MediSys Corp.

: The IntensCare Product
Development Team Case Analysis

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Senior Production Manager  Dipesh Mukherjee.Marketing Mnager  Jack Fogel.Software Design manager  Karen Baio. .Regulatory Affairs.MediSys Corp: The IntensCare Product Development Team  Art Beaumont – President  Peter fisher – VP. original concept team  Bret O’Brien – Senior Engineering Manager – Original Concept team  Valerie Merz. Sales & Marketing Core Team:  Aaron Gerson – Scientist/ R&D.

Facts of the case  The company was relatively small but it was very profitable cause of its entrepreneurial culture that had fostered innovative thinking across the company  New president.  Most of medisys professional Employees embraced cross functional team design  Developed an executive team and implemented a strategy for growing the business swiftly . Art Beaumont. was hired to play a strategic role for preserving the innovative culture and to re-stimulate the rapid growth  They develop and design product according to customer needs and responses  They introduced a new parallel system for product development.

it seemed they were concentrating on their own departments and roles.Problems /issues in the team  Jack Fogel was far too focused on the details on the product side and far too little concerned about the business issues and impending launch. The group required to work or do the right thing for the company and not just their own departments.  Cross functional teams .  Art Beumount wanted to develop an executive team that would jointly create and implement a strategy for growing the business swiftly.  The management style does not reflect the entrepreneurial spirit.  Instead of working towards single was more of command and control culture with more emphasis on technical excellence.

The team had to meet strict quality.  Any changes in design would threaten a delay in production. considering the different difficulties they were facing.  Tight deadline given by Beumont for the launch of innovative. and regulatory standards. it was more disciplined and formal then they were used to. world class product by August 2009. was considered to be very aggressive.Although it fit their entrepreneurial and team-like approach. Core team members continued to report to their functional managers who continued to supervise and evaluate them. .

build trust among themselves  One to one councelling can be done to regain the confidence and attachment towards organisational goal  MediSys can align individual performance with organizational objectives to improve business output  Performance scorecard can be provided to emphasize the team performance.  Modular design and parallel development should be strictly implemented and carefully monitored .Probable solutions/Recommendation  Re-built team dynamics.