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TJ Petric

POV: Farmer
There was once a time where most of these tools we have now were not invented yet.
That time was before the Agricultural and Industrial Revolution. The agricultural revolution was
a time of agricultural development, like farming tools such as plows, axes, and different types of
rakes, but it really started to take effect between the 1700s and 1800s. During this time period
there was an increase in agricultural productivity and improvements in farm technology, because
thats what agriculture is, farming.
Since I am a farmer I need to have good working tools like tractors, plows, and shovels.
Tractors were invented in the 1880s to pull plows through fields. By the 1920s the all-purpose,
modern tractor had been developed. With different attachments, tractors can be used for plowing,
planting, preparing the soil for plants, mowing, harvesting, and moving soil and heavy
equipment. Seeds had been scattered by hand until Jethro Tulls seed drill mad it possible to plant
seeds in rows.
The industrial revolution also had a lot to do with the agricultural revolution. The
agricultural revolution was all about farming and different farming tools. The industrial
revolution was the idea of better mechanics. So with both revolutions, the farming life was way
better than before. I was able to have the spinning jenny which helped with weaving. I could spin
cotton into thread much faster and efficient than before, to be used for cloth or clothing.
The Industrial revolution took place from the 18th to 19th centuries, and it was a time
period in which there was a big transition from old technology to new technology. Some of
the new inventions include the improved steam engine, created by James Watt, the flying shuttle,

created by John Kay, and finally the telegraph, created by Samuel Morse. The steam engine was
first thought about by Thomas Newcomen, then was upgraded by James Watt, worked by having
a movable piston connected by a chain to one end of a beam that moved a mechanical lift pump
from its opposite end. When it was down steam was allowed to enter into the cylinder below the
piston which would move it up, then when it was up the steam would be let out which would
then bring it down, and it would just repeat. The flying shuttle was another invention that was
created during the industrial revolution. This product was an addition to the shuttle which was a
loom that held thread do people could weave, but the flying shuttle was a shuttle with wheels,
and it made weaving a ton faster. Before this invention people had to manually pass the shuttle
through the shed then pass it back through the other side and repeat. With the flying shuttle all
you had to do was hit it with a paddle and it would go flying to the other side faster than any
human could pass it through. The ends of the shuttle are bullet shaped which makes it
aerodynamic so it will go faster. The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse and it worked by
transmitting electrical signals to and from different stations. This invention revolutionized long
distance communication, people would use morse code to communicate to each other. There was
a wire on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that was used to send electrical signals to the different
With all of these inventions being built then a lot of people moved to the city to get jobs
working in factories. They thought that if they left the farming life and went to work in factories,
the work would get easier. They were wrong. The working conditions were terrible, since there
were more factories being built that meant that the owners needed workers to operate the
machines. The workers didnt care what they did as long as they got paid, so most of them only
got payed $8-$10 a week because they were unskilled at the job they had. People worked

fourteen the sixteen hours a day for 6 days a week. The children that worked there were paid less
than 10 cents an hour for fourteen hour days of work. They were used for simpler, unskilled jobs.
Most of them had physical deformities because of lack of sunlight and exercise. There were labor
unions formed to protest the long hours and so little pay, they wanted better wages. The unions
were formed also to try to prevent the children from working in to factories. It was a lot worse
when children worked because they were younger, when adults worked it was better because
they were older than the children and they knew ow to handle injuries when they got them. But
when the children got injured they didnt know how to react when they got an injury. Finally
there were child labor laws passed in 1832 which made it to where anybody under 14 years of
age could not work in a factory.