Jessica Walton

Unit 15: Assignment 2
Identifying requirements
In the assignment we are currently in a workplace in which the computers/devices need
updating. The client requirements are needed and some of them include a new installation
of windows 7. This will make the computer systems faster and more efficient with more
software. The devices also need upgrading to new versions of open office and Inkscape,
meaning there will be better features and aspects of these which will be better for the
business. The requirements also state that there must be a backup of data in case any data
is lost in the process of installing new software. There are some constraints that also count as
constraints, as they mention they need it to be done in a certain amount of time. The time it
is done has to be as quickly as possible as they cannot afford to waste a lot of time. They
don’t want to lose customers so the time has to be very limited. The space also is limited
meaning the update of software has to work around office hours. Certain resources are
needed to install the software like the software keys, a computer system and guides on the
software update (what to do, what to do if things go wrong, how to install correctly, step by
step instructions) but the guide should be given to the user who has purchased the new
software. There also needs to be system restore points so then if any data is lost, all of it can
be restored back to the devices the way they were when they were saved. It will improve
customisation as the users work will have the ability to add a shortcut of their most recent
work to their start menus or desktop, being able to open recent items quicker from the
certain software’s too which will save time. The refinements does include the use of
productivity will be improved as the company requested to have a user friendly form so they
can redefine their customer records. Using the new update, the improvement of productivity
will take place and make the company seem more professional.
The current system they have is an old version of Windows XP and Open Office, so the system
they currently use is outdated. Windows XP availability was around October 25th 2001, 14
years ago. The new updates of the software has got better since windows XP so the update
is needed. Currently, windows have stopped updating XP so if there was any more software
that the company want to request then they would have to upgrade the system first. The
company do want to upgrade to better versions of Inkscape and Open Office, and they
only will update if the computers have windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Or you can
get them on Linux or Mac OS X.

Planning of installation and maintenance
I3 3.7GHZ, 4GB RAM, 60GB. That is the amount of storage space that exists on the computers.
Before installing windows 7, open office and inkscape, I would need to look into the websites
to find out how much space that all windows 7, open office and inkscape take up. If there is
enough storage on the computers to install these, then the compatibility isn’t a problem and
can go right ahead with the installation. Next, I would have to check for the best suitable
install media. These could include a CD, USB or network files- it depends which is best suitable
with the devices. If the computer does not have a disk drive, the best options would be a USB
or network files. For the tablets, network files would be best suitable. There are certain
resources needed, like software keys. Each software installation requires a software key to
verify the products have been purchased for a company. They also need a computer
system or more than one computer system depending on what the business is. The resources
also need to have guides as I know what I am doing to install these things correctly. The
guides should also mention what to do if something goes wrong during the installations. After
these have been completed, the installation activities can take place, double checking that

Jessica Walton
everything has been completed beforehand. Once the installation has finished, the software
should be tested to make sure there is no errors or anything wrong with the software. Check
that all applications and data still exist within the new software and it will be good to go.
Then, the new updates of Inkscape and Open Office should be taking place and installed.
Once these have been updated, the software and applications can be used. Before using
them, they must be tested in case the update went wrong or deleted any data. If everything
went well, the applications then are available for the business to use. The business want there
to be a simpler way to insert customers’ information by making forms using Access. This
application will need to be installed on the new software so then the customers can fill out
these forms which will be useful to the business. When this is also installed, it needs to be
tested so then they will know if the form works properly when filling it in, then it is ready to be
used and the business will be able to do their work professionally and better.
When the software is upgraded, the client would want there to be a background on each
devices desktop/background to be of their own business’ designed logo to be displayed on
the background. This will happen by going into the settings and the background options,
allowing the background to change to what you want to.
They also want a personalisation of their menu that includes Open Office with its frequently
used features. To put certain applications in the start menu, you just go into the start menu,
search for applications on the search bar, or right click on a shortcut and can right click on
the application and it lets you choose ‘pin to start menu’ or ‘pin to desktop’. This will save a
lot of time for the business and improves productivity.
The business also want the power settings to be changed so that if the users are idle from
their devices for a certain amount of time, the device to lock after a length of inactivity. To
do this, just go into control panel, going into system and security section and selecting power
options. This will allow the power options to be changed as required.

Test Plan

Test description


Testing the software is
compatible to upgrade it to
Windows 7
Testing it is compatible to
update open office and
Testing that the data and
information has been backed
up properly in somewhere safe
and professional
Testing the amount of space to
know that the updates can
take place
Testing that the installation
media works properly



Testing the installation media
can be used on all devices


Test that the updates and
maintenance doesn't cover
business/office hours


action needed

Jessica Walton




Testing the installation media
can be used on more than one
Testing that the software
key/keys are valid and have
not been used
Testing the software update
worked correctly
Testing the update of open
office and Inkscape went
Testing that the update to
Windows 7 didn't erase any
data or information valuable to
the business
Test to see if the devices boot
up correctly after the
installations are complete
Test to see if the applications,
inkscape and open office open
up correctly
Making sure the devices do not
crash or freeze on the new
software or applications
Test that the computer system
doesn’t contain any viruses
after the software update
Testing the system restore points
are always available in case
the new software goes wrong
Double checking the guides
are accurate so the software
installation and update will run
Testing the installation is valid
for every device
Testing if the installation goes
correctly on 2/3 devices, if it
goes right on both, the
installation can go ahead on
more than one device
Testing if Access has been
installed correctly
If forms have been created
within Access, test if they work
properly for customers before
customers use it – there could
be errors

Jessica Walton

Reasons why alternative ideas have been discarded
An alternative software to upgrade to would be Ubuntu, which is a software
on Linux computers/devices. This would be an advantage to use instead of
windows 7 because it’s more secure than windows as more viruses and
potentially hackers go for windows users because windows is used more often
than Ubuntu. Also, Ubuntu is a software that rarely crashes, so you don’t have
to worry about work being lost when a computer crashes.
Although, there are some disadvantages as some may include that the same
applications on windows may not run on Ubuntu. This means the business will
not be able to access Open Office, Access or Inkscape. The business would
have to search for completely different applications. Another disadvantage
is the fact that it is very similar to windows XP, which is what the business
already has, meaning they will be very familiar with the software but there
would be no point in having to upgrade it to Ubuntu if it is already very
familiar to the current software. This means that it is better and cheaper to
stay with the same software as it will save time and spending the business’
money as well, which they are low on money from the expansion. The original
software is better staying with and better saving money beforehand before
An alternative idea of Open Office would be Microsoft office. The
advantages of getting Microsoft office are the fact that you can also get
applications on tablet devices as well as computers. This is good for the
business as many employees seem to prefer using their tablets. Another
advantage may be that editing documents is a lot simpler. Editing certain
documents now on the recent Microsoft office is now easier than ever.
Although there are some disadvantages to Microsoft office, which does
include the package being too expensive. The business cannot afford
something more expensive than Open Office at the moment as the business
are on low funds after the expansion, so this would not be the best idea at
the moment. Another disadvantage is the fact that it can be prone to virus
attacks and threats on other software’s. Because it is so popular, it can also
get hacked into if important information is in the documents used by
Microsoft office. It can spread viruses from one device to the other as you
can share files over networks. If a certain file with a virus is sent to another
device, that could make this device get this virus.
Sticking with Open office for now would be the best idea as it will not cost
anything to update as already purchased so it will save the business money.
Seeing as the business is relying on remaining low funds, this is the best idea. If
the data is lost from updating to Microsoft office or viruses are received when
having this software, it will only put the business in more danger as well. That is
why I have rejected the alternative idea of Microsoft office.

Jessica Walton

Instead of Inkscape, an alternative idea would be Adobe Photoshop. A good
advantage to installing this would be the fact it is quick at simple editing. Just
by the smallest edits, they can be done within one click. It is very simple to
use and the organisation of Photoshop is a strong advantage.
Although there are many disadvantages in which they include the cost. The
cost of Adobe Photoshop is quite high, and wouldn’t be that great for the
business in the current situation as they are on sufficient funds, so getting
Photoshop wouldn’t be the best thing right now because of the price. Also, it
needs proper training as Adobe Photoshop is mainly supposed to be used for
those who edit photos regularly and professionally. There may be employees
who cannot use this properly and would take time for them to get used to it
and learn their features properly.
I am still going to stick with Inkscape, a simple update of this software will be
okay. The employees will still be familiar with the features but will just be more
modern. It will be cheaper to stick with Inkscape as it has already been
purchased by the company in the past anyway, so it shouldn’t cost that
much to update it. This is why I am staying with Inkscape.

Jessica Walton

Upgrading the software and updating the applications, open office and
Inkscape, will be best for the business to do as soon as possible. Even if the
business loses money, the business will be better off with the updates as the
devices will have better features to use within the software. The software will
also be a lot faster than the one they already have, so it will save time for the
business. It will fulfil the client requirements as the software will be more user
accessible and better user productivity as the applications that have been
recently used can be placed on the start menu, meaning it is faster for users
and improves productivity as each user will be on different applications, they
can easily open applications they personally use quicker. It also improves user
productivity as it will be more accessible for customers to fill out forms about
the business.
The new software may take a lot of time to update on devices, but it may be
a better idea to upgrade over a holiday, meaning they will get time to get
used to the new software and get training on Access, Inkscape and Open
Office. This is a lot easier than working around office hours as it would be
making workers distracted/unable to do their work otherwise.
The business has Windows XP and old versions of Inkscape and Open Office,
so updating the software and updating the applications will make the work
look more professional and more modern by having better features. This also
could mean that the software can improve user productivity as it will be
quicker to open applications and start up devices. It will be quicker to open
applications as users can make shortcuts of their own desktop meaning they
can open work a lot better and faster. This can also save more time for the
business and they will earn more customers, meaning more money.
I have decided that using windows 7 would be the best thing to do as it will
be a lot more useful for the business, and their original software, windows XP is
outdated. This is because it will make the business look more professional
when completing work and will save a lot of time.
My plan will help to meet requirements because everything that I have
planned out has met all the requirements given to me by the business. All the
things I have planned to cover, including the backing up of data in case it is
I have rejected other ideas because I feel like the decisions I made were the
best for the business. Alternative ideas are not needed, e.g. updating to a
different software other than windows. Sticking with a windows 7 update will
be better for the business as it is more efficient and windows 7 is widely used,
so if there were to be any problems, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a solution.

Jessica Walton

I will be using form wizards because the business requests that they need
something to gather the customers information better. By allowing customers
to insert their information, it is more user friendly and will attract more
customers. Using form wizards will be a lot easier for the business to get
customers information and will be more professional.
There are some constraints that I have thought about that wouldn’t really be
the best for the business. These do include:
Money – other than windows 7, which will be paid for by the business, the
updating of original software, Open Office and Inkscape is free, so I can
update them without paying. If I had gone ahead with alternative ideas, the
business would have been charged a lot more.
Time – the company don’t have much time to upgrade and update the
system and software, so I have already made a plan of what I am going to
do in the process of updating so it will allow me to save time. I will have
everything I need before starting updates.
Training – if the software and new system is completely different, the
employees will need training of these. This being, I will provide resources to
help with learning the new software and updates.
Data loss – data may never be lost as frequent backups will be made in the
process of updating so if it goes wrong the first time, there will be more times
in which it has been backed up to know it has been backed up properly.