Child Puen two dogs, Dylan and Dolly. My sister, Sally, and her husband, T 2 big house in London. They have two children. Tom has a very ean pry 2 Are the sentences true (V) or false (X)? David's farm is in Wales. David is Sally's brother. His wife has a job in a hospital David and Megan have two children. heir farm is big, 6 © They have two doy cas » Ben and Dolly. 3 Listen and write the sentences. Practise them Ihave a small farm in Wales. 4 ite seatenes bout your end Tl the ale Unit 4 + Family and friends 27 PRACTICE has/have 1 Complete the sentences. Use has or have, 1 1 have two brothers and a sister. 2 My parents a house in the country 3. My wife a Japanese car, 4. My sister and I adog. 5 You a very nice family 6 Our school fifteen classrooms. 7 We English classes in ¢ 2 Talk about your school Questions and answers 3. Match the questions and answers. 1. How is your mother? Yes, we are 2. What's your sister's job? She's Davis sister. 3. How old are your brothers? \\ _It’sin the centre of town, 4 Who js Sally? She's very well, thank you 5. Where i your office? They/re ten and thirteen. 6 Are you and your husband She's a nurse from Italy? Listen and check. Check it 4 Tick (7) the correct sentence. 1 C1] Maty’s children are married. C] Mary is children are married. 2 CJ What's your daughter name? What's your daughter's name? 3) What's he's job? C) What's his job? 4D They're from Germany Their from Germany ) They're par Their parents have a house in Bonn. 10 ts have a house in Bonn. IOC 6 Ol My brother have a good job My brother has a good job. We house is in the centre of town. Our house is in the centre of town. IC 28 Unit 4 + Family and friends READING AND WRITING My best friend 1 Read about Andy: Check the new words in your dictionary 2 Match the photographs with a part of the text. Who are the people in the pictures? My friend Andy a | My best friend’s name is Andy. He's very nice, and he’s really funny. He's 22, and he’s a student at university. He isn’t married, but he has a beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Carrie, and she American, b | Andy's parents have a flat in Manchester. It's near the centre of town. His father’s @ taxi driver, and his mother has a part-time job in a hospital. c | He has two sisters. Their names are Alison and Molly. They're both at school | Andy has a lot of CDs, His favourite music is rock ‘n’ roll, and his favourite pop group is Mood. He is also a fan of Manchester United! When we're together, we have a good time. é i ON. 3 Underline the correct information, | Andy is... a student/a bus driver/nice/ American / funny / beautiful 2 Andy has... two sisters/two brothers/a wife/a girlfriend / alot of CDs, 3 Carrie is ... Andy's sister/ Andy’s girtfriend /American/ beautiful 4 Andy’s parents have ... ahouse/a flat/one daughter / three children, 5 Andy is... ina pop group called Mood /a fan of Mood/ «a fan of Manchester Unite. 4 Work with a partner. Talk about Andy 5 Write about a My friend's name is Shes/He's She/He has Her/His parents Her/His favourite Write about family, job, music, sport Unit 4 + Family and friends 29 EVERYDAY ENGLISH The alphabet Listen to the letters of the alphabet. Practise them. ABCD EF GH? inop oRsST U VW xyz 2 Practise the letters in groups. fey ahjk (0/0 fel bedegpty Any quw fei flmnsxz fa) fv iy Listen to people spell their frst name (Sally) and their surname (Milton). Write the names. SALLY MILTON _ ‘How do you spell your surname? 5 In pairs, ask and answer How do you spell... ? with words from the text about Andy on p28, How do you spell friend’? GREED) 6 Put the letters in the correct order. What's the country? NEFACR FRANCE _ NAPIS LARZIB NAPAJ LASARUTAI YLIAT GANELDN — 30 Unit 4 + Family and friends On the phone 7 GHBD Listen to the phone conversations. 1 A Good morning. The Grand Hotel J. Hello. The manager, please. A Certainly. And your name is? J. José Gonzalez, A How do you spell your surname? J G-O-N-Z A s J L-E-Z. ‘Thank you. Hello, Sam Jackson. Mr Jackson, hello. This is José Gonzalez Carrer Arcs 5, 12 ena planta, 08023 Barcelona tel 93-308 785 04 fax 93-412 234 95 Sefior José Gonzalez export manager 8 Write your business card. Have similar phone "i B Good afternoon. The Edinburgh English School. M Hello. The director, Annie Benton, please B And your name is? M Mayumi Morioka BM-A... MM-A-Y-U-M-I M-O-R-I-O-K-A. B Thank you. ... I'm sorry. She isn’t in her office. What's your phone number? M It’s Japan 3 5414 6443. B Thank you for telephoning. Goodbye M Goodbye. tohoku. 2-B110 #204 Akasaka Building Sendagays.Shibuy-ku Tokyo 1510051 -TAPAN vphone/+81-3-541446443 fax/oB1-3-5814-6484 ematl/mmorloka@tohokudestgr.cop hepy/fwoetohokudesig cop [ Mayumi Morioka & It’s my life! el ae eee eoetelned Ti tennis Ci footbalt C1 swimming Cpinna D skiing hamburgers oranges ice-cream Listen and repeat. 2 Tick (7) the things you tke. @) Cross (x) the things you dont like. @) 32. Unit S + It's my life! THINGS | LIKE Present Simple - /’you Questions 1 Listen and repeat 4 PCEICLSSM GRAMMAR SPOT a tennis Positive ike k Question Doyoulike...? Do you like Footbal? Short answers Yes,'do. No, don't No, I don't. >> Grammar Reference 51 p123 5. Ask your teacher about the sports, food, and drinks. 6 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. Yo, Do you Tie emi?) uo Positive {like tennis, Negative | don like football don’t = do not 2 Listen to Bill. Complete the sentences, like swimming, _.and sand 3. Talk to a partner about the sports, food, and drinks on p32. like tennis, but I don't like football PRACTICE Reading and listening 1 Read and listen to the text. Hello! My name's Gordon Wilson. | come from Aberdeen in Scotland, but now | live and work in London. | have a very small flat near the centre. Im a waiter and I'm also a drama student. | work in an Italian restaurant. | eat Italian food and | drink Italian and French wine. | don't drink beer. | don't like it. And | don't play sports. | speak three languages — English, French and a little Italian. | want to be an actor. Cull asmallflat —anactor a waiter an Italian restaurant D> Grammar Reference 5.2 and 53 pl23 2 GERD Listen and repeat the questions. Questions Answers 1 Doyoucome from Scottand? Yes, | do 2. Do you live in Aberdeen? No, | don't 3. Do you live ina fat? Yes, \ ina fat near the centre. 4 Doyou work ina No, ! inan Chinese restaurant? Italian restaurant. 5 Do you like italian food? Yes, \ ita lot 6 Do you like your job? No.1. want to be 7 Do you drink beer? No, \ ike it. 8 Do you speak French 1 French but | and Spanish? speak Spanish. ‘Complete the conversation. Listen and check 3 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. Give true answers. YM UnitS + tts my life! Talking about you 4 Listen and repeat the questions, Write about you. 1 Where do you live? (house or flat) Hive in a 2. What’ your job? maven 3. Where do you work? A work in 4. What sports do you lke? ike 5. What drinks do you like? ike {6 How many languages do you speak? speak _ languages ~ Ask and answer the questions with a partner. Roleplay 5. Work in pairs. Read the role card from your teacher. Ask and answer questions, ... about you What...? How do you spell Where lve? Do... live in What Where... work? Place of work How many... speak? J Languages What sports... like? Check it 6 Tick (¥) the correct sentence. 1 OO Live you in Berlin? Do you live in Berlin? 2 Ol Where do you come from’ Vhere you come from? Do you speak French? Are you speak French? 4 LI don't speak French, Ino speak French. “Do you like football?’ “Yes, I like’ ‘Do you like football?’ “Yes, 1 do: ‘No, I don't? ‘Are you married?" ‘No, I'm not.) 1006 10 1 ‘Are you married: He's a actor, C) He'’san actor Unit S + It’s my lifel 35 VOCABULARY AND PRONUNCIATION 3. Languages and nationalities 1 Match the countries and nationalities check, and repeat ° ° England Japanese : Rens wh - fay sph e : wbsico acbicn . wah chinie Japsn | 1Stian rugs 7 cna france , ° ° the Utted states \ | rortuguése Spain English 2 What nationality are the people in the pictures, do you think? I think they're ltalian, I think theyre Spanish, 3. Make true sentences. 1 InBrazit 2 In Canada 3 In France German. 4 In Germany Italian. 5 Inttaly Japanese. 6 tnjapan they speak — Portuguese 7 In Mexico Spanish 8 In Portugal English 9 InSpain French 10 In Switzerland 1 In the United States GERD Listen and check. 4 Practise the question. Ask and answer questions with a partner. in Brazil?) (Portuguese. —\ Unit § + It’s my life! 5 Write the nationality [camera ) oT Listen and check. D>P> Grammar Reference 5:3 p123 6 Write sentences about you. Use the verbs have, | drink French wine, but | don't drink German beer. eat,and drink, 7 Write questions. Ask and answer with a partner (Be you have an American car?) (Yes, Ido.) ( No, Ion. Thave a German car. ) 7 rr N (Bo you drink German beer?) { Ye Ido.) (No, Tons Ton’ drink beer. don’ ike «) YT Nt Unit 5 + Its my life! 37 LISTENING AND SPEAKING Ata party 1 GERD Alessandra and Woody are at a party in London, Listen to the conversation. Tick (7) what Woody says. @ I work in London. I don’t work in London. Hive in London. 1 live in Brighton. Tman actor, P'ma doctor. ‘You don’t speak English very well You speak English very well. I like Italy. love Italy, like the food and the wine very much, 1 don't like the food and the wine yery much, a 30 a ooo oda Qa 2 Practise the conversation. Look at the tapescript on p14. Roleplay 3. You are at a party in London. Think of a new identity “== = ee Work in ive in Speak tie: 4 Stand up. Talk to people at the party. er) 38° Unit 5 + It’s my life! EVERYDAY ENGLISH Numbers and prices 1 Count from 1-30 round the class. 2 GHB Listen and repeat 10 = 20 twenty 30 thity 40 tony 50 fifty 60 sixy 70 seventy 80 cen 90 ninety LOO ore nunces Count to 100 in tens round the class. Le Mah iF lelet | 3 Work with a partner. Student A Write some numbers Say them to your partner, Student B Write the numbers you hear. 32 45 ferereo Pus Read and listen to the prices. Practise them, 30p thirty p/p Sop fifty p Tp seventy-five p a ‘one pound £20 twenty pounds £75 seventy-five pounds £1.60 one pound sixty. 6345 three pounds forty-five £22.80 twenty-two pounds eighty 5. Say the prices ——________________7 sk and answer questions about the pictures with a partner. 0p 9p OT SCTOSCS 30 0680 4075 699 How much isthe cheese sandwich?) Listen and check Unit'S + Irs my lifel 39 3 Every day 1 It’s nine o'clock. 4 It’s ten o'clock. 7 Its 10 Its 2 It’s nine thirty. 5 Its ten fifteen. 8 Its 3 Itsnine forty-five. 6 Its 9 Its 2 Listen to the conversation. ‘A What time iit, please? B It’snine o'clock, ‘A. Thank you very much ‘Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about the clocks. 40 Unit 6 - Every day HAT TIME DO YOU Present Simple - //you 1 Listen to Lena talking about her schooldays. Circle the times. oy ft ee ews os a= 'thave lunch at 1215/1245 GHD Listen and check. Practise the sentences Tieave schol at 330/45. 2 Talk to a partner about your day T get up at seven thirty. T have breakfast at 3 Listen and repeat the questions. What time do you get up? What time do you have breakfast? 1 go to work at 8. —— Work with another partner, Ask and answer questions about your Unit 6 + Everyday 41 KARL'S DAY Present Simple ~ he/she/it, usually/ sometimes/ never 1 Karl Wilk is 22 and he is a computer millionaire. He's the director of, a 24-hour shopping site on the Internet Read about his day. Look at the pictures. Write the times. 1 He gets up at six o'clock and he has a shower 2. He has breakfast at 3. He leaves home at and he goes to work by taxi 4 He has lunch (a Coca-Cola and a sandwich) in his office at 5 He usually works late, He leaves work at in the evening 6 He sometimes buys a pizza and eats it at home, He gets home at THe never goes out in the evening, He works at his computer from to 8 He goes to bed at cos 1. Underline the verbs in 1-8 getsup has What isthe last letter? FEED Listen and repeat. P 2. Look at the adverbs of frequency. Cree ind usually, sometimes, never in 1-8 Listen and repeat DP Grammar Reference 6.1-6.3 pI24 42 Unit 6 + Every day Questions and negatives 2 Read the questions. Complete the answers. 1 What time does he get up? He ____upat6.00. 2 When does he go to bed? He ___ to bed at 145. 3. Does he go to work by taxi? she does. 4 Does he have lunch ina restaurant? she doesnt, 5. Does he go out in the evening? No, he Listen, check, and repeat. Practise the questions and answers. Geico 1 He getis up early What time does he get up? He doesn't get up late. doesn't = does not 2 Does he get up early? Yes, he does Does he have lunch at home? _—_—No, he doesn't. These are short answers. 3 Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about Karl’s day. What time does he have breakfast? Ask and answer about these things. reakfast at 6.45. 1 What time/have breakfast? 5 Does/usually work late? 2 When/leave home? © Does/eat in a restaurant? 3 Does/go to work by bus? 7 What/do in the evening? 4 Where/have lunch? Listen and check. EO 1. Complete the table for the Present Simple. Negative They_| 2 Complete the questions. 1 When ____youget up? 2 When _ he get up? D> Grammar Reference 6.4 p24 Unit 6 + Every day 43 PRACTICE Katya’s day 1 Karl has a sister, Katya. Her day is different, Complete the text with the verbs ‘gets getsupx2 has paints drinks | cooks listens to goesx2 plays tives Katya is 25. She’s an artist. She lives __ ina small house in the country. She usually at ten o'clock in the morning. She never early. She coffee and toast for breakfast and then she for a walk with her dog. She __ home at eleven o'clock and she _ in her studio until seven o'clock in the evening. Then she _ dinner and a glass of wine. After dinner, she sometimes music and she sometimes __ the piano. She usually —_ to bed very late, at ‘one or two o'clock in the morning, Listen and check, 2 Is the sentence about Karl or Katya? Write he or she. 1 He _’sa millionaire 2 She 'sanartist 3 lives in the country 4 doesn’t have a dog. 5 gets up very early 6 works at home in a studio. 7 doesn’t work in an office. 8 doesn’t cook. 9 likes wine, 10 loves computers. Practise the sentences. 44 Unit 6 ~ Every day Negatives and pronunciation 3. Correct the sentences about Katya and Karl. 1 She lives in the town, ° ° ‘She doesn't ve inthe town. She Ives in the country. 2 He gets up at ten o'clock. 3. She has a big breakfast. 4 He has a dog She works in an office. 6 He cooks dinner in the evening. She goes to bed early 8 They go out in the evening Listen, check, and repeat. Talking about you 4 Work with a partner. Write the names of two people in your family Ask and answer questions about them. + Whois...? + How oldis...? + What... job | + Where does... ive? Maria + Where does... work? ‘What time does she he...2 Qéforso + Does she/he have ...? ee ("He's my grandfather. 5 Complete the questions and answers with do, don’t, does, or doesn't Check it i you like ice-cream? “Yes. 1 2 she work in London?’ Yes, she : 3. “Where he work?” “In a bank? 46 you go to work by bus ‘No.1 4 5° she go to bed early? "No,she 6° they have a dog?” “Yes, they he speak German?” "No, he 8° they live in the United States?” ‘No, they Unit 6 + Every day 45 VOCABULARY AND SPEAKING Words that go together 1. Match a verb in A with a line in B. oO o get up dinner £0 SN early listen to wv watch inan office cook music work to bed late QO o go in restaurants have the piano eat beer drink shopping play at home stay a shower Listen and check. 2 Look at the questionnaire. Listen and practise the questions. 3 Aska partner the questions and complete the questionnaire. Tick (¥) the correct column, ———— : 4 Tell the class about you and your partner. Juan usually gets up early. Tnever get up early. 46 Unit 6 * Every day QUESTIONNAIRE Do you ... ? UM cet up early 2 have « big breakfast SH walk to school/work Oo oO Ly HM watch TV inthe evening = oO CE BI go shopping at the weekend [| oO O (Ml eat in restaurants O Oo EE drink wine Oo QD EIN go to bed late Oo OD EVERYDAY ENGLISH Days of the week 1 Listen and order the days. [ Wednesday Friday Tuesday Saturday Thursday Listen again and repeat, Practise the days. 2 Answer the questions. 1 What day is it today? 2 What day is it tomorrow? 3 What days do you go to school/ work? 4 What days are the weekend? 3 What days do you like? 6 What days don’t you like? 3 Write the correct preposition in the boxes. pion ot nine oclock Sunday ten thirty Monday twelve fifteen — Tuesday the weekend Saturday evening Thursday morning == > _the morning friday afternoon «the afternoon the evening [HRD Listen and check. 4 Write the correct preposition. Then answer the Do you have English lessons .. 1 nine o'clock? 3 ‘the evening? «sy ome 5 the weekend? ‘When do you have English lessons? 5 Complete the questions. Ask and answer them with a partner. Do you... ‘+ have a shower... the morning/evening? get up early... Sunday morning? {go to work/school .. Saturday? eat in restaurants... the weekend? watch TV... the afternoon? + stay at home... Friday evening? Unit 6 + Every day 47 RD] tite STARTER >» 1 Match the questions and answers. Ce ay Places I like eo ‘Who lives in Buckingham Palace? A 8 1 | What is the capital of Australia? 4500 years old 2 | How old are the Pyramids? 86. 3. | What time do Spanish people have dinner? $350. 4 | Where does the American President live? The Queen of England, 5 | How many floors does the Empire State Building have? \_| in the White House. 6 | How much isa hamburger in the US? Canberra i Late, At 10.00 in the evening, Listen and check. 2. What is your favourite town or city? Why do you like it? | LOVE IT HERE! it/them, this/that 1 Listen and complete the conversation on p49. Use these words. ‘why becoute me you hm ® then | 2 Practise the conversation with a partner. 3 Complete the questions and answers. Why does Céline live in London? Because she Does she like English people? Yes, she loves children does she have? Three. Where her sons go to school? In England does Lisa-Marie goto school in the US? “ee g eco 1 Underline the question words in the Starter. What How old 2 Complete the table. | Subject pronoun he we | they | itn England. | Object pronoun us 3 Find examples of this and that in the conversation with Celine. D>P> Grammar Reference 71-73 pl24 48° Unit7 + Places I like his is a very beautiful house, Céline: Thank you. I like it very much, too, Céline, you're American. Why Céline: Because I just love it here! The people are em! And of course, my husband, Charles, is fantastic! 1 love English, and I love him, too! Whe Céline: My sons. Thar's Matt, and that’s Jack. They go to school here. My daughters at school in the US. Her name’s Lisa-Marie Céline: she lives with her father. My first hushand, you Know, the actor Dan Brat. I hate and all his movies. Tnever watch, I sce, And does Lisa-Marie visit Céline: Oh, yes. She visits me every vacation, Shes here with And is this a photo of and Charles Céline: Oh yes. 1's us in Hawaii, 10s ‘our wedding, We'e so happy together! PRACTICE What's that? 1 Look at the picture. Ask and answer questions 2. Ask and answer questions about things in your classroom. =o. 50 Unit 7 + Places I like 1 like them! 3 Complete the sentences with an object pronoun. 1 Do you like ice-cream? Yes, Hove tt 2 Do you like dogs? No, I hate 3 Do you like me? Of course I like 4 Does your teacher teach you French? No, she teaches _ English. 5 Do you like your teacher? We like __very much. Listen and check. What do you like? 4 Ask and answer questions with a partner. Ask about ... football holidays your sister/brother television rock music cats chocolate mobile phones computers dogs Questions and answers 5. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions. 1 Why/Céline drink champagne? —_(... like ...) Why does Céline drink champagne? __Because she like 2. Why/you/eat oranges? 3. Why/Annie want to marry Peter? 4 Why/you eat Chinese food? 5 Why/not like your maths teacher? _(... give ... alot of homework.) 6 Why/ Miguel buy presents for Maria’ (... love ...) Listen and check. 6 Match the questions and answers. How do you come to school? They start at nine o'clock, ‘What do you have for breakfast? \\ In an office in the centre of town, Who is your favourite pop group? \ Three. Not a lot. About two pounds. I don't have a favourite. | like alot. 1 2 3 4. Where does your father work? 5. Why do you want to learn English? 6 How much money do you have in \ By bus your bag? 7 When do lessons start at your school? Because it's an international language. 8 How many languages does your Toast and coffee. teacher speak? Listen and check. Practise the questions. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions about you. Check it 7 Tick (7) the correct sentence. 1 J) What do you do at the weekend? Where do you do at the weekend? 2 C Whois your boyfriend? (When is your boyfriend? 3 Cy How many money do you have? How much money do you have? 4) Tdon’ beer. I don't like. 1) I don’t drink beer. I don’t like it 5 CJ Our teacher gives us a lot of homework. 1 Our teacher gives we a lot of homework. 6 CJ She loves me and I love her. Co She loves my and I love she. Unit 7 + Places Ilike 51 VOCABULARY Adjectives 1 Match the words and pictures. Write sentences. new expensive lovely small old horrible hot cold cheap -big IM ea Listen and check. Practise the sentences. 2 Write the opposite adjectives. | Adjective new expensive | lovely | small | cold Opposite 52 Unit7 - Places | like READING AND WRITIN: A postcard from Dublin 1 Look at the postcard. Read and listen. Check the meaning of new words. yin Dubin thS week. 2 y nice ~ ced and comfortaiie “The peopre are very trienly, Alan Bates Trish mersic and the beer my! engish Schock witin iS heautifia. It'S a big aty, with a let of cxd buitclings, and it isn't expense Viate carso 44-46 The weather is hommibe! Zt c019s “Rome 2 Dona ans Serpe ZTALY = f 2/GLAS (your Ttaian stu “ 2. Answer the questions. 1 Who is the postcard from? 2 Where are they? 3 Why are they in Dublin? 4 [Is their holiday good? 5 What isn’t good? 3 What adjectives do Dona and Sergio us Complete the chart. Adjectives their hotel 4 Write a postcard to a friend. Irish people [thefood fT Dear... We're on holiday in ... and it’s very .:. jwise Our hotel is... The people are Cheer 7 The food is ... and the wine is dublin | The weather... hot, and ... to the beach every day. the weather See you soon, Love... Unit 7 + Places |like 53 EVERYDAY ENGLISH Canl...? 1 Write a number 1-5 (place) and a letter a-¢ (activity for each picture, PLACES ACTIVITIES a ralway station 2 tryona jumper 2 acafe b change a traveller cheque 3 abank | ¢ havea ham sandwich 4 an internet cafe 4: buy a return ticket 5. aclothes shop send an email | | 54 Unit 7 + Places | like 2 Listen to Keiko. She is in different places in town. she in the conversations? What does she want? Choose from ‘What does she want? ‘To have a ham sandwich 3 Complete the conversations with a partner. 1 A Yes, please! K Can I have _ AOK. K How is that? A _ ninety, please. K There you are. A Thanks _ + please? 2 K Hello. Can 1 this jumper, please? B The changing rooms are just here, 3K —_ C OK. PC - K _ _isitt C Ipa minute. Pay at the end, please. email, plea 4. D Good morning. Can T help you? K Yes, please. - this traveller's cheque? D How much is it? re dollars. “& DOK. k sacle 5K a return ticket to, ei E Sure. e K How much 2 E Twenty-two please, K Thank you. E Twenty-five pounds. Here’s ____, and £2.50 chi Listen and check. Practise the conversations. 4 Work with a partner. Make more conversations with different information, Student A Student B + acoffee + an ice-cream + this jacket is Tshirt +a return ticket to Edinburgh + a single ticket to Manchester Unit 7 + Places like 55 kitchen Dacooker Clasofa Clatv = CJashower Clatable Clanarmchair Calamp (lapicture [lamagazine [a video recorder 56 Unit 8» Where I live NICOLE'S LIVING ROOM There is/are, any 1 Read and listen to Nicole descr ng her living room. Complete the sentences. My living room isnt very bg, but | love it. There's a sof@) and there are two] a armen, __'s a small table with a TV on it. and there a lot of books. CO player, and ______some CDs pictues on the wall. and ‘two lamps. It's a very comfortable room =. 2. Make senténces about Nicole’s livingroom. 4 Ask and answer questions about Nic®le’s + asofa + aCD player + two armchairs living room. + alot of books = + aTV + some CDs sat + atelephone + photographs a video recorder + aradio + lamps + aC player + pictures 3 GERD Look at the questions and answers. Listen and repeat. (GikeweT) whe st ve tee Is there a computer? No, there isn't ‘Are there any armchairs? Yes, there are Aetherearyshorogaphe? Na here arent Practise the questions and answers with a partner. eco 5 Work with a partner. Describe your living Complete the sentences. room. . peat a ees In my living room there's a ee rarest Negative There isn't a computer any photographs i aa D> Grammar Referee Band 8290 Unit 8 + Where Ilive 57 NICOLE'S BEDROOM Prepositions 1 Look at the prepositions. 3 Ask and answer questions about Nicole's things under next to. They're in the drawer. } 2 Look at Nicole’s bedroom. Write a preposition from exercise 1 Ask about her I Nicole's mobile phone is on the bed. aieppigg: aries, compote 2 ‘The magazine is the phone. + Os + pens + clothes 3 Her CD player is the floor + Lamp + shoes + credit cards the bed 4 Close your eyes! Ask and answer questions about things Her car keys are the drawer. in your classroom, : 5 Her bag is the floor the chair. Listen and check. Practise the sentences. 58 Unit 8 » Where I live PRACTICE Questions and answers 1 Put the words in the correct order to make a question. 1 house or you 3 live Do flat. @ Doyou live ina house or aflat * bedrooms .,., many there are 3 telephone the s there kitchen # 7 © gs living room in 2 the there is" television 5 the ay video recorder ioe television under 6 Are books bedroom '"_ your alotof there pictures there “"® in wall on any Listen and check, 2 Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions about where you live. Different rooms 3 Work with a partner. Student A Look at the picture below. Student B_— Look at the picture on p139. Your pictures are different. Talk about your pictures to find six differences. oe In my picture, there’s a .. 4 Listen to a description of one of the rooms. Which room is it? Check it 5 Tick (7) the correct sentence. 1 © Isa sofa in the living room? C1 Isthere a sofa in the living room? 2 DD There's a CD player. CO There are a CD player. 3 ( Are there a lamps? Ore there any lamps? 4 C1 Your keys are in the drawer. O Your keys are on the drawer. 5 C) The lamp is next to the bed. © The lamp is next the bed. Unit 8 + Where live 59 READING AND SPEAKING Sydney 1 Look at the pictures of Sydney, Australia, Find these things in the pictures. + the Opera House + windsurfing + abeach + ailing + aharbour + abridge + afery + apark 2 Read the text about Sydney on p61. Here are the five paragraph headings. Write them in the correct place. What to do What to eat Where to stay When to go How to travel Listen and che Complete the chart with an adjective or a noun from the text. [Noun ] [nave [anew bales | “beaches ~ | hotels in King’s Crass hotels in the centre shops resh fast buses Answer the questions. Vhen are the best times to go? 2 Are all the hotels expensive? 3 What do people do ... 2 + in Pitt Street + atthe beach + in Oxford Street 4 What restaurants are there in Sydney? 5 What is the best way to see Sydney? 60 Unit 8 - Where live Sydney has everything you want in a city. It's beautiful, it has old and new buildings, there are fantastic beaches, and the food is delicious. The best times to visit are spring and autumn. In summer it is very hot There are cheap hotels in King’ Cross. A room is about $50 a night. There are international hotels in the centre. Here a room is about $150 a night. Sydney has theatres and cinemas, and of course, the Opera House. The best shops are in Pitt Street. Go to the harbour. There are beaches, walks, parks, and cafés and, of course, the wonderful bridge. Sydney has the famous Bondi Beach. People go swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and sailing For night-life, there are clubs and bars in Oxford Street. There are restaurants from every country — Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese Australians eat a lot of seafood — it’s very fresh! There are fast trains and slow buses. The best way to see Sydney is by ferry. Unit 8 - Where Ilive 61 Gy LISTENING AND WRITING My home town 1 Listen to Darren. He lives in Sydney. Tick (/) the things he talks about. Listen again. What does he say about them? sailing o his brother 67]. He Ives in house with his brother. surfing train cinema the Harbour the Opera House seafood his girtfriend Oxford Street Japanese food Pooooooooo0 Veen en 2 In groups, talk about your town or a town you like. + Where do you tive? + Where do you work/go to school? + What do you do with your friends? + Where do you go shopping? + What do you do when you go out? e about a town you know. Use these paragraph headings and ideas. What to do Thete is @ cinema... The best shops What to eat Thete are good restaurants in Where to stay is an expensive hotel. ... is a cheap hotel. When to visit ‘The best time to visit is... Goto EVERYDAY ENGLISH Directions 1 Find the places on the map. i ie ade ee ee en De | YOU ARE * HERE 2 What do the signs mean? turn right go straight on turn left - Excuse me! Is there + ane a... near here? + a supermarket + atheatre ib (el an Italian restaurant Baie 3 Listen to the directions. Start from YOU ARE HERE on the map. Follow the directions. Where are you? § Ask for and give directions in your town. Go down King’s Road. Turn right at the Grand Hotel into Charles Street. It’s next to the cinema. How do | get to the bus station? 1 Atthe chemist. 2 Go out of the school. Turn right... (Hisar) cook at the tapescript on p116. Practise the conversations. Unit 8 + Where I live 63 STARTER > 1 un 1 142671526 3 1818/1880, 5 1951/1961 2 1699/1799 4 1939/1949 6 2007/2010 2. What year is it now? What year was it last year? WHEN WERE THEY BORN? was/were born 1 Do you know the people? When were they born? Listen and write the years. | bo Sisters Why _) 64 Unit 9 + Happy birthday! Listen and underline the years you hear. Say them. eighteen forty-one nineteen sixteen ‘two thousand ‘wo thousand and eight ‘two thousand and fifteen ERB Listen and repeat Marie Curie scientist born Warsaw, Poland. 2 Listen and repeat. 5 This is Calico Jones. Listen to her talking about her family. He was a painter. Write when they were born. He was born in 1682. She was a scientist. She was born in 1867. | was born in 1978. 3. Ask and answer questions with other students 4 GHB Listen to the questions and answers. Practise them. When were you born? I was born in 1986. When was he born? He was born in 1975 When was she born? She was born in 1991. When were they born? ‘They were born in 2001, enue coLl Complete the table of the verb tobe, Present | Past x Ask and answer questions about the people. [r ‘You are (Cake) ‘She's Calico’ sister. [Hershesit is jp When was she born? We are They wre Who are Linda and Alan?) (‘They're her .. Linda was born... Alan 6 Write the names of some people in your family. Ask and answer questions about them. He's my grandfather. T think he was born in 7 Tell the class about your partner's family. f D> Grammar Reference 91 p25 | t ‘Anna’s grandfather was born in 1936. Her mother was born in 1959. Unit 9 + Happy birthday! 65 PRACTICE Who were they? 1 Do you know the people in Match the people 1-8 and jobs. (5) singer ‘musician CD actor Clwriter © painter] princess politician racing diver Shakespeare born 1564 England. Prand’write the Yeat a born. 3 GHBD Listen to the questions and answers. Practise them. Who was Shakespeare? He was a writer Where was he born? In England. When washe born? In 1564 Ask and answer the questions about the other people with a pariner 66 Unit 9 + Happy birthday! Van Gagh| born Halland. Beethoven born Germany, Marilyn Monroe born the US. + Elvis Presley born the US. Diana Spencer born England. ‘Ayrton Senna | born y Bre 1 Indira Gandhi born India. Negatives and pronunciation 4 Listen and repeat. re) He was a painter. Shakespeare was a painter No, he wasn't. He was a writer. ae . wasn't = was not Shakespeare and Diana were French wa . . were American No, they weren't. They were English, on faa No, they werent. weren't =were not 5 Write the correct information. 1 Ayrton Senna was an actor No, he - 2 Marie Curie was a princess No, she 3 Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were Italian. No, they 4 Beethoven was a scientist. No, he 5 Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh were musicians. No, they 6 Indira Gandhi was a singer. No, she Listen, check, and repeat. Practise the sentences. Today and yesterday 6 What is true for you? Tell a partner. Today is Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday Yesterday was Today I'm... at school /at home at work Yesterday | was, Today the weather is hot /cold/ wet /lovely /horrible Yesterday the weather was Today my parents are at work/at home Yesterday my parents were Check it 7 Complete the sentences with was, wasn’, were, or weren't 1 Where your mother born? 2 When your parents born? 3 No, my parents both born in 1951. My father born in 1951, and my mother in 1953. 4 Yes,1 in New York in 1999, he at home yesterday? No, he 6 you at work yesterday? Yes, we they at school yesterday morning? No, they Unit 9 » Happy birthday! 67 1. Match the present and the past forms. Look at the irregular verb list on p142. Present Past are wa is ~~ were buy wen Listen, check, and repeat. D> Grammar Reference 9.2 p25 Look at the pictures. They tell a story. Match the sentences and pictures. a They bought the painting for 1,400 fran b The man in as d e The ex painting f The old g jor sal 68 Unit 9 + Happy birthday! 3 Read the story. Complete it with an irregular verb from exercise 1. I lana nROREERERREEEAE ‘We're millionaires!’ Flor jayes in Paris In August 1999 three friends, Jacques Proust, Guy Fadat, and Frangois Leclere, __ on holiday in the town of Laraque in France. On Sunday they ____ shopping in the market and they a dirty, old painting of the Virgin Mary They it for 1,400 francs and. they it to Paris. In Paris, an expert said that the painting was by Leonardo da Vinci and it worth 500,000,000 franes. The man in Laraque market ____: ‘1 was happy to sell the painting but now I'm very upset | I don't want to think about it!” Listen and check. Read the story to a partner. 4 Look at the pictures only and tell the story toa partner, Unit 9» Happy birthday! 0 1 These are the months of the year. What is the correct order? Write them in the calendar. MARCH JUNE OCTOBER APRIL FEBRUARY May NOVEMBER JULY sepremBer AUGUST JANUARY Listen and check. Say the months round the class. 70 Unit 9 + Happy birthday! 2 Which month is your birthday? Tell the class. My birthdays in September) ("So is my birthday! ) How many birthdays are in each month? Which month has the most? 3 GERD Listen and repeat the numbers. first sy S@CONd (and) third ra) fourth at) fifth Gen) sixth em Seventh cn eighth ee ninth tm tenth wom — eleventh cathy twelfth a2th) thirteenth (13th) fourteenth aah) gitteenth aseh) 4 Say these numbers. 6 When is your birthday? Do you know the time you were 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 2ist 22nd 23rd born? Ask and answer in groups. 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st "your bithday? isten and check. 5 GERD Listen and write the numbers. Practise them. Ttson the third of March. the first of January the of Mach the __of April the —_of ay the of June the __ of August. Tall the class. the of November Twas born on the twentieth of July 1978 at two o'clock in the morning. the __ of December 1 We say: The third of January. The tenth of March. 2 We write: 3 January 3rd January January 3rd savor Unit 9 + Happy birthday! 71 ‘by iQ We had a good time! STARTER ed 1 What day is it today? What day was it yesterday? ‘What's the date today? What date was it yesterday? 2 Match a line in A with a time expression in B. 1 Were at school 2 Youwereat home —~\_| Listen, check, and repeat. 3. Iwent to Australia row. 4 Shelves in London yeni in 5. They bought their house 6 It was cold and wet YESTERDAY Past Simple regular and irregular 1 Read the sentences and listen to Yesterday she... Betsy. Tick (/) the things she did yesterday. [7 got up late : 2 Tell the class what she dic Chad a big breakfast C playea tennis Yesterday she got up late and went to work/ schoo! she had a big... . Then she went shopping stayed at home 1 bought a newspaper iistened to music Ci eurcous El see tends watched 1V 11 Write the Past Simple of these regular verbs Dl wonerata couple Vy work watch cook El thet airnsal —_ went ed eany ‘dl play stay listen Played i What are the last two letters? Listen and repeat. 2. Write the Past Simple of these regular verbs. id! visit hate want Listen and repeat. 3 The Past Simple isthe same in all persons. W/You/He/She/It/We/They worked. D> Grammar Reference 10.1 p125 3 Underline the things in the list that you did yesterday. Talk to a partner. Yesterday I got up late and went 72 Unit 10 + We had a good time!