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Jill Paige Friedman

(979) 239-7228

Extensive and varied experience as a merchant mariner and the follow through to earn a mathematics degree have
sharpened my ability to offer you the analytical skills, focus and leadership to help you with successful operations as a
valuable member of your team.
Master Unlimited/ Master 3000/ DPO Unlimited (Nautical Institute)/Master 100 GT aux sail
ICEP TEFL Training - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 140 Hour TEFL Certificate
University Of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas - BA - Mathematics, Honors Graduate
Brazosport College, Lake Jackson, Texas - AAS - Ocean & Marine Technology
Oceanics, NY, NY- Sailtraining aboard brigantine Phoenix and schooner Ariadne for world cruise.
Delivery of new 7th generation drillship 'Ocean Rig Apollo' to Congo, completion of sea trials, CATs, start 1 st well
Aboard rigid pipelay/derrick ship G1200 for successful completion of first job in Gulf of Mexico
BPs Deepwater Horizon spill/relief well operations aboard the FPU Helix Producer 1
Discovery Channel/BBC Tsunami filming aboard MV The Performer.
Deepest to date recovery of Lynx helicopter offshore Norfolk, VA for the British Ministry of Defense.
Rescue/firefighting operations at Cerveza platform aboard OSV K-Marine 1.
Owned & operated 72' schooner, Island Girl, built in 1910. Aux Sail Master 100 GT.
Work History
(S)DPO- OceanRig Inc, ..........................................................................................................May 2014-Sep 2015
Second mate/(S)DPO in resource pool, filling in as needed on their fleet of 6 th/7th generation drillships
'OR Apollo', 'OR Poseidon', 'OR Skyros', 'OR Olympia'
Master- C-Mar Inc, Oceanwide Inc, (temp agencies)Dec 2011-May 2014
SDPO on ROV support vessel Ocean Alliance, pipeline work on Jack/St Malo project
DPO on drillship Ensco DS-3 in Gulf of Mexico
DPO on drillship Ensco DS-5, ABS, UWILD, DP trials, CAT, completion of one well, transit, spud in another
SDPO on construction barge Crossmar 21
Master on DP semisubmersibe Ensco 8501 in Gulf of Mexico, moved to new location
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8506 in Gulf of Mexico
SDPO on construction barge Crossmar 21
2nd Mate/DPO on DP drillship Pacific Santa Ana in Gulf of Mexico
2nd Mate/DPO on DP semisubmersible Development Driller ll in Gulf of Mexico
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8506 shipyard Ingleside to worksite in Gulf of Mexico
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8503 in Gulf of Mexico, move rig for hurricane
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8501 in Gulf of Mexico
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8500 in Gulf of Mexico
2nd Mate/SDPO on heavy lift vessel DB-50 for DP trials, CAT, FMEA, etc in Singapore
Mate/DPO on Ocean Intervention ll for Matterhorn umbilical installation
2nd Mate/SDPO on DP drillship Deep Ocean Mendocino for DP audit, transit and latch-up
Master on DP semisubmersible Ensco 8503 for rig move in Gulf of Mexico
2nd Mate/Sr. DPO- Alliance
Second mate/SDPO on rigid pipelay/derrick ship G1200 in Gulf of Mexico

Oct 2011-Dec 2011

Chief Mate/Sr. DPO- CaldiveJul 2011-Oct 2011

Chief/Second mate/SDPO on DSV Kestrel working wreck remediation in the Gulf of Mexico
Chief Mate/Sr. DPO - Helix Energy Solutions Group ..May 2010-Jul 2011
Floating Production Unit Helix Producer-1 (2M) and pipelay barge Intrepid (CM) working in Gulf of Mexico

Master - Pacific Breeze Inc.Dec 2008-May 2010

Purse seiner working the Western Pacific. Supervised crew of 25 Koreans, Indonesians and Phillipinos while
fishing for tuna. Planned and coordinated voyage to shipyard in Yeosu, Korea.
Master/Mate/Sr. DPO - C-Mar Inc, Oceanwide Inc.. Jun 2007- May 2010
Dive support, ROV support, intervention, pipelay/cablelay, offshore construction, drillship.
2nd Mate /Sr. DPO Oceaneering Inc. Jun 2002-May 2007
DSV The Performer sailing worldwide. Supervisor of the ships bridge. Trained bridge watch in use of bridge
equipment including DP system.
3rd Mate - Coastal Tankships Aug 2000- Dec 2001
Tankers sailing the US East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, also voyage Japan to China. Responsible for all
shipboard safety equipment including its maintenance and training the crew in its use, leading drills, etc.
Managed the ships store, to supply items for sale to crewmembers.
Able Seaman - SeaRiver Maritime Inc ..1990 1998
Sailing the US West Coast to Alaska, also the Mediterranean, Netherlands and UK on tankships. Conducted
daily JSAs, occasionally led weekly fire and boat drills. Helped train and mentor Ordinary Seamen
Various Positions while attending college
1998 - 2000
Maersk Line, Norfolk, VA - Third Mate, TAGOS "Invincible", Persian Gulf (1999-2000)
Ocean Peace, Seattle, WA - Mate on 1600 ton factory trawler in Alaska (1999)
Coastal Tankships, Houston, TX - AB on crude tanker in Gulf of Mexico (1999)
Ocean Runner, Galveston, TX - Mate on 170 foot OSV in Gulf of Mexico (1999)
Offshore Oil Services, Freeport, TX - Captain on 110 foot crew boat (1998)
Master/Mate- Kilgore Marine Inc......1981-1990
Licensed mate on various offshore supply vessels, captain on crewboat Gulf Sol in Gulf of Mexico. In charge of the
safe operation of the vessel. Inspected and maintained all safety equipment onboard. Trained crew in the
use of shipboard equipment. Conducted weekly fire and boat drills.

Training (Industry)
LORAN, RADAR, ARPA, Fire Fighting - Basic and Advanced, Standard First Aid Media, CPR, CPR for Professional
Responders, Open Water SCUBA, STCW 95, GMDSS, Tankerman PIC, Basic Safety Training (2x), Bridge Team
Management, Medical PIC, Advanced Shiphandling, Dynamic Positioning- Basic and Advanced, SafeGulf, Sea Survival,
Helicopter Safety and Egress Course (3x), Certificate Crane Operator and Rigging Course, Basic Rigging Concepts,
Shipboard Management, Advanced Stability, Advanced Meteorology, Celestial Navigation, Marine Propulsion Plants,
Randy Smith Leadership Skills, Oceaneering HSE course, Oceaneering employee modules for marine department,
Exxons Deck Operations l, ll, lll, (many other employer based training including back safety, proper lifting techniques,
hazmat, hazwoper, lockout/tagout, fall prevention, pollution prevention, conducting JSAs and incident investigations, etc.),
Advanced Watchkeeping, Advanced Cargo Operations, Advanced Navigation, Electronic Navigation (ECDIS), SSO,
Rigpass, BPs License to Go Offshore, Freefall Lifeboat Coxswain, Freefall to Twinfall Conversion, Management Level
Leadership (STCW Manilla Amendments)

Creator/Founding member of Mariners Meetup
Member of Nautical Institute
Member of IDPOA
Member of WISTA
Member of USMMAAA (Houston Chapter)
Member of Womens Maritime Association
Member of National Mariners Association
Creator of blog Captain Jills Journeys
Member of ITWPA