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THS Counseling Office Bullying Prevention Survey

What is Bullying? A form of emotional or physical abuse that is deliberate, repeated, and
involves a vulnerable victim. Bullying may involve:
Physical Bullying-poking, pushing, hitting, kicking, or beating up
Verbal Bullying-yelling, teasing, name-calling, insulting, or threatening to harm
Indirect Bullying-ignoring, excluding, spreading rumors, telling lies, or getting others to
hurt someone
1. Based upon the definitions above, have you ever been bullied at Tucker High
Circle: Yes or No
2. Have you ever reported incidents of bullying involving you or someone else?
Circle: Yes or No
3. Was the bullying problem resolved?
Circle: Yes or No
4. Do you think Tucker High is a safe school?
Circle: Yes or No
5. Do you think Tucker High School has effective strategies to help prevent
Circle: Yes or No
6. What counseling services would you like to see us offer?
Circle One-Lessons On: A. Decision Making

B. Relationships

C. Texting

D. Testing Strategies

E. Coping Skills

F. Time Management

G. Other: ____________________________________________________________
(please explain)