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Business Model and Financial Plan

Application for Tutoring Four of

Mississippis Middle State School

M&S-Success Enterprise


M&S-Success Enterprise is a new venture and not-for-profit organization that
seeks to develop enrichment opportunities through an after school blended learning
environment. M&S- Success Enterprise and its program is developed to assist at-risk
students in increasing both math and writing Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) test scores,
on the state of Mississippi examination level among four selected schools. The focus will
be on K-12 students ages eleven through fourteen and grades six to eight. The goal is to
improve students test scores and performances with the use of e-learning tutoring
systems and technology.
M&S-Success Enterprise will use technology efficiently and effectively,
integrated into teaching and learning to positively impact and increase student
achievement and test scores. The program will provide a high quality after school
service. Huang & Dietel (2011) on the state level,
students participation in afterschool programs is beneficial to academic
achievement and those who participated in afterschool programs had significantly
higher reading achievement; and were rated by teachers as having a greater
expectancy of success than students who did not participate in afterschool
programs (p.1).
The business model will analyze results and also provide a service to increase student
attainment of students K-12 and helping high need public schools in the state of
Mississippi. Mississippi will be the focus due to their persistently low achievement test
scores. Although it is the starting point, it is not the end. This program has the hopes to

develop in just three years to several other states, schools, and children across the nation
through a sound business model supporting the high goals and expectations by and for the
M&S-Success Enterprise is a not for profit organization with a mission to serve
the community and students, while providing quality and service through the use of
technology and integrated teaching and learning for student achievement and test scores
M&S-Success Enterprise Goals and Objectives
The primary goal of M&S-Success and its after school program is to raise both
math and writing performances in the four middle schools and to increase skills through
the use of technology. In addition, once standardized testing is completed then; data
results will be gathered, interpreted and analyzed.

The program success will strengthen parental support.

There will be a development of good communication and non-resistance to


There will be effective use of technology, integrated with adequate support,

leadership styles and role model administrators.

A visiting role model or author of an exciting book will be incorporated, to show

the fun in reading, writing and mathematics.

Surveys will be developed to receive feedback from teachers on their students

progress and what may or may not be effectively working in the program and can
be found in Appendix C.

Survey parents on accessibility of computers and technology at home and gain

information on what they would like to see happen in the program, so that
feedback is always welcomed. Document can be found in Appendix D.

Students have an opportunity to learn at their own pace

Organizational values will be consistent.

Importance of business model

Performance is measured in the United States by The No Child Left Behind Act
(NCLB) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) scores and there is a need for growth in
student achievement. Consequently, to assist with the public schools issues, the demand
for after school programs has drastically increased and has skyrocketed in recent years,
currently serving an estimated 8.4 million children (Huang & Dietel, 2011, p 1).
Students not only spend excessive time watching television after school but as well as
during spare time, reading and writing declines at this adolescent age (American
Association of School Librarians, 2000).

In addition, far too many students finish middle school without developing their
mathematical skills (United States Department of Education, 1998). If M& S-Success
Enterprise is not capable in providing a quality after school program for its clients, low
achieving students in the state of Mississippi, the business may raise literacy levels once
expanded to other state schools. Lastly, without funding to support the program, it will
not only affect the students but the district, parent and community and this will result in a
lack of global competitiveness (ISTE, 2008).
Purpose of program and grant proposal
Funding will allow M&S-Success Enterprise and its after school program to
develop, progress and expand on its expertise, while enhancing student achievement in
the first and second year. The business will apply for subsidy through Twenty- First
Century Grant Funding. This program supports the creation of community learning
foundations for low performing schools (CCLC, 2002). As part of the intent of the
program, one grant may not be sufficient so an alternative will be Dollar General Youth
Literacy Grant as it provides funding to non-profit organizations to assist with literacy
deficiencies while providing an e-learning experience (RAC, 2014). Other funding
sources may lead to other funding and donations or fundraisers. Documentation needed to
apply for the Twenty-First Century Grant funding will be located in Appendix E. This
documentation will be amended as needed if additional funding resources are required.
Additional funding

4-H Youth Development program- 4 H programs offer grant opportunities in local

communities, state and counties towards after school and other programs (4H,

State Farm Good Neighbor Citizen Grants- This grant is offered to create both
safety and education to students (Good Neighbor Citizen Company Grants, 2013).

American Honda Foundation Grant- The grant helps youth in their education and
awarding grants to nonprofit organizations (American Honda Motor Company,
The targeted students will come from four Mississippi schools in hope of

increasing test scores and further education. Some of the services offered will be reading,
writing and math tutoring, homework assistance and enhancement opportunities. Other
benefits will include, providing a safe place and students may be less likely to get into
trouble and to provide positive academic and social environment for adolescences.
Funding sources are crucial to providing compensation for tutors or certified teachers,
then M&S-Success will simply be a social environment and not a place to learn or
maintain academic achievement nor maintain literacy not just locally but on a global
level. The aim is to minimize this issue.
Financial plan
Through grants, government funding, donations and fundraising this program will
not only succeed it will thrive, providing a stable learning environment for the students of
Mississippi Middle State Schools. In hope of achieving such success, certain funding
parameters must be met. In order to provide these students and pilot schools with the

adequate technology, the best authority figures, leaders and educators, and a safe space to
conduct this program, an estimated amount will be needed for the initial drive of this
agenda. By making this small investment in the program the very education system can
be uplifted by extending this help to those in need. Not only will this investment benefit
the youth of the four schools but eventually the entire state of Mississippi, the initial
investment will begin to see a return on investment in just 36 months. Through primarily
grants, the funding generated will exceed the costs in a surplus of an estimated amount of
$31083 per month. With this revenue initial investors will not only have had their
investment returned with interest they will have the option to continue to support M&SEnterprise through an expansion to other states and children across the nation. The
outline is as follows:

Expectation of costs for per year- $373, 000

Expectation of cost for 3 years-$1,119000

Total Revenue- $1638000

Profit- $519000

Initial Investment - $746000

After one year there will be breakeven point and return on investment.


Although there may be many challenges when developing a new program, as long
as funding, purpose, goals or objectives and problems are solved, then this decreases any
further complication. The goal is to develop this program in only three years. However,
the M&S-Success Enterprise business case proposal is a sound and innovative strategy,
built to improve student achievement and success through grants, government funding
and fundraisers. While also providing a safe, technology based after school program in

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