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Purchases and PO procedure Chiswick

Requests to or
1. Recipient or Office Team - Raise a ticket through facilities help desk if applicable
for each purchase/transaction
2. No purchase order is communicated or issued until all relevant paperwork and
approvals are in place
3. Office team will enter the ticket number on all correspondence taken from the
facilities help desk to all parties and suppliers
4. Office team will enter the ticket number against a PO number, PO number is now
reserved against this purchase request
5. Office team will complete the PO listings line
6. Once costs are received, the order can be confirmed back with the ticket number
to the requester and authorised approver ( 3 x quotes) where possible
alternatively the preferred supplier listed at reception
7. Once approval is received the purchase can be made and the PO number
communicated to the relevant parties.
8. All Purchases should have full costs including delivery charges, the approval and
purchase details before any purchase is made
9. Rejected cost or Non approval will result in the PO being cancelled and the ticket
10.Delay in approval reflecting a price change will result in the PO being cancelled
the ticket closed and a new ticket raised should the request still be active
11.Amendments reflecting additional charges will result in an additional ticket
followed by the purchase order procedure as above
12.Any verbal purchase request should instantly trigger a ticket communication
followed by the purchase order procedure as above
Admin can request a ticket number so as to communicate any travel needs to the
Harridge Group. A PO number will be reserved but not communicated until the
purchase costs and the approval is submitted to reception A PO number will then be
released to The group for purchasing the travel requirements.
Office Use - Hard copy checks and paperwork:
All receipts approvals and Hard copy PO should be filed in PO folders
All relevant paperwork should be filed for invoicing
Warranties and delivery notes filed in Delivery note folders
A description of the goods needs to be entered fully on the hard copy PO with dates
if relevant
All purchases should be advised as chargeable or not rechargeable by the approver
CAPEX or OPEX noted and confirmed
All Department codes should be entered
Status on PO listings must be relevant at all times i.e. Purchased Pending approval
invoiced etc
reception should be used in communication on all related POs
No approval means no purchase can be made
Escalate to next approver if the recipients approver is not available.
All receipts should be printed and attached to the PO
Invoice numbers should be entered against the PO on the PO listings
PO listings should be checked at regular intervals during the day
Highlighted items communicated to the team for WIP purposes.
IT now has their own PO system but may occasionally come to reception
Invoices should be matched to the PO and all relevant paperwork attached, Submit
all Invoices to finance
Status on PO listings to be updated and correct at all times
All approvals should be saved to the PO approvals folder, Tickets updated and

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