Types of

By Edwin Castellano,
Luis Concepcion,
Colin Riesbeck, and
Jaybe Seda


“The Lighthouse Tower”.
Photographer by Atkins Middle East

These images show two skyscrapers
that are sorta the same but is not and
also shows both of them having green
glass seems to be at the same location
but is not and he 66-story tower boasts
a proposed amount of 4000 solar
panels that will be integrated into the
south facing facade, as well as three
huge 225 kilowatt wind turbines.
It’s estimated that the tower design
along with integrated technologies will
knock off 65% of the overall energy
needs and is popular for these exact

In this image it shows a canal
flowing between buildings in
Venice, Italy. It also shows
some gondolas that are used
to navigate through the
canals for transportation.
This image shows lots of
shapes and repetition in the
windows of the building, and
also unity because of
everything being similar/alike.

Aaron Huniu

This image is a good example of artistic
photography because of its contrast
between the smoke and the background,
and also being abstract makes it more
artistic. This image shows movement and
a varying value throughout the whole

Sergey Tolmachev
Face (smoke)

This photograph demonstrates a
large area of nature with little
human activity. The photograph is
a valley with three small buildings
since they have the red rooftop, to
me they acted as the emphasis.

Photographer: Adrian Theze

Portraits are photos of a person or group,
that captures the expression, personality,
and mood of the subject. In this picture we
can see and infer about the personality
and mood of the subject based on facial
expression and clothing style. Some
elements in design here are the texture of
the background, the balance of the subject,
and the harmony of the overall image.

Samantha Baxter

This image shows a tent in front
of some mountains with a sky full
of stars above them. This is a
good image for this since it is
night but it is still bright enough
to photograph. This image has
utilized the rule of thirds to make
it more interesting by showing
the tent towards the left of the
image, instead of the center.

Stars in the night

Long Exposure
This image was taken on a
road where a car had driven
by while the photographer
used a slow shutter to
capture the car moving down
the road. Long exposure is
when a moving object is
photographed while it moves
making it look blurry
Photographer: Matthew Fang

This photograph is of a ladybug walking
on a twig. This is an example of macro
because it focuses on the ladybug and
zooms in. The image shows emphasis on
the ladybug by making it the focal point.

Photographer: Elin Torger
URL: https://1x.com/member/13700/elin-torger/

This is a good image of forensic
photography because it shows
evidence from a crime scene. This
image uses varying values/contrast
to make certain things to stand out
more than others.

This image was taken TIME’s
Best Photojournalism of 2014.
It is an image of Dasha Jones
being arrested in a protest for
Michael Brown after he was
shot by a police officer in
Ferguson. This is an image of
photojournalism because it
tells a news story.
Photographer: Barrett Emke

Captured in this image is a
young girl in what appears to
be a field. This is a good
example of child
photography because the
main focal point of this image
is a child. This picture has a
nice contrast and shows
Lisa Holloway
bright colors, making the
young girl stand out more
against the blurry

This image is of a
rave/concert where there are
tons of people and it shows
that something is happening,
which is an event. This picture
has varying bright neon
colors and contrast mixed
into it, making it pop and
stand out amongst other

Huge Rave

This photography shows bluefin
tuna being kept in an undersea
pen where they are fed and then
killed so that they can be used as
food. The image shows texture on
the skin of the fish and I chose this
image because it shows a lot fish
swimming underwater.
Photographer: Brian Skerry

Advertising photography is used to sell
products, lifestyles, concepts, and ideas to
viewers. This image is trying to make the
product appealing to the viewers by saying that
their ketchup is made only from tomatoes. This
picture has a contrasting black/white radial
gradient with the focal point being the bright
red tomatoes in the ketchup bottle.

This reminds me of a city and the
color show me that New York people
can come at you at many different
forms and that New York is a very
creative city.

“Is New York Still Artist-Friendly?”
Designed by Dana Daniels

This is a good image of wildlife
because it shows a kangaroo in the
wild, just relaxing. This image blurs
the background to make you focus
more on the kangaroo, which is the
focal point, and to also create depth.

Sports are fast paced and
hard to capture, but sports
photographers know what
they’re doing. In this image, it
has Danny Macaskill jumping
over a park table, turning 360
degrees and then landing.
This image shows repetition
to also show movement and
to tell a story about this BMX

Michael Clark

This picture shows Jackblack
enjoying the camera shot with
glorious happiness and shows as
well that no matter what every day is
a smile day/happy day and as well
he is amazing at acting and most of
all he just rocks.

Photograph By Brandon Ancier

Fashion photography is about
clothes and apparel and that is what
is included in this image. This shows
value (light and dark of color) and
direction with the lines from the
hardwood floors. The photographer
also used a vintage-ish filter to
make the image more interesting.

Still Life
Still life photography is all about
photos of objects that don’t
move by themselves, for
example, fruit. This image
captures just that. This image
uses depth and perspective with
some repetition to create a nice
looking photo.

Arefin Ashraful

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