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Rainforest Project

By: Sadie North

Latitude, Temperature, Precipitation Range
Latitude- 23.5 Degrees North
Temperature- 80 Degrees Fahrenheit
Precipitation Range- 50-260 Falls Yearly

A gorilla's height is around 5.5 feet for males and 4.5 -5 feet for females. A gorilla’s
weight for a male is 300 - 450 pounds, a female's weight is about 200 pounds. Gorillas
live up to 30 - 50 years. They eat leaves, shoots, roots, vines and fruits. They mate
throughout the year, they also carry their baby 8 ½ months. They have 1 baby at a

The jaguar is the third largest feline after the tiger and the lion. The jaguars is the
largest cat in America. An estimate of 15,000 jaguars remain in the wild.They are
usually yellow- brownish with black spots. A jaguars height is from 25-30 inches,
females are smaller. Their length is 43-75 inches and females are smaller. They weigh
79 - 211 pounds, but individual males have been recorded up to 350 pounds. They live
up to 12 years.

Tigers have thick reddish coats with white bellies and they have white and black tails.
They have black, brown or gray stripes. The height of the tiger is 3 or 3 ½ feet tall.
There head length is 4.6 - 9.2 feet, the tall length is 2-3 feet long. Tigers live 10 - 15
years. They are more active at night then day. Tigers kill with a bite to the neck.

Turtles are reptiles with hard shells that protect from there predators. All turtles lay
eggs, they find a place on land to lay their eggs, dig a nest into the sand or dirt. They
have good eyesight And sense of smell. Some turtles live up to 100 years old. Turtles
a lot of plants, they also small insects, snails, and worms.

Red Panda
Red pandas belong to the raccoon family In 1825. They have long bushy tails to help
them keep balance. They can be active anytime of the day but mostly active at dawn.
Red pandas live up to as long as 22 years. Adult red pandas weigh between 8 and 14
lbs. They are 22 to 25 inches in length plus with a tail of 15 to 19 inches long. Males and
females look alike.

Bengal Bamboo
Bengal Bamboo does better in a moist environment. It can grow from 40 - 80 feet. The
leaves on Bengal bamboo are green and they are long. It has dark green stems and
the stems are straight. This type of bamboo can live 25 - 40 years. Bamboo is not a
tree or a shrub, it is actually a grass and it is the largest type of grass. In two to
three months Bengal bamboo is fully grown.

Bougainvillea has thorny vines. It prefers to grow in a tropical climate so it can grab
onto other plants to get to the sunlight. They don't like swampy areas because if the
lack of soil drainage. This type of plant can grow over 30 feet. The leaves of this plant
are shaped like hearts. The leaves are a dark green. Bougainvillea can be pink, red,
orange, white, and yellow.

Coconut Tree
Coconut trees can be 50 - 80 feet high. It takes about a year for a coconut tree to be
fully grown. The leaves on the tree are like feathery and are 15 - 17 feet long. They
grow in rainforests and other tropical climates. They grow in hot areaS, it likes roast
free areas. The coconuts from the actual tree give people from the Pacific food,
drinks and other foods.

Strangler Figs
Another name for strangler figs is banyan tree. It is one of the most important plants
in the rainforest ecosystem. They can grow 148 feet high. One of the most interesting
parts of the fig is its cyconia. It starts as a tiny seed. This fig leaves are dark green
and shaped like ovals. The yellow figs are small, they are about ⅓ inches.

There are more than 25,000 different kind of flowers in the Orchidacea family. Orchids
can be really small and they can be really big, may even weigh up to a couple of 100
pounds. They live in a dry climate. Also they have thick leaves. The size of an orchid
depends on what type of orchid it is. They can be bright purple, purple to purplish
pink, and reddish purple.

Map Of Rainforest

Countries You Can Find A Rainforest


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