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Sun City Festival Community Association
26501 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye, Arizona 85396

MARCH 2016

Register for the Spring
ASU Lifelong Learning Classes!
Spring Class registration is in full swing. Class schedules and
registration forms are available at the Member Services Desk
and on the community website at
Sign up for remaining March classes. Register for six or more
fee-paid sessions and receive a ten percent discount on the
course fee total.
Register at Member Services today!

FREE March Movie
March 15

6:00 PM Celebration Hall

Archy (Mark Lee) and Frank
(Mel Gibson) are two young
Australian sprinters who want
to join the army but are too young. They hop a
freight train to Perth and join up. After training they are sent to the front line where their
speed makes them candidates for messengers in one of the war’s bloodiest battles.



Register at
Member Services

All-you-can-eat Popcorn,
1 Soda, and 1 Candy Bar

1:00 PM Celebration Hall

April 17

The Martian

During a manned mission to Mars,
Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is
presumed dead after a fierce storm and
left behind by his crew.
But Watney survived and
is stranded and alone
on the hostile planet.
With only meager supplies, he draws upon his
ingenuity, wit and spirit
to subsist and find a way
to signal to Earth that he
is alive. Millions of miles
away, NASA and a team
work tirelessly to bring
“the Martian” home.

Visit Member Services for
Details and to Register

Wednesday, March 23

- Complimentary Bus Trip and $ Play
$2/person fee collected for driver
gratuity per casino trip

MARCH Activities & Seminars
March 1
Estate Planning Seminar
presented by Edward Jones
10 am ASU Classroom

March 10
Investment Seminar by
Dynamic Wealth Seminar
9 am Sable Room

March 17
9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

AARP Driver Safety Program
12 - 4 pm Celebration Hall West

Solar Topps Seminar
5:30 pm Celebration Hall West

Take Shape For Life Seminar
10 am Sable Room

March 3
9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

March 12
Big Backyard Barbecue
11:30 - 2:30 pm
Outdoor Amphitheatre

March 18
Sage Center Birthday Celebration
1 - 3 pm Celebration Hall

Sun Valley Solar Seminar
9:30 am Sable Room

March 13
Rootberry (NPA Sow)
2 pm Celebration Hall

March 5
Blood Drive
8 am - 12 pm
Celebration Hall
Community Yard Sale
8 am - 1 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

March 21
Vegas Country Show
7 pm Celebration Hall

March 14
Financial Workshop by
Bergen Financial Group
3:30 pm Celebration Hall West
March 15
FREE Movie, “Gallipoli”
6 pm Celebration Hall

March 24
Wellness Screenings
7:30 - 11 am Sable Room
Columbia ParCar Seminar
2 pm Celebration Hall West

Free Spirit offers many choices including cruises,
value tours and travel packages, adventure travel,
and international vacations throughout the world.

March 4: Florence Old West and Wine
March 9: Desert Belle & Fountain Hills
March 13: NASCAR
March 15: Kartchner Caverns

April 9: Southern Arizona Wine Tasting
April 12: Tombstone

May 9: Classic Homes Tour with Lunch

To Register for a Trip, Contact




Bob and Bunny Bone
Bob and Bunny Bone have lived and traveled most
of the country, and Mexico, before settling in Arizona. Bunny is from western New York State. She
received her BA in fashion design in New York City,
then moved west to Los Angeles where she met and
married Bob in 1960.
Bob, a native Californian, was born September of
1929, on the cusp of the Great Depression, but
denies any connection between the two events.
Bob and Bunny raised three children, have three
grandchildren and are excited to have a great grandchild on the way.
As a consequence of Bob’s vice-presidency of a
national company, they have lived in Florida and New
York. Tired of travelling and moving, they returned to
California where Bob left the corporate life to start his
own 14 office state-wide real estate company. Later
he became a personal and business coach.
Trying to “retire” and seeking some adventure, they

built a home in Mexico
and lived there for
three years. When
they returned to the
States, their search
for a retirement home
ended at Festival,
which they found has
“the best of everything.”
Bunny is an avid
bridge player and
active member of the
bridge club. Bob says,
“it’s funny, she had never played a card game – not
even Old Maid – before we married. So, I taught her
how to play bridge and now she is so advanced I feel
like the beginner.”
Bob was a founding member of the Festival Tennis
Club and says that he misses the game and the great
camaraderie enjoyed with fellow members.

Communications Corner
Cox Offers Fastest In-Home WiFi Service
Cox offers access to the fastest in-home WiFi service
with the latest in wireless Internet equipment. Outside
the home, access to CoxWiFi hot spots is free for Cox
customers who subscribe to Cox High Speed Internet
Preferred, Premiere and Ultimate packages.
“The benefits of an ultra-fast Cox High Speed Internet
connection extend far beyond the home. When our
customers are on the go, they can enjoy free access to
CoxWiFi hotspots, plus the nation’s largest WiFi network of over 400,000 CableWiFi hotspots across the
country,” said Wolfe. “These hotspots are located in
public areas across the valley and nationwide, such as
restaurants, malls, sports arenas, parks and beaches
including 1,200 CoxWiFi hotpots in the metro Phoenix
and Tucson area.”
Cox customers who are looking for WiFi access can go
to and enter their current
location to find nearby hotspots. Users can also click
on a WiFi icon on the map or download the Cox
Connect app for iPhone and Android devices
and immediately access directions to or from


the specific WiFi hotspot address. Once a user has
logged into a Cox WiFi or CableWiFi hotspot, his or
her wireless device will automatically recognize and
logon to other Cox WiFi and CableWiFi hotspots for up
to two years. For more information, visit the Cox WiFi
homepage at
In addition to increased mobility, Internet usage is
doubling every two years and consumers are adding
more and more devices to their home network. Today,
the average home has more than six devices connected to the Internet and that number is expected to leap
to 11 devices by 2017. Cox is committed to continually
evolving its service offerings to stay at the forefront
of these trends, has been the broadband leader in its
markets over the past two decades for speed, availability and customer choice.
To speak with your COX representative, contact David
Jaronik at 602-694-1813.
We appreciate and value the partnership with Sun City
Festival residents.

Ladies Doubles Tennis 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Knit One & Crochet Too 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Pickleball Women’s Rotational Play 12:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Scrabble 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Woodcrafters 5:30pm
Euchre 6:30pm
Social Dance - Ballroom Lessons 6:30pm
Desert Harmony Rehearsals 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Swimmers Club Practice 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-In Tennis 9:00am
Players Club -Play Anything 9:00am
Paper Crafts & More 9:00am
Contract Bridge 1:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Tx Hold Em Poker Trn (1st & 3rd Tue) 5:00pm
Omaha Poker (2nd,4th,5th Tue) 5:00am
Ponytail Canasta 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Swimmers Club Practice 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-in Tennis 9:00am
Fine Arts 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Line Dancers - Steps & Basics 10:00am
Line Dancers - Beginner Lessons 10:30am
Line Dancers - Intermediate Lessons 11:15am
Duplicate Bridge 12:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 5:00pm
Partners Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Contract Bridge 9:00am
Quilting Bees 9:00am
Woodshop Monthly Mtg (3rd Fri) 10:00am
FAB’s Luncheon 11:30am
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Bunco 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Wood Carving Class 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Men’s Doubles Tennis 9:00am
Crafty Scrappers 9:00am
Players Club -Open Play 9:00am
Beginner Bridge 9:00am
Mah Jongg Marathon (2nd) 9am-4:00pm
Texas Hold’em Limit Poker 12:30pm
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Ladies’ Doubles Drop-In Tennis 1:30pm
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 2:00pm
Single Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm

Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Tennis 8:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 12:00pm
Texas Hold’Em Limit Poker 12:30pm
Partners Pinochle 12:30pm
Couples Contract Bridge 6:00pm
Pickleball 6:30pm





Chartered Club Activities

Mah Jongg 1:00pm
Bocce Ball 2:00pm
Double Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Dominoes (Mexican Train) 6:30pm

Chartered Club News

Sun City Festival actively promotes over 30 Chartered Clubs managed by residents
who passionately share a variety of similar interests. A separate club listing with an
introduction of each club and their contacts is available at Member Services as well
as online at under the Clubs & Interest Groups section.
Below are a few upcoming club activities. All Sun City Festival residents are
encouraged to participate in any or all clubs. Learn more about club opportunities
by attending the upcoming events or by contacting club representatives.
Wood Shop & Craft Studios Facility Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 am - 9 pm; Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm

Desert Harmony • Spring Concert, “It’s Showtime”
Desert Harmony will be presenting an amazing spring
concert to Festival residents called, “It’s Showtime.”
Pre-purchase your tickets to attend either the March 19 or
March 20th show at 4:00 pm in Celebration Hall. Ticket
sales are $5.00 each and will still be sold on March 2 from
10 am to 12 pm pending availability.
Please feel free to contact Nancy Sanders at nwsanders68@ for any questions about the Desert Harmony Club.

Paper Crafts & More Club • Free Card Kit
Are you interested in learning more about the Paper
Crafts & More Club? April 26 and 27 is the time to
come check us out. We will be offering the opportunity to learn more about our club with the chance to
make a Free Card. More information will be sent out
by email blast as April gets closer.
For more information about the club, please contact
Leslee Kutylowski at



Sun City Festival Community Association


Will This Work For Me?
What’s The Best Thing For...?

by Chuck Eier, M.S. C.S.C.S.,
Fitness/Wellness Director

One of the most common questions about exercise is
whether or not a particular exercise will accomplish
something or if it’s the best exercise to do. Most often,
the answer is “that depends” and “the best one is the
one you will do.”

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and
articles for Turbo Jam, P90X, Insanity, the Ab Wheel, Ab
Rocket, etc. Yes, these work for some people in some
situations but not always. All of these things “work” by creating a stimulus to
which the body must respond. However, they may not work to help someone
reach their specific goals.

ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:30 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Axis 10:00 am
Fusion 10:40 am
Body Sculpting 11:30 am
Gentle Fitness 12:45 pm
Indoor Cycling 4:00 pm
S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Jazzercise 11:45 am
Yoga 5:30 pm

If a goal is as simple as “weight loss” then just about anything might work.
If a goal is to strengthen and stabilize back muscles, increase, upper body
strength, or something more specific, then particular exercises might not be
effective. Or an exercise might be downright dangerous if performed when
someone has certain limitations.

ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:20 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:30 am
Interval Blast 9:45 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
HIIT 10:45 am
Gentle Fitness 11:45 am
Indoor Cycling 4:00 pm

One of the best recommendations for exercise is for it to be something you will do easily and consistently. If someone is afraid of
water, swimming won’t work for them because they will never do
it. Likewise, if someone can’t walk on a treadmill because of a
back injury, a treadmill won’t be the right thing. And, the myth of
spot reduction must always be kept in mind. Exercising a
particular spot on the body won’t reduce fat at that spot.

S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Jazzercise 11:45 am
Equipment Orientation 3:00 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm

Just because a neighbor or relative saw great results from
something doesn’t make it perfect. It could be something you
hate to do or simply can’t do.

Flow Yoga 8:00 am
Pilates 8:00 am (ballroom)
ZUMBA 9:15 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Axis 10:30 am
Gentle Fitness 11:45 m

When considering an exercise program, or an exercise to
accomplish something very specific, many things must be taken into account. What are the goals? What are the limitations? Why is this being
done? Will this exercise be something that can be easily done and fit into a
schedule? Taking all of these things into account can help ensure the
success of any exercise program.
And remember, exercise is only part of the puzzle. Good health, fitness
and weight loss are also achieved through appropriate eating habits. Like
exercise, diet is something for which goals and limitations should be taken
into account. When the right questions are asked, and all things taken into
account, exercise can help accomplish great things.

Fitness/Wellness Services
Massage Therapy: 1-hr $60, 90-Minutes $90
Fitness Assessment: Complete Fitness Assessment with a personal exercise program
including one lesson = $40


Equipment Orientation: Free 60-minute group session on effective and safe
exercise with demonstrations.
Personal Training: One-on-one personal training session $35/hr

HIIT 8:15 am
Interval Blast 9:15am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
* $2 or $4 fee for most classes

Free Blood Pressure
March 5 at 2 pm
March 21 at 9 am
(located in Fitness Center)

Dining Hours:

Sat & Sun 8 am - 8 pm
Mon- Fri 11 am - 8 pm
Breakfast: Sat 8 am - 11 pm; Sun 8 am - 12 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 3 pm - 6 pm

Like Minds
March 4

4:00 - 6:30 pm
live entertainment
Outside Event
Bring your lawn chairs

White Tank Rock Band

March 16

March 19

3:00 - 6:00 pm

Bob Marotta
& Friends

March 25

4:00 - 6:00 pm

4:00 - 6:00 pm

live entertainment
Outside Event
Bring your lawn chairs

live entertainment
Outside Event
Bring your lawn chairs

Monday and Friday Golf Clinics
Golf Clinics are offered every Monday and Friday
at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. Space is limited so
please sign up early. For more information or to
sign up, please call or visit the Pro Shop.

Get Golf Ready Clinics

March 14 - 18 from 9 - 10:30 am
Cost: $99

These clinics are perfect for people who have
never played the game or have not played in
awhile. Register in the Golf Shop or online at

Easter Jelly Bean Jar Promotion
Promotion runs March 21 - 27
Guess how many jelly beans are in the
jar and win that amount collected in
Golf Shop credit. Guesses will cost
$1 and participants can guess as
many times as desired. Please come
into the Pro Shop to participate in this

Nine and Dine

Sunday, March 20
Tee Time is 3:30 pm

Nine holes of golf followed by a
wonderful dinner buffet. Dinner
will be at approximately 5/5:30 pm.
Make your own foursome. Register in the Pro Shop.


Marketplace Partners
Contact Lisa at or 928-252-2133 for more
information, or to advertise on our Business Listings
posted on the community website at

Contact Information
Brad Lundmark
Community Manager
Karey Belanger
Community Standards
Pat Cassidy
Facilities Director
Janet Turner
Lifestyle Director
Chuck Eier
Fitness & Wellness
Lisa Annett
George Jeffers, Ed. D.
Lifelong Learning Coord.
Caring Neighbors
Copper Canyon Golf Club/
Indigo Grille
Festival Sales Center
Del Webb Customer Service

Sage Recreation Center
Fax: 928-252-2102

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Wood Shop & Craft Studios

Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm