Time Management

Lesson Plan for Study Skills
Prepared by Ms. Shragal

The purpose of this lesson is to assist students with time management skills. We will be
learning how to prioritize tasks in order of importance.

1. A:A2.1 Apply time management and task management skills
2. A:A3.2 Demonstrate the ability to work independently, as well as the ability to work 

cooperatively with other students
3. A:A1.5 Identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning

1. Understand importance of time management
2. Work with peers to come up with best solutions
3. Learn how to schedule time appropriately

1. (9) Choose Your Own Adventure Game
2. (9) To Do List Worksheets
3. (9) Daily Calendar Worksheets
4. Markers
5. (36) Blank To Do List Worksheet
6. (36) Blank Daily Calendar Worksheet


ACTIVITY 1 - Introductory
Introduce today’s topic
Introduce yourself and let the class know today is the last guided lesson for study skills.
Ask the students what they learned so far
Tell the students that today they will be playing some games in teams to understand
the skill of time management
Ask the student who feels they have good time management skills? Why?
Have each student count off by 9’s - there should be about 9 groups, about 4 in each

ACTIVITY 2 - Choose Your Own Adventure Game
Explain to the students that one game is called Choose Your Own Adventure Game
Tell them they will be reading a scenario and will have to determine the best time
management skill for each scenario.
Each scenario builds off each other so they have to be careful what they choose. If they
pick the wrong one, they will lose the game.
The object of the game is to be told to have good time management skills at the end.
Tell them, if they don’t get that response, they have to go back and try again until they
get it right.
Pass out game to each group. They will read/follow the directions.


ACTIVITY 3 - Time Management Calendar
Explain to the students that this activity is a time management calendar.
Tell them they first need to work on the To Do List worksheet. They need to
prioritize/rank the tasks by order of importance.
Now that the tasks are prioritized, explain to the students that they will be scheduling
time to the tasks.
Have the students complete the Daily Calendar Worksheet. Ask them to use the tasks in
the To Do List and assign a time for each task using the Daily Calendar Worksheet.
They have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to assign the tasks to.
Then have the students using this exercise to create their own time management
Have each student complete a to do list for their personal tasks, rank them, and assign
a time for each task.