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Renjie Zhuang

Professor Tingting Zhou

Business Research Methods
Homework 1
1. (a): We are 95% confident that between 44% and 50% of all adult women would say that
they do not get enough time for themselves.
(b): Because we just know about the sample instead of the whole population; and the sample
gives only an estimate and has errors.
(c): The method provides an estimate within the margin of error in 95% of all samples.

2. (a): over age 21: 3/30 = 10%; under age 21: 2/20 = 10%
(b): The sample is not an SRS because it divides the whole population into two groups by age
instead of picking random samples at the beginning. In addition, the set of 5 can be unequal
to be selected.

3. (a): High bias, high variability.

(b): Low bias, low variability.
(c): Low bias, high variability.
(d): High bias, low variability.