These are the 10th course in the French classical menu followed by roti Vegetables are served with there accompanying sauces At this stage the balance of meals once again starts from heavy to light

Cover for all legumes
• The Basic cover for this course is: All vegetables are served on hot or cold Dessert Plate along with a Joint Knife and fork

Choufleur polonaise

It is cauliflower with fried bread crumbs and sieved egg yolks and parsley

Cold asparagus
Accompaniments :- If Asparagus is served cold then it is served with Mayonnaise sauce and if served hot it is accompanied by Hollandaise sauce or melted butter(Burre Fondue). Cover: B & B plate and dessert fork.

Braised celery

Champignon Grille
(Grilled mushroom)

Pomme Anna
In this potatoes are sliced, pressed and baked in a mould.

Pommes au four
Potatoes are baked in a jacket. Accompaniments: Cayenne pepper,pepper mill and butter. Cover: hot B & B plate and a dessert fork.

Pommes chateau
Barrel shaped potatoes

Pommes duchese Potato purred with egg yolk
and piped into shapes

Pommes lyonnaise
Potatoes baked with onions

Pommes stick


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