1. Hors d’ oeuvres. 1 2. Potages. 3. Oeufs. 4. Farineux 5. Poisson 6. Entrée 7. Sorbet (BREAK BETWEEN THE MEAL) 8. Relevé 9. Rôti 10.

Légumes 11. Entremets 12. Savoureux 13. Dessert

Sorbet is the seventh course of the french classical menu which acts as a break in the meal between Entrée & Relevé. It served as a              "palate cleanser".It cleans the pallet so  that one can enjoy all the meals.



• A frozen dessert similar to a frappé, usually made  from fruit juice and having a mushy consistency. The  term is derived from the Turkish word for Sorbet,  Sherbat. 



•It was Nero the Roman Emperor,  who, during the first century A.D. had  runners along the Appian way pass  buckets of snow hand over hand from  the mountains to his banquet hall  where it was then mixed with honey  and wine.


•The Asian culture also has a place in history for the  first frozen desserts. At the end of the thirteenth  century,Marco Polo returned from the Far East with  recipes of concoctions made from snow, juice and  fruit pulp. Frozen desserts are believed to have been  brought to France in 1533 by Catherine de Medici  when she left Italy to marry the Duke of Orleans, who  later became Henry 2nd. 


•By the end of the 17th century, sorbet hit the streets of Paris  and spread to England and the rest of Europe where they were  enjoyed by commoners and courtiers alike. The French are  responsible for the culinary tradition of using sorbet as palate  cleaners. Sorbet can mark the end of a meal as something  special with just the right hint of culinary glamour. Today  sorbet has graduated to a fat free treat that can be enjoyed  anytime, even right out of the container

Sorbets are usually served in sundae dishes or in tall glasses with a parfait spoon, kept on the sideplate.



SORBET AUX FRUITS- Crushed ice drink with different fruit syrups   SORBET AU CALVADOS- classic sorbet with calvados


• SORBET AUX FRAISES- strawberry syrup with a swirl of cream • GINGER SORBET- crushed ice drink

with ginger

Mango puree can be found frozen and canned in ethnic markets. It usually has some sugar added, so you may need to use less corn syrup and add some water. Frozen mango can be processed with a little water to get an acceptable puree, but it probably won't be as intense and sweet as very ripe fresh mangos or the puree

Hibiscus-Mint Sorbet
Hibiscus flowers -- sold either as whole flowers or cut -- make a beautiful deep magenta sorbet. It takes less time to steep                cut flowers. Sudanese hibiscus, which has a nice fruity flavor and bright deep rose color.



Watermelon, Cinnamon & Star Anise Sorbet
• This light pink sorbet has a mild watermelon flavor with definite •This light pink sorbet has a mild cinnamon notes. Decrease the watermelon flavor with definite cinnamon syrup by half for a nice granita. a nice notes. Decrease the syrup by half for


• • • • • • ROASTED RED PEPPER SORBET LEMON SORBET Blackberry Sorbet  Plum Cardamom Sorbet  Strawberry Balsamic Sorbet  Cantaloupe Anisette Sorbet 


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