FS 3

Technology in the
Learning Environment

Episode 4

TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Teachers Aid Bank)
Name of FS Student: Beverly N. Abulac


Year & Section: Mathematics 3-1

Resource Teacher:

Mrs. Titchel A. Chua


Cooperating School: Malinta National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in preparing
instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content.

Your Map
To reach your target, follow the steps below:
Step 4: Organize them in a box.
Step 3: Develop a pile of teaching aids
(flash cards, pictures, cut-outs,
Step 2: Find out the learning resources
relevant to your topic that are available from
your school/university’s learning resource
Step 1: Decide on a specific content area.

Class Observation Guide/Survey Guide
Read the following statements carefully before you observe.
1. Are there learning resources useful for your topic in the resource
center you visited?
2. Are the available materials appropriate for your target grade/year
3. List down those that can be useful for your topic.
4. What other materials can you make? I(like flash cards, posters,
cut-outs, transparencies, etc. )
Date of Observation: February 12, 2016
Name of the School Observed Malinta National High School
School Address: A. Pablo St. Malinta National High School.
Subject: Mathematics

Topic: Ratio and Proportion

Grade/Year Level: Grade Nine
As I observed my school, I enter to the center and I found out, that
there are many useful materials, which I can get to reach my target topic. In
addition, these materials are books, module, magazine, mathematics dictionary
and Multimedia.
To add more learning resources. I can make PowerPoint presentations and
project it by the use of LCD, I can also make cut-outs and flash cards for
learning enhancement activities and evaluation purposes.

Learning Resources on a Specific Area Content

Use this graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to
the topic chosen. On the line inside the box, indicate if the resource is
of course)
TOPIC: Mean, Median and Mode (Ungrouped data)
Grade/Year Level: Grade Nine


Math Module



Mean, Median and Mode
(Ungrouped Data)
Specific Content Area

Math Dictionary

Flash Cards


Will be made

Cartolina, Colored Paper

LCD Projector

May be Purchased

Scissor, glue and Pen

Your Analysis
Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials
before making your own materials? Explain each.
1. Doing survey of available materials will give a new idea to the
teacher of what to make and how to make it. There may be
unique learning materials that could be beneficial to the
lessons that the teacher will be teaching, and by looking at
other materials he/she can have additional information on
what to do.
2. Doing surveys can help the teacher realize what other
learning materials that she/he need to make or avail in order
to enhance learning in his/her class.
3. Doing survey may also help the teacher evaluate if the material
he/she will be making is beneficial or relevant to his/her lesson.

Your Reflections
1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why?
Making power point presentations. Because in here I can put
different graphic designs, effects, transitions and animations. I can
also insert pictures, video clips and even sounds. Making power point
presentations aids to enhance creativity.
2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the
materials? How did you overcome them?
I have difficulties in researching a specific meaning of my
topic, in a way that the students can easily understand it, to put
it on my flash cards. However, I did not encounter problems in
making my presentation, because the power point program has a
guide on how to use it.
3. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching
The teacher must assess first what are the learning styles of

his/her students. She must see to it that his/her materials will fit

to the learning styles of the students for the learning to be
effective. The teacher must also identify what is the best material

that she should use to present her lessons. The teacher may do

surveys to the available materials or can search through the