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Harmonizing Living Space,

Growing Space and Community



Rangel Melendez
Melody Boates
Glen Roberts
Sara Hedgpeth-Harris
Danielle Mayer
Andrew Poland
Lee Mandell
David Ceaser
Steve Popenoe
Bryant Koger
Michelle Russ

Site View

Elevation and Plan View

Systems Diagram

Water System Detail

Business Model
KOMOTO Vertical Farm
Harvest per day 14,000
Wholesale price .7
Revenue per day 9,800
Revenue per year 3.6 million
Capital costs
$2.8 million
Annual costs
Labor 800,000
Electricity 400,000
Depreciation 400,000
Rent 400,000
Packaging & Delivery 200,000
Growing materials & misc 100,000
total $2.3 million

AVF Integration Coding

Business Income Streams

Annual Residential
3,650 sq ft x $1.20 = $484,560.00

Annual Commercial
13,200 sq ft x $1.75 = $277,200.00

Parking Income
174 spaces x $65/mo = $11,310.00

Capital Construction Costs

$3.8 million

$7 million

$11 million
With KVF $13.8 million


The farm is a hydroponic tiered NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique).
The system will have 7 tiers per floor yielding 3.8 acres of growing area on
a half acre footprint. The facility will begin with lettuce production and then
explore other crops. Projected daily production is 14,000 heads of lettuce,
which will be sold by partnering with local food distributors.
Each head of leaf lettuce will be produced using less than a quarter gallon
of water. This is comparable to field grown lettuce which consumes
anywhere between 10-15 gallons per head.
The farm will provide 20 living wage jobs. As opposed to outdoor lettuce
harvesting work, employment at Kimoto Gardens will be year round and will
not include working in the blazing sun or rain or back pain from constant
bending over to harvest lettuce on the ground.

Komoto Property Management Company

The Komoto Gardens will be the overall property management
company responsible to the Freund Family Land Trust and to
oversee the implementation of integrated sustainable solutions,
management of Earthly resources and making sure that
harmony prevails between Komoto Gardens living space,
growing space and community health.