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Eloisa Arroyo

Mrs. Mua
February 9, 2016
Pride Sample
We should all have things that make us proud of ourselves. weather you got a good grade
on a super hard math test or you passed all your classes. What I am most proud of is my CSF
accomplishment. I have been in CSF for all my four years of high school. Now, some of you
may be wondering what is CSF well I will tell you. CSF is the California Scholarship program.
So to be in CSF you have to meet certain requirements every semester. Some of the
requirements consist of having a 3.50 G.P.A., and not having any D or F.
I succeed into getting in CSF by having good grades. I always knew I wanted to go to a
four year university, and following the CSF requirements would help me get there. Since the
requirements of CSF align perfectly with the A-G requirements. A-G requirements are needed to
complete if you plan on going to a four university straight after high school. So every year I have
made sure all my classes are in the CSF list.
This considered an accomplishment to me because this helped me to get into four year
universities. Without being in this program I probably would not made it to a four year
university. Also I will be the first to go to a four year college straight from high school. So that
makes me proud, that the accomplishment I made helped me get there. With this accomplishment
I will be graduating with a white robe and gold stole for being in CSF all four years in high
school. That is eight semesters that I applied to.