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To: Candidate Smith

From: Estefani Vargas, Campaign Consultant
Date: February 14, 2016
Re: Campaign Recommendations
Analyzing Campaigns
The 2016 presidential election is not something that can be clearly
predicted. By analyzing what makes a candidate succeed, one can draw out
valuable information like on what works and what does not. For instance,
comparing the 2012 presidential election campaigns of Obama and Romney
can be valuable in helping understand what makes a candidate such as
Obama so successful. More specifically, analyzing the media campaigns, and
the demographics/political structure of swing states can bring greater insight
as to what can be done to have a campaign with a great outcome.
Things you should know about media
Analyzing the entire 2012 presidential election, it is clear that it is
Obama and Romney who are the campaign main front runners. Candidly, the
tactics used in media campaigns of both candidates are what helped both
candidates radiate amongst voters. According to Greenberg, the U.S.
democracy depends on how good a job the news media are doing. The news
media, ideally, should fulfill several roles in this democracy. One role of the
news media in a democracy is that of a watchdog over government,
(Pg.166). Essentially, because the news media looks over everything having
to deal with politics, candidates have to be careful of what they post, what
they say, and careful of how they are portrayed in media campaigns. The
first amendment to the constitution helps ensure that the news media will be
able to expose officials behavior without fear of censorship or prosecution
and thats why you have to be very cautious about what you say in public.
What Obama did
One reason you have to be very cautious about what you say in public
space is because candidates opposing you could use that information against
you for example in President Obamas ad titled Firms, he uses a clip of Mitt
Romney. The sound included in this ad is of Mitt Romney singing a very
famous American patriotic song America the beautiful slightly out of tune
from one of his campaigns in The Villages, Florida. While Mitt Romney is
singing, the video contains quotes from articles from Los Angeles times, the
Boston Globe, and ABC news all talking about how Mitt Romney has shipped
jobs to other places including Mexico, China, and India also it also includes
quotes claiming that Mitt Romney had millions and bank accounts in other
countries like Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands all during high
unemployment rates in the United States.
While he is cleaning two want the best for the United States and its
economy during high unemployment rates his friendship jobs to other
countries he has millions of dollars in banks in other countries. Gave you his
information about live funny that many people probably didnt know. Given

this information is an individual who supporting Romney team I have

changed their perspectives on 10 more research about Romney and what
else he was hiding. This example goes to show that you have to be careful
about what you say or sing in public
What Romney did
Although what you say can hurt you it can also work in your favor. In
Mitt Romneys ad Failing American families the sounds included in this
video are of Romney giving a speech and background music that doesnt
seem to be the main focus of the video it is only there to supplement
Romneys speech which is meant to be focused on. This ad also contains
graphs showing that the national debt has been gradually getting higher and
that the household income has been getting smaller since Obama took
office. The ad also includes a video of Mitt Romney giving a strong speech
about how we have the moral responsibility not to spend more than what we
take in and not keep passing our debt to our kids while including a picture of
a small child that looks sad and gloomy.
The producer of this ad and intends to make Obama look like he is
spending so much that he is leaving more debt to Americas future
generations and also leaving the household income smaller. In essence, it is
making the viewers scared that Obama does not care at all about children or
future generations because of all of the debt that he is leaving. This ad was
effective in making viewers think about the future and how our kids and
future generations are supposed to overcome the duct with lower household
incomes. Although, what Romney said was used against him, it was also
used in his favor to help boost his campaign.
What you should know about swing states
The other factor which is one of the most important in determining the
success of a campaign is having knowledge about the people. This is
important to candidates especially in swing states. According to Greenberg,
swing states are important because, concentrating in swing states has been
an increased trend in America (Pg.296). Therefore, knowing who the people
that support you are can help determine where a candidate does not need to
spend so much resources in; and on the other hand, knowing who the people
that are not completely sure of who they support will give a candidate key
information on where to invest more resources in. Additionally, knowing the
demographics of the people can also help a candidate to recognize which are
the demographics supporting them to try to appeal to those same
demographics in other states as well.
The demographics in Colorado and Florida are very important being
that they are swing states. Candidates should focus on income, education,
and ethnicity, and, race, age, and gender. Being aware of Ethnicity in swing
states is very important because people want to be represented by
candidates who are most like them and can relate to them. For instance, in

Colorado, 4.5% of the population is black while in Florida, 13.8% of the

population is black.
2012 Media Campaigns
with time new ways of doing politics. And in the 2012 campaign media
played a role and had a big influence in the outcome. Although both
president Obama, and candidate Romney spent great deal of money on their
campaigns, Obamas campaign believed that the digital media was an
important new area and spent $47 million on digital campaigning which a
substantial increase from $16 million in his 2008 campaign while Mitt
Romney only spent 4.7 million on his digital campaign. Pres. Obamas
investment in the online world paid off because people became very
engaged in the electoral process online and he won the presidential election.
In Conclusion, you must be very cautious about what you say in public
and you must invest your time and effort into getting to the demographics in
every states especially the swings states such as Colorado and Florida, and
you must also invest your time into media because it will pay off.