Prepared by: Angeli Joy V. Monton, R.N., R.M.


strip of cloth used to warp some part of the body

€ Circular


Used to anchor bandages and to terminated them ƒ Not applied directly over the wound because of the discomfort the bandage would cause

€ Used

to bandage parts of the body that are fairly uniform in circumference like the upper arm or upper leg

€ Used

to bandage cylindrical parts of the body that are not uniform in circumference

€ Used

to cover distal parts of the body € End of finger, skull or stump of an amputation

€ Used

to bandage an elbow, knee, or ankle € It permits some movement after application

€ Used

to support large areas of the body, such as abdomen, arm or chest € Designed for a specific body part

€ Usually

applied as a full triangle to support the arm, elbow and forearm of the client or to reduce or prevent swelling of a hand

retain pads, dressings or packs in the perineal area € Single t ² binders for females € Double t for males to prevent undue pressure on the penis
€ To

€ To

provide support to the abdomen

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