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Estefani Vargas

Midterm Project Part 1: Message & Media

Obama Campaign
Obama Ad # 1: Firms
1.) Description of images The video contains quotes from Articles from Los
Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and ABC news, all talking about how Mitt Romney
has shipped jobs to other places including Mexico, China, and India, it also includes
quotes claiming that Romney had millions in bank accounts in other countries like
Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands all during high unemployment rates
in the United States.
2.) Description of sounds- The sound included in this ad is of Mitt Romney singing a
very famous American patriotic song, America the Beautiful slightly out of tune
from one of his campaigns in The Villages, Florida.
3.) Analysis of producer intent- The commercial producers want the viewers to feel
upset and betrayed by Romney because while he is claiming to want the best for
the United States and its economy, during high unemployment rates his firms
shipped jobs to other countries and he has millions of dollars in other countries.
4.) Explanation of Effectiveness- I think the ad was effective in making people feel
betrayed by showing how Mitt Romney was sending jobs out of the country because
it gave viewers information about Mitt Romney that many people probably didnt
know. Given this information if an individual was supporting Romney they might
have changed their perspectives and done more research about Romney and what
else he was hiding. Although the ad was effective in confronting Romneys choices
and actions it doesnt show what Obama is doing to help bring jobs it is just being
negative towards Romney.
Obama Ad # 2: Challenges
1.) Description of images This video contains pictures of victories and challenges
that Obama has overcome and still faces. The victories shown are those that have
occurred during President Obamas first term such as the death of Osama Bin Laden,
heroes fighting in the military returning to the United States, and a running car
assembly line. When the ad changes to talk about challenges the pictures being
shown are of children being educated and people building homes specifically for the
middle class.
2.) Description of sounds This ad is being narrated by Morgan Freeman whose
voice is very well recognized and well known for sounding very deep, smooth, and
3.) Analysis of producer intent The commercials producers want viewers to build
faith that if Obama is elected that the United States will continue moving forward
and he will continue bringing more victories and overcoming more challenges.

4.) Explanation of Effectiveness- I believe that this ad was effective because it let
people know what Obama cares about and where his priorities would be as
President. It also gave viewers more reassurance that Obama really cares about
these topics and about the middle class more than the donor class.
Romney Campaign
Romney Ad # 1: Political Playoffs and Middle Class Layoffs
1.) Description of images - This ad starts by showing statistics stating that there are
23 million Americans struggling for work and unemployment is stuck as 8.2% the ad
then includes a text that says America needs help and responds to that statement
with quotes from several news sources like the National Public Radio, the
Washington Times, and The New York Times saying that Obama is only helping
money raisers, and the donor class instead of the middle class.
2.) Description of sounds President Obama is singing the lyrics Im so in love with
you from Al Greens Lets stay together in Mitt Romneys ad.
3.) Analysis of producer intent The producers of this ad intend to make Obama
look bad and like hes singing and reaching out to the big money raisers and the
donor class and not thinking about helping the middle class out of unemployment.
4.) Explanation of Effectiveness - I did not think this ad was very effective because
although the quotes inferred that Obama was accepting donations from democratic
donors and big money raisers this in no way means that Obama has zero intentions
of helping the Middle class in the United States out of unemployment.
Romney Ad # 2: Failing American Families
1.) Description of images This ad contains graphs showing that the national debt
has been gradually getting higher and the household income is has been getting
smaller since Obama took office, the Ad then includes a video of Mitt Romney giving
a strong speech about how we have a moral responsibility not to spend more than
what we take in and not keep passing our debt to our kids while including a picture
of a small child that looks sad and gloomy.
2.) Description of sounds The sounds included in this video are of Romney giving a
speech and background music that doesnt seem to be the main focus of the video
it is only there to supplement Romney speech which is meant to be focused on.
3.) Analysis of producer intent- The producer of this ad intends to make Obama look
like he is spending so much that hes leaving more debt to Americas future
generations and also leaving the household income smaller, it is making the viewers
scared that Obama doesnt care at all about children or future generation because
all of the debt that he is leaving.
4.) Explanation of Effectiveness - This ad was effective in making viewers think
about the future and how our kids and future generations are supposed to
overcome the debt with lower household income, but Romney did not explain how
he was planning on decreasing the national debt, it was just being negative toward

Obama and Romney was not announcing or proposing a plans on how he would
resolve these issues.