F’s Second Grade
February 29, 2016

This Week
Friday, March 4Picture Day.
Monday, March 7
-Professional Development, MathNO SCHOOL FOR

Specials Schedule
Day 1 - ART
Day 2 - MUSIC
Day 3 - PE
Day 4 - HN

Daily Schedule
Lunch –11:45-12:30
Specials - 8:55-9:40
FLES - Mon., Thurs.,

This week in Reading Streets we
are reading Unit 4, Week 5”Helen Keller and the Big Storm”
Please continue to check your
child’s folder daily.
Over the next couple of weeks in
math, we will be playing some fun
estimation games. Please send in a
baggie of uniform items (such as
beans, beads, cereal, candies etc.)
that we can use to estimate.
Remember, your child now has access to MobyMax and will really
benefit from 10-15 minutes of
Math lessons each day. The program tailors lessons specifically to
your child.

Enrichment activities (NOT
Due by Friday

Take a practice spelling
quiz with a family member.
Bring it in to me.
Write 3 sentences using:
there, their and they’re
Write a five sentence minimum paragraph report on
Helen Keller.
Practice your addition fact
Practice counting by 2sthrough 10s.
Write 10 pronouns.
And/or anything else creative you can think of!
And/or anything else creative you can think of!


Spelling M-Th

Read at least 20

MobyMax Math Practice 10 mins. nightly

Any unfinished class-


If you will be missing any days around the holiday season due to family trips then please contact me and
the office via email. Remember, the work to be done while on family trips is:

Write a (minimum) 5 sentence paragraph on what you did each day.

Complete weekly spelling homework.

Spend 10 minutes on if you have access to a computer.
Read independently a chosen book for 20 minutes (they can visit
to get access to reading material if they don’t bring their own book of choice.)