EDEXCEL LEVEL 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media (Games Development)
This section to be completed by the Learner
Learner Name: Robert Miller

BTEC Registration

Centre Name: Wiltshire College Trowbridge

Centre Number: 66745A

Specialist Area: Artist Pathway


For your Project Proposal, you must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project. Where the
brief is set by your tutor, or where you are working on a group brief (with other Learners), please
make sure that you cover how you will respond individually to the brief and/or your individual
responsibilities/ contribution to the work of the group.
Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief (leave the sub headings in
place and put your content beneath):
Section 1:
Working Title or Theme of Final Major Project
What you will work towards producing
Ornigato – Working Card Game
As I am looking towards the artistic side I will use Photoshop to create a brand new design and
artwork that can be used upon a card game. I will take inspiration from previous card games (Yu-GiOh and Pokémon) I will print the final product out and laminate them for actual use.
(Guide:150 words)
Section 2:

Ideas and research sources (you must include a short list of research sources and
bibliography texts). This list can be attached as an appendix.
Ornigato – working title
Pokémon cards –
Yu-Gi-Oh cards -
Hearthstone Game Layout -
(Guide: 100 words)
Section 3:
Media form and technologies
ii. Timescales (an action plan is essential)
As part of working to a timescale I will create a Gant chart to help me manage my time. In the Gant
chart I will also Include and Alpha and Beta.
As an action Plan I will start by create a Card Layout Design and heavily edit the design to avoid
copyright infringement. I will also on a colour scheme to use for the background on the cards.
(Guide: 150 words)
Section 4:
i. Proposed method of evaluation (how you will review your FMP in critical and analytical ways –
self and peer review, tutorials, etc)
ii. How the evidence produced relates to the assessment criteria
When evaluating my work I will seek opinions of fellow classmates and create a questionnaire for
them to fill in. I will ask them to play the Alpha/Beta and to comment on how the game will be