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February 28-29, 2016

Moses: The Ultimate Journey
The Man
Exodus 2:22
Moses: The Man. Boy, was he ever. More than even he knew. At age 40 he begins to realize
that his life is out of control. He has to come to terms with who he really is. I am a sojourner
in a foreign land. Exodus 2:22. Why would he name his first born son that? You might want to
notice that his wife had introduced him to her father as an Egyptian! 2:19 Talk about an
identity crises!
Thinking It Through (agree/disagree consider/contemplate)

Many of us decided in childhood that the best way to meet our needs was to eliminate our
needs. Of course denying our needs doesnt make them disappear. Child-size solutions never fit
adult-size problems.
Sandra Wilson

Big boys dont cry.

Bob Crewe

Was my arm too short to ransom you? Do I lack strength to rescue you?...Surely the arm of the
Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear.
Isaiah 50:2; 59:1

Your God is too fast.

Robert Mouw on corrective theology
Working it Out
1. What surprised you, haunted you, or encouraged you in this initial look at the life of Moses?

2. Sandra Wilson says, Feelings are a fact, and feelings have a history. What do you think
she means?

3. What does our church mean by the Ultimate Journey and where are you beginning to see
yourself in it?

Moses: The Ultimate Journey
Grown Up?
Exodus 2:11-15
It is only two days in the life of Moses, but they are two days that he would spend
the next 40 years dealing within his heart and with God. Slow down. Its complicated,
as are all matters of the human heart. The text says it happened when he grew up.
2:11. But had he really?
1. According to Hebrews 11:24-26, what has been happening inside of Moses as he has gotten

2. How does he act out on this impulse in Exodus 2:11-12? What do you think he was trying
to do?

3. How does v. 13 begin and what does it tell us about what Moses did after killing the
Egyptian the day of? How do you think he slept that night in Pharaohs palace?

4. What might he have expected the next day when he returned to the scene of the crime?

What actually happened? (2:13)

5. Where does Moses find himself after all this? 2:15ff