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I am Happy!

T. Fauzia - Feb

Welcome to An-Nur Qais. We are so pleased to have youat An-Nur child Education
and Care Center. Qais started at An-Nur only a few weeks ago, it is great to see that
you have started establishingvery good relationships with all the children and
trustingyour teachers in a very short time. He got familiar with An-Nur'slearning
environment and routines. Qais involves himself with all learning experiences
available to him and has settled in very quickly. In our classroom there are so many
opportunities for you to explore and teachers will assist you to further develop your
skills through support and encouragement in all areas of our program. Play-dough is
one of our most favorite activities in our classroom Qais loves playing with playdough, as other children. Qais enjoys outdoor activities as well, he loves running and
riding abike and hecan improve his gross motor skills by exploring more.