The first music video is difficult to really know, as many artists through the times

have made them. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is considered the first music video,
released in uk in 1975. Also the Beatles made music videos back in the 60s, the first
artists to really experiment with music and video together. The first music video to
ever be aired on television was “video killed the radio star” by the buggles. After this
was released on MTV that’s when people began to realize the potential of popularity
these videos can reach.
Music videos are used to convey messages such as the deeper meaning of the song
and so that the audience of can have a better idea of what the band look like. Music
videos also promote record labels and the artist themselves so they look considerably
more professional. And also they are able to promote the company by having the
company's logo at the beginning like many record labels do especially when it's
mainstream music.
Gangnam style is a great example of the music video selling the song more than the
actual music itself. The reason for this is that there is specific dance that the actual
song is about that swiftly invaded the world and all of sudden you couldn’t turn on
the television or Internet without it being thrown in your face.
The record label behind Psy (the star of Gangnam Style), YG Entertainment, the video formed part of a
wider business goal to push into the US and UK music industry.
The report found that YG Entertainment had spent a significant amount of time, before the song came
along, setting up an office in America and exploring partnerships with artists such as Will.i.Am. A deal
announced with record label Scooter Braun was also brokered in advance, and planned to be announced at
the right, strategic, time, so as to give the campaign a further boost.

The most expensive music video to date is called “Good Life” and it was created by
Kim Dotcom and directed by NikkyyHD. It aired on the 20th January 2016 and cost
$24,000,000 that equates to around £16,798,728, this is almost 4x more expensive
than the previous leader, which were Michael Jackson and his sibling Janet Jackson
singing, “Scream” which cost $7,000,000, this aired in 1995 and stayed the most
expensive music video of all time until this year. although “good life” music video
cost considerably more than MJs 7M dollars in those day was worth more in 1995, so
it still remains the most expensive music video.this is significant as it shows what
lengths artists are willing to go to produce a music video that shall sell their song, as
now of days it seems in order to have a hit song you need a hit video as well as.
youtube has changed music forever, showing an alternative to watch MTV. this is
because youtube and various other interactive media platforms allow you to watch
whenever you may wish and with MTV you have to wait for your favourite song to be
played, so why wait when you can view your favourite
song right away on a smartphone.
we went around college handing out surveys that we
created in order to collect information about how people
view them, this is the information:

these media platforms are used because they are easy to view including youtube
which beat itunes and MTV as these are insignificant to the name of youtube as on
youtube they are easily accessible freely and quickly.
i believe music videos are being used in this way as they are easy to access and it's
the most popular music videos:

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"See You

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"Shake It

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MTV viewing statistics from 2004 to 2010, the views on mtv are constantly up and
down like a roller coaster since the new millennium kicked in. the number of viewers

in 2004 is actually less than the views in 2010. In the past ten years the highest
number of viewers mtv has had is approximately 12 million. and on “gangnam style”
psy got around 45 million views, therefore i believe that Music television is no longer
relevant to today's music industry.

The world's biggest recording companies have been stripped of two billion YouTube hits after the
website cracked down on alleged 'fake' and 'dead' views.
Universal, home of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber, lost a total of one billion views in the
video site’s biggest ever crackdown on its viewing figures.
the effect this had was that record labels would make the songs seem more popular from the fake
views which obviously isn't fair. Fake YouTube views are paid for. It is when something is
viewed by a robot instead of a person. fake views mean that the video becomes
more popular, but this is what goes against one of YouTube’s most important

The new question is can artists make money from views on youtube?
When calculating how much someone makes off a youtube view is vague due to it
depending what deal you have with your network, you have to be partnered with a
network to gain the monetisation feature in order to get revenuer of your content.

Martin Goldschmidt, founder and managing director of Cooking Vinyl – whose roster includes the
Prodigy, the Enemy and Ron Sexsmith – says the record label can make an average of $5,000 per
million views, under certain circumstances. The highest rate being paid is for non-skippable preroll ads, but even that rate varies and can be higher, depending on how badly the advertiser wants
its ads to be used. Conversely, not all YouTube streams are monetised, as it depends on where the
viewer is based.
This proves that money can be made from youtube views but not at this moment in time it isn't the
best way to make big money in the music industry, for sure its superb advertisement
I personally believe that youtube is the best way to view a music video, for its easy accessibility.

how are bands promoted?
when bands sign to major record labels they become somewhat commercialized, in order for
them to make profit. once the band is signed, bands becoming businessmen attempting to sell
there product to the mainstream in masses.
an independant label is more for the music in a cliche context. bands such as the dead kennedys
and even jack white have made their own independant labels so that there music is exactly how
they want it to be, and not tampered with by big commercial producers.
indie labels can be just as effective when they work with major labels to distribute the music, but
the money of a major label wins every time, the effectiveness of the promotion in order to get
sales is far too superior than an indie label.
Independent record labels - or indies - are more likely to sign undeveloped or unusual artists than
major labels are. Their releases are usually distributed by smaller regional distributors, but sometimes
an indie will arrange a "pressing and distribution" deal with a major label that will help to get your
record into more stores.The 'majors' are the four biggest record labels in the world: Warner Music
Group, EMI, Sony Music andUniversal Music Group. Major labels generally concern work with acts
who've developed a fanbase but will back new acts they have faith in. The extra publicity and
promotional push you could receive at a major could be hugely beneficial, depending on the type of
artist you are.
self promotion if executed correctly could be very positive to your future outcome, as there simply
are no rules abide but your own. also no contracts to abide by, so the music is solely theirs. buy
they have to pay for studios and promotion themselves.

friends is a great example of a synergy for the theme tune works in sync like a music video in the
introduction, and the actual music video has the friends cast in. the benefits of this is that they
are both promoting each other.