The purpose of a music video...

The first music video to ever made depends on what you define as a
music video. Many people class Queens-Bohemian Rhapsody 1975 as the

first ever however others say that The Beatles was the first to
produce a music video. The first music video to air on tv was
“Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Bugless.
Music videos are used to promote a song it can do this in many
ways such as give the audience more of an insight into what the
song is actually about by providing a visual back story. If
someone likes a music video they are likely to watch it many
times which makes it more popular and gets it more views. If
someone watches a music video they are likely to like the song
and it will get in there head which will persuade them to buy the
song. They promote an artist and record label because the music
videos an artist produces defines both the artists and record
label creatively and gains both popularity through this and makes
an artist look cool and sells more therefore gives them more
A video which has made a song sell based on the video alone is
most famously Gangnam style by PSY a South Korean artist the
video “became the first YouTube video to reach one billion views.
The song's music video has been viewed over 2.51 billion times on
YouTube, and has been YouTube's most watched video since November
24, 2012,”1 “YouTube viewing figures are not the only measure of
success however. It is also the most ‘liked’ video, has won best
music video at the MTV awards” 2.
The most expensive video ever made is “Michael Jackson and Janet
Jackson “scream” directed by mark romanek in 1995 which cost
$7,000,000”3. The is significant because the scream video is one
of the most famous videos even today.

Where they are used and why?...
2 Media magazine. Issue 45, September 2013,P50

The types of
devices music
videos are viewed

90% of the people we surveyed said they watch music videos via
YouTube. This shows that the majority of people use YouTube as a
platform for for music video viewing.10%use other platforms such
as television music channels for example MTV or iTunes. People
may choose to watch music videos on music channels as it is shows
popular music videos continuously so they get a broad range and
don't have to type in a specific music video. I think most people
prefer to watch music videos on YouTube as nowadays it is easy to
access through many devices such as mobiles tablets and laptops
and most people have Wi-Fi readily available so YouTube is easily
accessible and this way you can chose what you listen to whereas
watching music videos on a television radio station it is not up
to you what they play and you have to wait for a song you like to
come on you cannot skip it.

Viewing figures…

The current most popular music videos on YouTube are:

PSY - Gangnam style
Taylor swift blank- space
wiz khalifa -see you again ft Charlie puth
mark ronson -up town funk ft Bruno mars
Taylor swift - shake it off
Justin Bieber - baby
enrique iglesias-bailando
Katy Perry -dark horse
Meghan Trainor - all about that bass
Katy Perry - roar 4
“Viewing figures of MTV from now to 2010:
MTV viewing figures from February 8th-12th 2016:
Average daily reach:461(000s) 0.78%
Average weekly reach:2,444 (000) 4.14
MTV viewing figures from February 2010:
Average daily reach:200(000s) 0.40%
Average weekly reach:940(000s) 1.70%5”
This shows us that
YouTube on average gets around 4 billion videos watched per day

“1 billion unique users were now visiting the video-sharing
website every month, or nearly one out of every two people
on the Internet.”6Compared to MTV YouTube gets a extremely
higher amount of users per day however this can be expected
as YouTube is not just for music videos or shows it has a
whole range of content.
I do not think MTV is still as relevant as YouTube is more
personalised to suit an individual’s taste and had a huge variety
of content now aday MTV has a whole range of channels and is not
just about music it broadcasts reality tv shows so i do not think

MTV is still relevant as a way of watching music videos however
it is a good way to see a range of music videos that you may not
of heard about to be able to search for on YouTube.
the effect of fake views an artist gets paid by the amount of
views their videos get the effect of fake views means that an
artist gets paid more for something that they shouldn't have done
because it is faults and it also tricks people into thinking a
video is more popular than it is it simply” misleading fans about
the popularity of a video”7 which is not fair to the artists that
do deserve the views and didn't buy there viewers.
YouTube can be a successful way for a band or artist to earn
money as it can pay reasonably if you upload enough and become
popular it can also lead to being discovered by a label.
YouTube views compared to iTunes sales there are approximately
21.6 million songs sold a day on iTunes where as 4 billion videos
are watched per day on YouTube.8
Usually when a YouTube video becomes popular the song does well
on the iTunes charts and this works the other way around to.

I think YouTube is the best way to view a music video because
YouTube is easily accessible via phones which we have on us all
the time so we can watch music videos when we want it is also
good because of the large variety of music there is on YouTube it
is not limited and it is easy.
Insert statsHow are bands promoted…
a major record label- have a lot of money which means a artist is
able to “record in high quality studios, major distribution,
music videos with high budgets, tours and merchandise the cons of
working with a major record label is you are bound to a contract

which means they own everything and have total control over
you”9most artist signed to a major label are very commercialised.

An independent record labelIndie labels have less money but artist tend to get more freedom
and more input into their work it is more about the music than
the money however this can make it harder because there is a
smaller side combustion.
I think the type of label an artist signs to depends on what they
care about the money or the music there is pros and cons to both
and it depends what an artist wants.

A self-promoted artist-a self-promoted artist is someone who is
not signed to a record labels contract and works for them self
this means they have control over everything they produce however
there is down sides to this such as they have to pay for
recording and it is harder to become popular.
A synergy is when two forms of media collaborate together which
increases its popularity. A synergy can increase an artist's
popularity as it is two things brought together so fans of one of
the media's may watch because of that and find out they like the
other thing it is cross promotion a good example of this is “the
music video to 'I’ll Be There For You" is a single by The
Rembrandts the song was used on the tv show friends and the
music video has the cast of friends in.”10