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Gehman Mennonite Church .Monday, May 5, is the annual business meeting here at 7:00 p.m.

May 4, 2008
April 2008 offering report:
9:00 Sunday School Total Offerings: $10,826.00
10:00 Hymn of Praise* Sylvia Eberly Designated Youndt Property: 100.00
Scripture Reading: John 17:1-11 Emily Gockley First Fruits Giving: 1,072.60
Responsive Reading Budgedted Funds: 7,148.00
Offering MCC: 1,232.70
Praise & Worship MDS: 1,232.70
Designated Sauder Family: 40.00
Message: Irvin Martin
Hymn Sylvia Eberly Principal balance due on Youndt Property is $189,200.00.
Sharing Time
Closing Prayer & Benediction
*Congregation will stand.
Today we will baptize the four young folks that are in the new believers All ladies are invited to a garden tea party at 4:00 on May 31 at Dianne's
class. They are Chad Hollinger, Alexis Lehman, William Horning, and house. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex by May 18.
Bethany Horning. New believer classes will continue for William and
Bethany until the end of June. May God's blessing rest on them as they
experience His presence in their lives. Thank you for your help in collecting soda bottles for a Bible School
Today: craft. We now have all we need.
Greeter: Mary Ellen Musser
Sunday School Nursery: Michelle, Chrystle
Church Nursery: Kelly & Phil Baked goods are needed for the Friendship Community Fest and Auction
Next Week: that will be held May 9 &10,2008. Contact Mary Ellen Musser if you are
Greeters: Jim & Betty Martin willing to donate anything. The baked items will be delivered Friday
Chorister: Darlene McCosby evening. See the bulletin board for a list of all the weekend activities.
Scripture Reading: David Mohler
Sermon: Glen Martin
Sunday School Nursery: Margaret, Sue Happy Birthday to Lydia Gockley on Monday, Katie Swatski on
Church Nursery: Cindy & Nelson Wednesday, Autumn Sauder on Thursday, and Roxanne Good on Friday.
Host & Hostess: Lena Brown & Mike
Congratulations to Travis and Carolyn Sauder on the birth of their son.
There is a fellowship meal today.
Ethan Charles, 9 lb 8 oz, was born on April 30.

Last week’s offering was $2,691.00
Offerings for May are for Eastern Mennonite Missions.
Attendance last week was 88.