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Adams Elementary Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Sue Johnson
Mrs. Sellenrick
Miss Danielle Fayle

reading, we are
going on quite a few different types of
adventures. The first week we will be “On
the Move”, then the next week we will
study “My USA” and finally wrap up with
“Look to the Sky.” In other words…we’ll
be learning more about transportation,
our country and the sky/space. Whew!
What an adventure! Our letter focus will
be on j, q, y, and z. We continue to
add more high frequency words to our
list with here, me, this, and what. Be sure
and “quiz” us on the characters, setting
and problem/solution in the stories we
read with you. Our 4th quarter high
frequency words will come home this
week. Have fun reading and spelling
them at home!
Integrated Studies
We are just wrapping up our
Science, Social Studies and
Health units for third quarter.
After our Spring Break, we will begin our
last set of units. Science will focus on
plants and how things grow.
The health unit will teach us
about food facts and
nutrition. In Social Studies we

Mrs. Jody Lindberg
Mrs. Kim Zetterman
Miss Karrington Miles

will learn about where we live with a study
in geography. We will also have an
enrichment unit focusing on number
sense. Students will learn fun math dice
games to help practice number partners.
Students will be able to share
these games at home and
teach you how to play them!
It will be a busy 4th quarter
full of learning!

4 th Quarter Homework Note:
Parents as we start 4th quarter we will be
sending home homework that will be fun
for the whole family. We have planned
new games for you to play that will
reinforce many of the reading skills they
have learned at school. Everything you
need to play the games will be sent home
in your child’s Wednesday folder. You
will not need to return any of the literacy
games, keep it at home to practice over
and over again. J
In math we will be
taking our Unit 4
test before we
enjoy our break.

We have learned a lot about partners
of numbers through 10, making teen
numbers using a ten stick and then some
more, solving addition equations and we
have practiced writing our numbers 1 to
30 in order. When we come back from
Spring Break, we will being Unit 5 which
builds on the concepts learned in previous
numbers, patterns, and equality. We
continue to make connections to real life
situations by using addition and
subtraction story problems. Kindergarten
students really enjoy our Tiny Tumblers
and Math Mountain activities. Ask them
to draw their own Math Mountain and
share number partners of numbers 1
through 10.
Important Dates:
March 1st & 3rd – Conferences
March 7th-11th Spring Break
March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day
March 25th – No School
March 28th – PLC Day Dismiss @ 1:33
Second Steps:
During this unit your child will be taught
skills to help solve a problem. These
strategies will help your child when they
are working with friends. These steps will
help your child solve problems on the
playground, sharing and having fun with
friends when playing. Below are the
following learning skills your child will learn

* Solving Problems
*Inviting to Play
*Fair Ways to Play
*Having Fun with Our Friends
*Handling Having Things Taken Away
*Handling Name-Calling
Looking for some
games to play
over Spring Break? Go to the LPS
homepage Type “math” in the
keyword search box. Scroll down the
right hand side and click on “Math
Playground”…you will find tons of cool
math games and activities for K-6.
Have fun exploring math with your
Just For Fun!
Parents your child has been practicing word
families as part of our extension literacy unit.
Give your child a few of these word families
and see what real and
nonsense words your
child can come up with.
examples. J