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You are an administrator in need of new kinesiology equipment.

Based on your selected Kinesiology

career (i.e. exercise science, physical educator, athletic director, physical therapist, athletic trainer, etc.)
create a zero-based budget and a purchase order for five (5) different items of equipment commonly
required to perform your specific career. Quantities can vary for the 5 items of equipment. For example,
one item is a Gulick tape measure yet you order 10 (quantity). Your budget should include expense
categories and line items (refer to this weeks readings). Include a typed narrative responding to








SciFit IF7000R

Stationary Bi- Directional Bike

used for rehabilitation of injuries
and to get clients stronger



Hausmann Model
5566 Econo
Weight Rack

Comes with rack, hugger

weights, dumbbells, REP bands,
weight bar used for different
rehabilitation exercises for both
upper and lower body



BOSU Balance

Used for different rehabilitation

exercises to help increase the
clients balance



Mattler Sonicator
740x Therapeutic

A ultrasound is a modality used

to help a client regulate pain by
the use of sound waves producing
heat at the injured site



Heavy Duty Gait/

Transfer Belt

Heavy duty gait belts are placed

around patients waists so the
physical therapist can assist them
when doing weight bearing
activity for someone who has a
lower body injury, back injury, or
is not stable walking alone.




Subtotal: $9,732.15
Balance Due:

1) Rationale for Equipment Need & Budget: Include a 1-2 paragraph narrative that justifies the
new equipment and your budget needs for your career. Remember to be good financial stewards.
The new equipment my physical therapist clinic needs for the new financial period is a new bidirectional recruitment bike for patients rehabilitation program plans. A new bike is a need because the
physical therapy clinic is growing in size and population of the clients where the bike we have now is not
meeting everyone needs. In addition, a new bike is necessary because one of the bikes is old and outdated
but still works, so that bike will now be the backup bike in case one breaks or needs a repair. In addition,
the physical therapy clinic is in need of some new weight racks that come with a variety of different
exercise weights used for numerous different exercises for rehabilitation of upper and lower body injuries.
The clinic is in need of new weight racks because the ones we have now are old and have weights missing
from over the years. Also, some of the weight equipment is not good quality due to the wear and tear of
daily activities. In addition, the physical therapist clinic is in need of new BOSU balance trainers because
they are used on a daily basis and some are broken from last year and some are in bad condition from the
daily use. The clinic is in need of two new ultrasound machines because one broke at the end of last year
and never was replaced. The clinic needs another machine because the clinic is growing and the
ultrasound machines are being used more and requested more for therapy on both the clients and physical
therapist end. Also, the physical therapy clinic needs new heavy-duty gait or transfer belts to assist in
walking or other exercise where patients might need to be assisted. Some of the belts from prior years are
broken, lost, or not in good condition. Also, the clinic wants a few extra belts to keep in storage just in
case something happens to the belts and the company is need of extras. The other care or need for the
physical therapists clinic budget could be categories and money saved for an emergency need, like if a big
equipment breaks and need repairs or replaced. Finally, the budget needs to take into consideration daily
office needs and also daily sanitary needs of the company like gloves, sanitation wipes and other needs.
2) You received your budget for the year and it covers only 85% of your request. According to your
purchase order, how much was funded and how much is still needed? Describe 1 possible means of
revenue since you did not receive the full amount.
According to my purchase order $8,272.33 was funded for and the physical therapist company
still would need to come up with $1,459.82 to cover the purchase order. One possible means of revenue,
since our company did not receive the full amount, could be doing a fundraiser to get the local community
involved. For example the facility could hold a fitness and wellbeing event with a 5K run and different
sessions that can talk about how to take care of the body and how to prevent injuries when exercising and
being physically active. There could also be fun activities like face painting, different sports activities,
and different methods of teaching children how to be active and take care of their bodies. During this
event, the specific need of the physical therapy clinic and how we are going to use the money made from
this event to better the physical therapy clinic with new exercising and rehabilitation equipment and