FS 3

Technology in the
Learning Environment

Episode 3

SEE AND SAY (Utilization of Teaching Aids)
Name of FS Student: Beverly N. Abulac


Year & Section: Mathematics 3-1

Resource Teacher:

Mrs. Titchel A. Chua


Cooperating School: Malinta National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in determining the
appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks.

Your Map
To reach your target, follow the steps below:
Step 4: Reflect on your learnings.
Step 3: Comment on the appropriateness
of the teaching aids to learning tasks.
Step 2: Note down the various teaching aids that
were utilized in the teaching learning process.
Step 1: Observe a class on its regular schedule

Class Observation Guide
Read the following statements carefully before you observe.
1. What is the lesson about?
2. What visual aids/materials/learning resources is the teacher using?
3. Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/uses the learning
4. Closely observe the learner’s response to the teacher’s use of learning
resources. Listen to their verbal responses. What do their responses
indicate? Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and
5. Focus on their non-verbal responses. Are they learning forward showing
their interest on the lesson and the materials? Are they looking towards the
direction of the teacher and the materials? Do thei actions show
attentiveness, eagerness, and understanding?

Date of Observation: February 11, 2016
Name of the School Observed: Malinta National High School
School Address: A. Pablo St. Malinta, Valenzuela City
Subject: Mathematics

Topic: Ratio and Proportion

Grade/Year Level: Grade Nine
As I observed, the teacher used a printed materials that she used for her
motivation. I like her approach, she let the students to think about what is their topic
all about. She used an inductive approach of teaching.

Utilization of Teaching Aids Form

D a t e

o f

O b s e r v a t i o n :

F e b r u a r y

1 1 ,

2 0 1 6

Name of the School Observed: Malinta National High School
School Address: A. Pablo St. Malinta, Valenzuela City
S u b j e c t
M a t t e r :
M a t h e m a t i c s
B r i e f D e s c r i p t i o n o f Tea c h i n g Ap p r o a c h U s e d b y t h e Tea c h e r :
The teacher used the concept attainment approach by letting the
students guess the topic through an activity.
Teaching Aids Used
(enumerate in
 Printed
Written on it.

S t r e n g t h s
 The materials
used were done
 The idea of
using the materials
as a teaching aid
good and effective.

W e a k n e s s e s Comments on the Appropriateness
Of the teaching Aids used
 The
The teaching aid was appropriate to
Lesson. It caught the attention and
Papers are little
Participation of the students as
bit smaller.
Showed by the score of their written

Your Analysis
What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the
materials/learning resources that he/she used?
I think, the teacher wanted her students to participate the learning
process. In my own understanding. She wanted to let her students be attentive
and be participate in their lesson and let her students utilize their analytical skills.

What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can
this be managed?
There was no difficulty that the teacher experienced as I observed.
The class was well managed and the teacher did not find it hard to convince her
students to participate in the activity.

Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used
effectively? Why? Why not?
Yes it did. All the students are participated in the activity. And then
some of them were able to guess what was asked. And lastly, their scores on
their seatwork/exercises showed a positive result.

Your Reflections
1. Put yourself on the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly
and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to
the same group of students? Why?
If I will be a teacher, I used an Inductive approach. I will also do
some activities and not merely discussing. I will create a game through the
use of projector. If the resources are not available, I will use boards or
cardboards and utilize their physical activity by dividing them into groups to
be followed by a short discussion.