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“In film, sound is the partner to the image.

The ultimate compliment to sound designers,
mixers, and editors is when no one actually notices the work. Sound designer Ren Klyce
brings a professional’s view to cinematic sound as a subtle, supporting character to the image, and the reasons why it is so often misunderstood and underappreciated. Our work is
not just about the aesthetics of understanding how sound and dialogue enhance a film creatively, but it requires an understanding of human audiology, the behavior of sound waves,
and the use of a great deal of technology.” Ren Klyce
Born in Kyoto Japan, Ren Klyce grew up in Mill Valley, California. He studied Electronic
Music at UC Santa Cruz, 1983, Klyce enrolled in the summer workshop at the Center for
Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Becoming increasingly interested in computer
music and the worlds that could be created with them.
He went on to design sound for films such as Boxtrolls, Seven, Oblivion, and Inside Out.
He has been nominated for five Academy Awards — most recently for the films The Social
Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.