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‘A company gaye each of its workers @ wage of $500 per wook pus $2 fr each unit produced during the wee This i an example of which othe following cost elasiications? Smaps edo Qr= ny | van delivered Wood to two fms in a week. The flowing details are availabe Fm P= 200 kg delivered dlsiance travelled 250 Klometies Fm Q ~ 500 kg delivered; distance travelled 800 kilmeties The van costs $675,000 to operate forthe week; Each delivery was cared separately and there wore no oter detveres durng the Week. Whats the cos per koiklometre of wood delivered inthe week (othe nearest $0.01)? won vO Hs orn eg vena ‘A cupermarket carries inventory of @ certain product for which the following information is avaiable: ‘The demand is 500 units per day; the lead time is 4 days; the re-order quantity is 3,000 unis. [At what level of inventory shoulda replenishment order be placed in order to ensure that there are no stock-outs? on